9 Ideas for Making Your House Stand Out on the Block!

Many people will say never judge a book by its cover. However, the exterior of your house can hint at how the inside looks. That’s why you need to improve the house curb appeal to make it stand out. By doing so, you’ll give your home a new impression.

Adding curb appeal to your house will not only make it visually attractive but also add value to the home. If you are to resell the house, every home buyer would like to own it. Thankfully, we’ve come up with incredible curb appeal ideas to make your home façade stand out.

Curb Appeal Ideas to Make Your House Stand Out

If your house looks impressive from the outside, everyone will yearn to see what’s inside, including potential buyers. Here are the ideas to add curb appeal to your home.

01. Garden Your Front Yard to Get the Curb Appeal

Arch Marks Garden Entry
Bench in Garden

Gardening your front yard is one of the best ways to make your home look beautiful and attractive. Add charming arch marks on your garden’s entry to welcome visitors into the yard. Also, consider installing a few benches to beckon the visitors into the yard.

Drought Tolerant Plants

To make the garden more appealing throughout the year, plant drought-tolerant plants and flowers. If your home has no yard for a garden, you may move to a new home. The good news is, many communities in GTA boasts luxurious homes with big garden yards.

02. Work on Front Door to Shine Your House Front for Curb Appeal

The front entry into your home communicates a lot about your house. When spruced up, it becomes more attractive and welcoming. Thankfully, there are many ways to improve your front door curb appeal, including painting it with a bright, bold new coat of color.

Other ways to add curb appeal to your front door include:

  • Clear off all the dirty spots around the door knobs
Door Knob Cleaning
  • Replace the old door numbers with eye-catching numbers You can just opt for Modern House Numbers that complement the home’s contemporary design. These stylish numbers will enhance the home’s curb appeal while providing clear, visible identification.
Replace the Old Door Numbers with Eye-Catching Numbers
  • Mark the Pathway To Your Front Entry Door
Mark the Pathway to Your Front Entry Door
  • Decorate the front door using attractive elements like flower pots
Decorate the Front Door with Flower Pot
  • Clean the door fixtures using metal polish

03. Add a Few Seats on Your Porch to Add Curb Appeal

Furniture in Front Porch

Consider updating your porch by adding some comfortable furniture to welcome guests. They can pull the seats to have some time outside the house, and maybe engage your neighbours. Since the front porch is a public figure, add stylish outdoor furniture.

Rocking Chairs in Front Porch
Hanging Chairs in Front Porch

The rocking chairs can be an excellent choice for your porch because they sway when there’s wind. Alternatively, you can add some hanging chairs, relaxing daybeds, or fully-equipped porch seats. All these seat options will make your porch more comfortable.

04. Install Outdoor Lighting for House Curb Appeal

Lighting at the Base of Trees
Garden Pathway Lighting

Your house should look charming and attractive both during the day and night. The best way to spruce up the house façade at night is by installing some lights in the yard. That will not only make your home charming but also improve safety and security.

So, what are some of the lighting ideas? Place some light fixtures at the base of trees to illuminate the canopies. Also, install stylish light fixtures along the walking paths. To make your yard more beautiful, install a variety of lighting types and fixtures.

To know more about garden lighting, refer

05. Repaint the Exterior Walls

Fresh Paint on Exterior Wall

One of the simplest ways to spruce up front of house is painting. Applying new, fresh paint will breathe a new life into your home, making it stand out. You don’t need to hire a professional to do the painting, making it relatively cheap.

Other than painting the walls, here are some of the painting ideas to consider to improve curb appeal.

  • Repaint the outdoor lighting fixtures
Repaint the Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
  • Paint the mailbox to add the home’s curb appeal
Paint the Mailbox
  • Pick the best paint color for your front door
Paint Colour for Front Door

Generally, you should paint anything that can spruce up your home exterior, whether it’s the porch furniture, house numbers, porch ceiling, or the garage doors.

06. Install Charming Window Boxes

Window Box

Another best way to bring color into your house’s curb appeal is by installing window boxes. If you already have window boxes that seem old, consider repainting them. Also, buying new window boxes that match your home style will be worth it.

For a traditional appeal, choose window boxes made from iron or copper. However, you have to paint the boxes to protect them from corroding and rusting. Plant some beautiful flowers and plants in the window boxes to spruce up house façade.

07. Add Planting Beds in Your Yard

New Planting Beds

Creating new planting beds in the yard will add color and contrast to your home exterior. Some of the focal points to consider adding the planting beds include the walkways and driveways. Also, you may add some plant beds in front of your house.

Stones Around Planting Beds

To make the planting beds more charming, place stones or concrete blocks along the edges. You can grow plants of different sizes, textures, color, and species. However, don’t add too many plants that will obscure your home rather than spruce it up.

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08. Add Some Artwork to Outdoors to Improve House Curb Appeal

Flowerpot Birdhouse
DIY House Number
Key Wind Chimes

Having arts in your yard can make your home stand out in your community. Choose weather-resistant arts, such as fabric-covered stepping stones, flowerpot birdhouse, DIY house numbers, key wind chimes, outdoor string lights, and wine bottle chimes.

Water Sculpture

Other great outdoor arts are water sculptures that produce soothing bubbling sounds to make hot afternoons feel cooler. The water fountains help to restore humidity balance in the dry air. Consider keeping the water fountains on level ground.

09. Tile Your Front Entry Doorstep

Tiles Doormat

You can add a permanent “Welcome” mat on your doorstep through tiling. The tiles’ colour and design should contrast with the front stoop or front porch. This creativity will not only impress visitors, but it will also save you from changing doormats every time.

If you’ve decided to improve curb appeal by tiling your doorstep, select tiles well-suited for outdoor use. And if your doorstep already has a sealed concrete, consider grinding it down before tiling to bond the thin tiling mortar.

Final Words

If your house curb appeal is poor, consider implementing the nine tips mentioned in this guide. These ideas will not only make your home beautiful but also increase its value. Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of money to implement these curb appeal ideas.

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