Create Stunning Entryways – A Transition to Outdoor Patios & Living Spaces!

What is the first image that clicks your mind when you hear about patio? Maybe it would be an al fresco dining or outdoor living spaces like open air lounge areas. As the weather gets warmer, people tend to spend time outdoors. It helps you to take the full advantage of warm weather by creating a luxurious outside area. The main thing about outdoor areas is that it is a place of relaxation that puts you in nature’s arms, be it: shrubs, trees, scented flowers or garden fountain. The outdoor patio is a major point of interest in every house, if it has one. This article describes about creating stunning entryways as a transition towards outdoor patio and stylish outdoor living spaces.

Stylish Lush Green Outdoor Spaces

Having a home is one of life’s best financial investments. In addition to the equity building that houses offer; they also afford a homeowner the ability to improve their home in ways that both increase the personal enjoyment of the property and the value of the home. However, not all home improvements will build equity. In general, only home improvements that improve the function, universal appeal and enjoyment, living area, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and structure add to home value.

The Enhanced Home Patio Accented by Stunning Windows

Modern Front Porch Cover

The good news is there are some beautiful projects that homeowners can choose to increase home value. One of the best home improvements that enhances home value as well as personal enjoyment is the creation of an aesthetically beautiful patio area accented by stunning windows and doorways.

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For homeowners with property in temperate climates or homes that feature stunning views of nature, having a patio area built for added outside leisure is a sound equity building investment that also creates years of personal enjoyment. When creating an elegant patio space, building ambience is a critical part of building value. One of the important aspects of aesthetics is the entryway. Homeowners have a wide variety of doorways to choose from to enhance the beauty of their home. While traditional patio doors and French doors have been common choices, there has been an increasing trend for builders, home improvement contractors, and do-it-yourselfers to use modern patio doors like sliding patio doors and high-quality glass folding patio doors.

Glazed Folding Patio Doors

By contrast to the use of traditional patio doorways, glass patio door panels that fold open, offer an expansive entryway featuring stunning floor to ceiling glass views. These panels present spacious views similar to what floor to ceiling glass windows feature but provide the option to open the panels like a foldable door. According to Rehau Unlimited Polymer solutions (Published in Expand Your View of The World-Beautiful, High-Performance, Long-Lasting Doors), folding glass patio doors are energy-efficient, made up of uPVC and the latest sealing technology.  Internally glazed window sashes make it extremely difficult to remove the glass from the outside.

Homeowners that choose these hybrid wall accents can open a portion of their wall or create stunning entryways that can run the entire length of the home offering an easy transition to their outdoor patios and decks. These are especially popular with homes located in areas accented with beautiful landscapes. These foldable glass panels usually lead out to an expansive outdoor leisure area such as a deck or patio. For homes that feature heavy glass window accents, or homeowners who are trying to increase their window space, these movable wall panels are perfect additions. When designing a new home, foldable glass wall panels are ideal for houses located on lots that have beautiful views overlooking natural backdrops such as mountains, lakes, valleys, oceans, rivers, and forests.

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Perfect Foldable Patio Glass Door Locations

Foldable Patio Glass Door

Patio glass doors that fold can be beautiful home additions for access from several areas in a home or from a pool cabana building. Some of the top uses for these types of doors include:

  • Off a Living Room or Dining Room to a Patio,
  • Off a Master Bedroom Suite to a Patio or Deck,
  • Off a Great Room to a Patio or Deck,
  • Off a Den or Library to a Patio,
  • As Access to or from a Sunroom,
  • As Entryways for Gazebos to Inground Pool Areas

In addition to providing extensive window views, each foldable glass patio panel allows for expansive entryways that open entire wall areas. They can offer stunning views while bringing in the fresh air and open breezes to whatever room they accent. That is why these glass panels are especially popular as an investment for homeowners who want to accentuate the beauty of their natural surroundings.

Creating Stunning Outdoor Living Areas

Contemporary outdoor Living Areas

While traditional patios have been popular for decades, there is an increasing trend to expand and improve outdoor areas into livable space. First designed and used in homes throughout the Mediterranean, outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in the United States, especially in semi-tropical climates such as California, Florida and the Gulf Coast. Outdoor living spaces are created by building or improving a covered patio area with exceptional amenities. These outdoor living areas are traditionally built off the main portion of a home. However, some are situated next to inground pools or other waterways.

Striped Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living space is created by enhancing primary covered patio areas. Then beautifying additions are added to make the space more elegant and livable by installing electricity and a host of other customized improvements. These often include features such as specialized indoor-outdoor tile flooring, wood ceilings, outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, outside fireplaces, and fire pits, outside built-in mini kitchens, built-in grilles and more. The use of folding patio doors leading to these beautiful outdoor living areas can create a uniquely stunning expansive entryway that is perfect for entertaining.

Premier Foldable Patio Door Specifications

When making renovations to a home or building a new house with folding patio doors, homeowners and builders have a wide variety of choices for designing distinctive entryways. Foldable door panels can be purchased in any amount, and the frames come in a wide range of choices. They come in three primary material choices of enhanced aluminum, wood or aluminum clad. Additionally, there are over 200 color options for perfect decor accent so homeowners can easily match these panels with the ambiance, décor, and theme of the room they are built for. These foldable glass panels provide:

  • Versatile functioning which can include a swinging enter/exit panel option
  • Foldable door panels can easily expand and open or close to varying widths
  • No auxiliary track support is needed
  • Homeowners can choose between top-hung or floor supported doorways
  • The choice for a multitude of different door stacking configurations
  • Foldable doors are offered as either inward or outward opening
  • Easy automated opening and closing system available.

In addition to their beauty and diversity, glass folding patio doors can be glazed for UV reduction and are designed to meet or exceed all industry standards for air infiltration and water penetration. They are designed to match all industry structural and thermal performance standards to ensure high energy efficiency ratings. For homeowners with security concerns, high-quality glass door panels are built using tempered glass to protect against forced entry or shattering for greater security and safety.

Outdoor Patio with Pergola and Chairs

For homebuilder’s as well as homeowner’s looking to increase the exterior views of a home, the elegance and distinction of foldable glass wall panels will offer unparalleled advantages. Custom made foldable glass wall panels allow for ease of transition from glass wall space to an open span outside area in minutes. They create the extension of any room to the outdoors with amazing ease. This is the perfect choice for people who enjoy entertaining and can create the ideal ambiance and accessibility for outside candlelight romantic evenings.

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