How to Know It is Time for a Bathroom Renovation?

So, you walked into your bathroom the other day and cringed. Eeew! Sure, everything is functional, but the awful stench is choking you. There are stains and mildew all over. You mirror fogs every time you take a shower. The paint is peeling too. Indeed, your bathroom isn’t the best place to be right now.

Scratches or Damp or Leakage in Old Bathroom Wall

And, those aren’t the only hints that your bathroom requires a makeover. Other signs that you need to get in touch with a bath handyman ASAP include;

Problems and Signs for Bathroom Renovation

01. Slow Drainage

Your bathroom requires urgent repair if the sink, toilet, or tub take longer than necessary to drain out water. In essence, this is a sign of drain clogging. While you may use over-the-counter drain products or plungers, you’re better off hiring a professional to do the unclogging. Remember, slow drains in your home means that you could very well be staring at significant block issues that only a plumber can resolve.

02. Sewage Odor

The last thing that you want to do is to walk into your bathroom in the morning only to encounter an unbearable smell right at the door. Broken pipes or vents are the primary cause of this problem. It can also be an indication of accumulated deposits in the vents. The sulfur, methane-like odor in your bathroom shows poor plumbing that, in return, caused pipes to corrode or rust.

03. Gurgling Noises in the Pipes

Your bathroom is up for some serious repair if you start to hear knocking sounds every time you’re taking a shower or using your sink tap. Loose valves or excess pressure in your piping system is the leading cause of this problem.
Industry experts say that high water pressure (above 60PSI i.e. 4 kg/cm2) can cause your pipes to jerk or change position. Be sure to correct the situation to avoid dealing with a leaking piping system sooner or later.
It is essential to note at this point that the sound of running water when no one is using your bathroom may indicate a leak. On top of that, if you notice wet spots on your floor or ceiling, the dripping is most likely your geyser or hot water pipe.
Tip – Be sure to inspect your meter every once in a while. Call your local plumber if it’s spinning even when no pipes are running.
Of course, dripping water could also imply your flapper is old and requires replacement. While you can fix this yourself, consider hiring a professional, especially if the hissing noises don’t go away.

04. Moist Spots on your Walls

Steam is the primary cause of damp bathroom walls. Even then, clefts in your pipes can cause the problem. Contact a bathroom handyman if you start to notice cracks on your walls before the dripping weakens the cement.

05. Low Water Pressure

Faulty plumbing lines can cause low pressure in your bathroom pipes. Also, clogging or leaking in your piping system can reduce the amount of water reaching your faucet, resulting in tapering water.
One of the best home remedies to get rid of sludge and mold in your pipes is to use vinegar and baking soda. Still, this DIY solution may not work depending on the severity of clogging or leaking. In such a scenario, call a plumbing service to check for cracked pipes on a damaged waterline.

06. Discolored Water

Oddly colored water coming out of your faucets could mean a couple of faults. Blackish brown color, for instance, shows corrosions or molds in your water pipes or heating appliances. Orange, yellow or red water, on the other hand, implies rust. Greenish water is a result of algae growth while green-blue water is because of brass or copper chippings in your drainage system.

07. Stained Ceilings

Dripping pipes often cause brown stains on your bathroom ceiling. Other reasons for stained ceilings include old caulking or lack of insulation after fixing broken pipes. Hard water can damage your piping system.
Visible staining after snowing implies that you need stronger insulation to keep icebergs at bay. The long and short of is that you shouldn’t attempt to fix stains yourself unless you’re sure of the cause. It makes perfect sense to seek professional to help you figure out the origin of the problem and most importantly, how to address it.

The Bottom Line

Your bathroom needs to be in the best shape possible. You family use it every day, and you want them to feel comfortable walking in and out of the shower. So be on the lookout for any signs that tell you it’s time for a bathroom renovation.

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