8 Curtain Tie Back Ideas: Different Ways To Tie Back Curtains

A room feels incomplete without curtains. They transform your room’s décor by dressing up the windows. Curtains add that little extra factor in your rooms. Curtains, on their own, are practical and decorative window treatments. If you have done your part well and selected the appropriate curtain fabric and colour, curtain rods, etc., there isn’t much else you need to do to make them look better. However, when you pull back the curtains, you start to realize there is a lack of style. It is a simple issue, and all you need is a curtain tieback. Let’s learn about unique curtain tie back ideas and curtain holdback ideas to elevate your window treatment with curtain tiebacks and holdbacks and make them extraordinary curtains from ordinary fabric.

What Is A Curtain Tieback?


A curtain tieback is a decorative item used to, as the name suggests, tie or hold back curtains when open. Generally, they are used for cloth curtains and not blinds or shades.

Tiebacks made of fabric are categorized as “soft furnishing”, and those made of wood, glass, or metal are “window hardware”. There are various types of curtain tie backs i.e. they can also be made of rope and decorated with beads, tassels, etc. Their role is to gather and secure curtains to one side. Look at using tiebacks as dressing up your curtains. They give your curtains and drapes an extra oomph.

What Are Curtain Holdbacks?

Curtain Holdbacks

Holdbacks are hook-like structures fixed to the wall near the window frame. Unlike curtain tiebacks, holdbacks don’t loop around curtains. They are fixed to a spot, and the curtains are pushed behind them. There are various types of curtain holdbacks varying from wall mounted curtain holdbacks, to modern curtain holdbacks, mounted curtain holdbacks with sconce style and many more.

Ways to Glam up Your Curtains

There are many different ways to tie back curtains. Be ready to accessorize your curtains and let the sunshine in your rooms with these tiebacks and holdbacks. Here are some fun ways you can use tiebacks to glam up your curtains:

01. Antique Holdbacks

Antique Holdbacks

If you are going for an antique or rustic look for your room, you can use an old or vintage doorknob as a holdback for your curtains as wall mounted curtain holdbacks. If you don’t already have one in your possession or know anyone who does, you can always find one at an antique shop or buy one online.

You can pair these antique curtain holdbacks with lace curtains or textured fabrics so that they don’t slip off easily.

02. Season-Themed Tiebacks

Season-Themed Tiebacks

You can give your room a fresh new look every season by adding different accents to your curtains accordingly. You can either buy the tiebacks or make DIY curtain tiebacks to represent your view of the season.

You can use a garland or a small bouquet of fake (silk or felt) flowers for a spring-themed tieback. You could welcome the summer with tiebacks that remind you of the beach like shells, rope, cloth, etc.

Prepare for autumn with colors and objects that represent the fall. You can use colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown with a splash of black and purple. You can even use natural materials like twigs and pinecones for a more rustic look.

For the winter season, you can use ornaments, bells, pine cones, or silk poinsettias as accents on your curtain tieback.

Note: If you have neutral curtains that go with any color, you can get away with just changing the tiebacks every season. If not, you might want to change the curtains to match the theme.

03. Geode/Crystal Holdback

Crystal Holdback

For a more luxurious touch, you can turn your holdback into a statement piece by attaching geodes or crystals in them. These will go really well with rich and heavy curtain fabrics like velvet, silk, or brocade.

04. Faux Leather Curtain Tiebacks

Faux Leather Curtain Tiebacks

Ever thought faux leather would make a good tieback option? These make for great curtain accessories if you are going for a rustic, country look. The great thing about faux leather tiebacks is that they go great with most curtain fabrics like cotton, corduroy, etc.

05. Stuffed Toys/Tiara as Curtain Tiebacks

Stuffed Toys as Curtain Tiebacks

If you are going for a fun and quirky look or are doing up a child’s room, you can use stuffed toys as tiebacks. All you need to do is add Velcro to the arms and legs. You can even tie their arms or legs around the curtains if they are long enough.

You can even use a tiara as a tieback if that’s what your precious child wants.

06. Magnetic Curtain Tie backs

Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks

Add attractive magnetic tiebacks to your curtains for a modern, functional and stylish look. They are easy to use as all you have to do is pull the magnets apart to open and let them snap back together to close. These magnetic tiebacks are easy to attach and remove.

These modern curtain tie backs go well with curtain fabrics of medium weight, like cotton.

07. Beaded Rope as Curtain Tieback

Beaded Rope as Curtain Tieback

Make your curtains stylish and bold with beaded ropes. Usually, the beads comprise wood, but you can also have beads made of crystal or acrylic. You can either make these on your own or buy them at a store. If you are making them on your own, make sure that the holes in the bead are big enough to fit the rope. When using wooden beads, paint them to match the room or curtain color.

These tiebacks go really well with curtains made of stiff fabrics.

08. Tassels as Curtain Tieback

Tassels as Curtain Tieback

They are braided cords with decorative ends used to hold curtains backs by going around them and being fixed into a hook on the window frame or wall. Generally, tassels are made of metallic floss, silk, or other materials.

They go well with curtains made of luxurious fabrics like brocade, velvet, silk, or damask.


Curtain tiebacks and holdbacks are a great addition to any curtain as they are very practical and customizable. Go as crazy as you want and use bold tiebacks, or make them more subtle. Whatever your taste, we hope this article has been helpful.

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