Customization Ideas to Add Unique Features for Your Forever Home!

Forever Home Ideas

When most people think of “forever homes,” they typically think of homes that they can grow old in, and that is indeed what a forever home is. But the thing that most people get wrong about it is that they think that you don’t buy or build a forever home until you get old… and that’s just not the case at all.

Think of your forever home like the saying “give me my flowers while I’m still alive,” meaning, don’t wait until you’re old to enjoy your forever home… build your forever home while you’re young and can truly enjoy all the customizations and unique features.

The thing about customizations is that depending on what you customize, they can increase or decrease the value of your home, but it’s sometimes hard to tell what type of customizations will add to or take away from your home’s value. That reason alone is why realtors tend to discourage certain customizations… because they can make your home hard to sell.

But as the owner of the home, you don’t plan on moving out of your forever home, which is why it’s called a forever home. If you’re a young family with no children but plan to have children, you simply build your home with enough bedrooms to accommodate your future plans.

It’s also important to note that the customizations you want for your home don’t have to be done all at once… you can simply take on a few projects per year, if you want… Since you’re building your forever home, there’s really no rush, right?

So now the question is, what types of unique features do you want to add to your home. Keep in mind, we’re talking unique features, not things that should come standard with a home like a laundry room or spare guest bedrooms… We’re talking truly unique features that will be conversation starters whenever you have guests over.

Customization ideas for Your Forever Home

If you’re a little unsure of what we’re talking about or don’t have the creative mindset for this, here are some unique features to customize the home you’ll never want to leave.

01. Have Skylights Installed

Skylight in Forever Home

Skylights are a very unique home feature that doesn’t come standard for many homes. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also allow lots of natural sunlight in your home and warm your home up as well.

From a money-saving aspect, because skylights naturally brighten and heat your home, it allows you to save on your monthly electric bills. Residents in Texas actually add skylights to their homes and switch to alternative electricity to compare Texas electricity rates and lower their utilities even more… you too can do this with your forever home.

02. Create a Cozy Kitchen Nook to Build your Forever Home

Create a Kitchen Nook in Forever Home

Kitchen nooks are reminiscent of booths at restaurants and make for a great intimate spot in your home to eat. These nooks are great because they keep you from needing to buy a kitchen table and chairs… There’s no need to buy them because the table and seating are built-in during the construction of it; all you would need to buy is pillows or seat cushions for additional comfort.

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03. Incorporate a Creative Stair Design in Forever Home

Spiral Staircase in Forever Home

Remember, we’re talking unique here, and the design of your stairway is one of the top ways to show off your creative side. You can go modern or vintage with spiral staircases or classic and traditional, but again, you want it to be something you can enjoy but also be a conversation piece as well.

04. Build an Indoor Courtyard

Indoor Courtyard

It’s one thing to add house plants to various areas of your home, but to plant an entire tree and create somewhat of a botanical garden inside your home is truly a sight to see. You, of course, would need high ceilings and a skylight for this particular area of your home, and it would be enclosed in glass. This will definitely add originality to your home and be the center of attention for anyone who visits.

This particular customization would definitely be one that could make selling your home difficult because maintaining the tree and additional plants would require work and regular upkeep, but this is your forever home and if you have a green thumb and would have no issues maintaining it, there’s no need to worry with anyone else doing it.

On a final note, hope these unique features and customization will help you to build your forever home. If we have forgot to mention other unique ideas, do let us know in below comment box.

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