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It is no hidden secret that windows are the most noticeable part of a house. Windows provide an elegant look to your room. Thus, decorating your windows is sure to enhance the entire beauty of your home. Choosing the right embellishments varies according to the taste of the homeowners.
Window treatments will be definitely on top of your décor list! The window treatments will control the light and maintain privacy in the room.  When you are choosing window treatments for your window, there are many factors to consider; including colours, patterns, materials, style, etc.
Selecting curtains is an intricate designer decision, and can make or break a living space. When deciding on curtains materials that are apt for the given space, determine your functional requirements, existing design elements, furniture pieces and constraints of the space where the curtains should be put up. In addition to adding to the decor, the curtains offer umpteen functional benefits like:

  • Enhance privacy and safety
  • Block the sun and keep the room cool
  • Keep dust at bay

A great assortment of curtains materials is available in the market today. While there is plethora of options available, it can leave you perplexed. A feeble selection of the drape type can be a deterrent to the overall usage of the space, whereas the perfect choice of curtains can amplify the décor of the living space.

The range available in the market is huge, here is your quick guide on different types of curtains materials you can lay hands on:

Different Types of Curtains Materials

Curtains Materials

01. Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are widely used in many homes and are quite a popular choice. These offer complete privacy to the inhabitants but do not block natural light completely, meeting most of the home’s functional requirements. Cotton curtains come in diverse flairs, sizes, and colors. Many times, linen is blended with cotton to increase its robustness and sturdiness.

Cotton Curtains

Key Features of Cotton:

  • Cotton with a tight weave can be used to block sunlight.
  • Sheer cotton provides the perfect amount of light and air.
  • The fabric is easy to care for, can be washed at home
  • Pocket-friendly


Pure cotton ranges from Rs.280 to Rs.400 per meter. Whereas polycotton curtains are much cheaper, and available starting at Rs.70 per meter.

02. Linen Curtains

Linen is a stellar looking cellulosic fiber. While pure linen is difficult to sustain, the linen curtains come with a blend of polyester for a sturdy drape. These are ideal for places where privacy is not the priority, typically the linen curtains are picked for the common areas, the hall, etc.

Linen Curtains

Key Features of Linen:

  • Linen is an exemplary absorbent
  • Holds dye for a long period.
  • Linen does not formulate static electricity.
  • The fabric holds anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


The price of linen curtains depend upon the amount of linen in the fabric, embroidered linen costs within Rs.450 to Rs.550, sheer curtains made up of linen can also cost up to Rs.500, but lower quality linen curtains can be bought starting at Rs.300 onwards.

03. Polyester Curtains

Polyester curtains are perfect for first-time buyers. The curtain is apt for budget-friendly styling if you don’t wish to invest big. Polyester swags come is an all-embracing choice of colours, patterns, and styles to suit the needs of all living spaces of the house. The versatile material can be used across seasons. Buyers can opt for a darker colour tone for easier maintenance.

Polyester Curtains

Key Features of Polyester: 

  • The fabric is impervious, penurious and sturdy.
  • Easy to care and crease resistant
  • Profoundly breathable
  • Water resistant and windproof
  • Grant extra protection when windows are open


The polyester curtains are more affordable compared to cotton, silk, wool. Polyesters range from Rs.50 to Rs.200 per meter.

04. Lace Curtains

Lace curtains are made by looping, twisting and entangling threads together to create a precise design and pattern.The lace fabric is decorative and looks very classy.  Lace draperies have the quality to diffuse light and give a flowy breezy feel to the space available. Lace curtains look elegant and are commonly accompanied by other styles to give a warm upmarket feel to the living space. The curtains are available in two different types; handmade and machine-made and are customarily designed with window scarves and valances. You can also create the custom curtains including the personalised photos too!

Lace Curtains

Key Features of Lace Fabric: 

  • Versatile, and can be used anywhere in the dwelling.
  • Can be used underneath heavy curtains
  • Lace is lightweight and fragile
  • Delicate and requires proper care
  • Elegant and slightly expensive


The curtain is affordable and does not require any extra maintenance, but one needs to be a little extra cautious with the handling. The value of lace fabric ranges from Rs.250 to Rs.600 per meter.

05. Voile Curtains

The voile curtains are generally made up of pure cotton, or cotton blended with polyester. The stylish curtains are easily available in the market in numerous colours, sizes, patterns, and styles. Voile is ideal for springs, to enjoy the sunlight and mild breeze. Ideal for common areas and sitting areas like dining, lounge.

Voile Curtains

Key Features of Voile: 

  • Light curtains
  • Flexible
  • Ideal as sheer curtains
  • Soft and silky
  • Not stretchy


Voile is an affordable fabric for curtains, and the pricing ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.300 per meter. The voile is easily accessible in the market and easy to maintain.

06. Silk Curtains

Silk is a revered and royal fabric that is used to generate a broad spectrum of curtains. Silk curtains are also popular as silk drapes as the silk is heavy fabric.
There is some slight difference between curtains and drapes. We have already written detailed article on it, read here: Difference between Curtains and Drapes
Silk is the extraordinarily elegant and a luxurious fabric, it is elegant and smooth. Ideal for the bedrooms, the fabric can be a real mood enhancer in the bedrooms. Silk requires very high maintenance, and professional cleaning.  The drape can be a punitive on the pocket from an upfront cost perspective but is totally worth it.

Silk Drapes

Key Features of Silk: 

  • Keeps the space cool in summers and warm in winters
  • Think silk is ideal to maintain privacy
  • Adds to the style of the classic interior
  • Ideal for home décor because of a sophisticated look and feel


Silk is available in different material and price exclusively depends upon the material you want to select. Munnar silk also referred to as Thanjavur silk ranges from Rs.140 to Rs.250 per meter. The branded Thanjavur silk could cost a tad more starting from Rs.500 a meter whereas pure silk can be really expensive and cost up to Rs.5000 per meter.

07. Velvet Curtains

Velvet is a thick woven, tufted fabric; and is very smooth and soft. This type of curtain is also known as velvet drapes as velvet is also a heavy fabric. Velvet is the classic choice for a glitzy, glamorous look. Being a heavy material curtain, the drape falls really well and looks luxurious.  The drapes come in different variations such as Devore Velvet, Crushed Velvet, Plain Velvet, Hammered Velvet, and Velveteen. Velvet is high maintenance, should ideally be cleaned professionally and maintained well for the ultimate lasting look.

Velvet Drapes

Key Features of Velvet:

  • Ideal for cold weather since it keeps out the cold
  • Velvet helps in obstructing light and sound effectively
  • Offers a polished look and styles the space extraordinarily


Velvet is less expensive compared to silk, but higher compared to polyester, cotton, and lace. The price of velvet curtains starts from Rs.150 per meter.

08. Damask Curtains

Damask or the brocade is a shuttle-woven fabric and made with a medley of silk and cotton, gold and silver strings are used for weaving. Damask curtains are also popular as damask drapes. The material looks stunning and extravagant but requires additional maintenance for durability. Floral embroidery is a popular choice amongst damask curtains.

Damask Drapes

Key Features of Damask: 

  • The damask drape typically has a two-tone design, make them look extraordinarily beautiful.
  • Elegant and yet look fashionable


The damask curtains are expensive and much more valuable than silk since the material has gold and silver strands. The drape is not commonly available in the market, and costs above Rs.8000 per meter.

Summing it up, curtains and drapes can sieve light during the daytime and provide privacy from a functionality standpoint. When planned well, aesthetically these can add a lot of style and sophistication to your space. Select the curtains materials wisely in accordance with your taste to create mesmerizing spaces.

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