17 Tips to Give Your Home a Modern Feel!

There are many ways that you can design your home and make it look more modern as well as contemporary. In modern design, simplicity is the main factor. Designing a home is not only for the sake of comfortability but it also needs to give a modern and stylish look. The modern house and lifestyle bring an inspiring thought and elegance in the inmates of the house.

Modern Minimalistic Living Room

Are you bored with the same old look of your house? Maybe it is the time that you consider a little change and bring about all the modern feel. Most of us are often bored by the old look of our house, but a slight change and addition of a few materials can play an important role in changing the entire look of the house.The old saying, “Every man’s home should feel like his castle”, is very much true, but practically applying the formula may prove to be quite expensive for you. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be going on spending lakhs and lakhs of money for your house. Luxury always does not mean, that you will have to spend a lot of money. Subtle changes can also provide modern and luxurious touch to the house. Various steps and tips herein can help to provide the modern look to your house.

As quoted by ‘Courtnay Daniels Haden’, “If you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.” With the changing interior design trends every year, giving a modern touch to your home is not frequently possible. Creating a modern home meeting your standards and expectations is something that takes a little time. We may not change the look of our houses, all the time. So, before giving a modern touch to your home, give it a thought and plan according to it, as it would remain until you think of renovating it again and giving it a new look.

Whether you are considering the interiors or the exteriors, every small change can add up to it. Moreover, if you are considering to change the old look of your house, or add a fresh look to your new house, there are various inexpensive home décor hacks that can help you bring about an affordable renovation in your house.

Before exploring or renovating the house, always keep in mind factors such as colour scheme, sleek modern furniture, crown molding, window’s treatments stick with elegant materials like natural silk, linen and cotton, designer light fixture, decorating to include minimal artwork and accessories, mirrors, wall hanging, and choose cabinets, bins or baskets that cover and contain. The indoor & outdoor greenery also plays an important role in making your home feel fresh and new. Now, these are explained further in the forthcoming details.

Modern Home Design Ideas

Listed below are trendy tips to create a modern house that will help you to give a modern look.

01. Declutter the Space

Cream and Peach Decluttered Living Room

It is the first thing that one should do. In fact, you have to start with it. One of the significant characteristics of a modern house is the absence of clutter. Even if you cannot altogether remove it, you can always lessen the clutter of your home. Make most of the use of your storage space to get rid of the clutter. It is necessary to get rid of all the unwanted items so that you can make space in your house. Make a note of things that you have hardly used in the last few years and things you will ever need. Better donate it.

It is usually, the small items that create most of the chaos in the house. Hence, you should be careful about these knick-knacks and small chaos. Often these items tend to make space appear cramped and small. A clean space will appear larger than usual. If you want to excel in minimalist design, you should prefer using modern and clean lines. If there are wooden pieces and furniture in your room, that are dirty or dull, prefer replacing them or polishing them.

02. Adopt High-Technology

High Technology of Smartphones

If you are looking forward to the addition of a new modern house, it is time that you give up on the normal techs. Instead, you should be adopting the high-technology elements in the house. Minor additions can help to bring about significant changes in the house. Think about adding smart home appliances and systems to improve your ease of living. According to ‘Trisha Doucette’ (Editor of Home Design & Décor), “The convenience of Wi-Fi and mobile application technology is being integrated into many of today’s appliances. Take your home’s technology up a notch and run your home from with phone with smart home integration.

Since it is a modern house, you should be making proper use of technology. As a result, you should be including different motion-detecting lights and the built-in chargers for the comfort of the people. Stereo speakers too can be one of the major additions for a modern house. Although many items are pre-installed, you may prefer selecting some too. If you are the tech-lover, you know there are a lot of modern things, you can include in your house.

03. Brighten Up the Interiors

One of the major characteristics of modern houses is the use of bright colours. Modern houses use bright colours in different and extensive ways. Although very selected colours are used, only specified ones are used for highlighting the space and making it bright.  This will work pretty well in large room.

Bright Green Coloured Living Room

The bright colours of the houses often contribute towards popping up a fresh look in the home. When painting modern houses, the walls and furniture are usually kept in neutral colours so that it becomes easier for you to style the house. You can include a few modern accessories in the house as well. It can be pretty & inexpensive if implemented the right way. Remember, painting the walls or changing the colours always brings a feeling of newness and freshness. If you can’t afford to paint the whole house, think of painting a few walls and can do it phase-wise in a few years.

04. Go, White

Black Coloured Sofa in White Living Room

Colours are of course, always personal, and their choice varies from person to person. However, there are some standard and universally accepted colours; and white is one of them. While it may appear to be pretty boring to you, white colour for walls and floors can help your house have that modern charm inflicted on it. Most of the contemporary homes are decorated from top to bottom in white to create a better impact.Another major reason to have white walls and floors is that they can go well with dark-coloured furniture. The white colour compliments properly with the white decoration. All these will help to create a better look. This will be useful for small room.

05. Go for Metallic Accessories

Gold Metallic Wallpaper in Bedroom

If your space lacks the required amount of shine, truly it won’t be making any impact on the guests, visiting your house. Metallic colours such as gold, silver, and bronze can play an important role in adding the silvery touch around the house. To add up for the subtle touch, you should prefer choosing a colour that fits your style and compliments your accessory. Remember to use it selectively.You can choose a metallic colour, depending on the interiors. Experts often suggest using a single, simple piece for your entire room. However, when you are decorating using metallic pieces, you should prefer pairing them up with solid colours. This helps to create a relaxing environment in the house. Whenever you are including metallic strips in the house, you should take the home decor- items into consideration. Moreover, you can also include metal around the sink basin of your kitchen or bathroom.

06. Pay Proper Attention to Indoor Lightings

Lighting in Living Room

Good lighting can play an important role in bringing about the change in the interior of your house. Creativity and good lighting can have an important role in complementing the entire interiors of your house. Instead of the high-voltage lights, you should be using low-voltage lighting, as they are affordable.Small bulbs hung from the roof in the living room can create a visual appeal in the room. You should be bringing about a definite contrast between the light and dark areas of the room. Instead of being too harsh, you can follow the subtle ideas and create your own chic look with the lights in your house.

07. Replace the Carpets

Wooden Porcelain Plank Tile

Carpets are a long-forgotten trend. If you are looking forward to adding a covering for your floor, carpet can be one of the best choices, to make.However, if the carpet has become old and is placed around the bathroom or wall-to-wall shag, chances are that it may be prone to damage. Nonetheless, you should be looking forward to including new prefinished flooring. If you want a modern look, you should be giving up on the old carpets. The addition of plank tiles can be one of the most prominent attractions in the house. These contribute towards increasing the modern look of the house.

08. Include A Splashy Hallway in The Room 

White Hallway -Stool, Paintings

If you have a small home, make sure to use every space properly. Every space can contribute towards making a good impression on your visitors. The hallway is one of the most prominent spaces of the house, and every small space should be used properly.

Since the hallway is the major part of the house, you should be including small tables around the corners. It is the first place that the people will be observing, and hence, things should be taken care of properly. Most of the people are often confused about how to decorate the space. You can include several things, such as art, mirrors, and flowers.

09. Never Ignore Heart of Home, Your Kitchen

Brown Themed Kitchen and Dining Table

The kitchen is the heart of the house. However, most of the time, people tend to ignore it. Although it may sound tempting, not paying proper attention to the decoration of your kitchen will never be of any benefit. If you do not have the latest gadgets and appliances, think of having the same.

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If the kitchen contains proper equipment and cabinets, it can play an important role in enhancing the modern look of your house. You can add various metallic appliances in your kitchen. Moreover, experts often suggest adding industrial tones as well. Whenever you are choosing the shades for your kitchen, you should be choosing something that can help to create a contemporary and functional look. Small changes can be of great help to increase the kitchen.

10. Bedrooms

White Themed Modern Bedroom

Bedrooms not only provide your way to a night of restful night sleep, but also help to promote your relaxation. There are many ways to accessorize your room in affordable ways. Choosing the correct décor style for bedrooms is a bit tricky, but following a modern design, it can save you time. Maximize the amount of light in your bedrooms. Make the theme subtle and incorporate accent hues in the room. A modern bedroom features a textured wall. Spectacular lighting features an important aspect of the bedroom. Use or change curtain and drapes with more creative ways.

11. Adventurous Bathroom Designs

Adventurous Bathroom Designs with Mirrors

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean that you cannot decorate or renovate it properly. Most of the small bathrooms have enough space to meet the requirements of people. Though small, you can always include most of the modern designs, to bring about a significant change.Apart from wall decorations, you should prefer getting designer and vibrant tiles for a better look. You should always combine the walls and floors in such a way that they complement each other.

12. Place the Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors for Modern look

While you may not focus on it thoroughly, the placement of mirrors too determines the modernity of your house. If you have a small room, the strategic placement of mirrors can eventually contribute towards making the area appears larger. Not only that, but it will also contribute towards making the area appears lighter. Thus, your dark room would look bright within a short period, at a small cost.

Not only are the mirrors functional, but they can also play an important role in enhancing the look of the room. It is one of the best ways to add a quirky touch to your room. If you are bored with the conventional mirrors, you can prefer purchasing the vintage mirrors to create a statement.

13. Add New Doors

Brown Sleek Flush Doors

Believe it or not, but your doors do have an impact on determining how modern your house is. If you want to add a luxurious feel, you should give up on the traditional panel doors. The old panel doors are somewhat boring and may not create the desired look, though they may be very strong.

To increase the modernity of your house, you can include sleek flush doors. A lot of homeowners prefer the addition of frosted glass doors for various reasons. Such doors help you to stand out from your neighbours. Moreover, when you are changing your doors, make sure to upgrade the locks and hinges as well to increase the security as well. But remember, doors are costly and do not forget that paneled doors are stronger than flush doors.

14. Set the Closet (Cupboard) in Order

Organized Clutter Free Closet

The arrangement has always been an important aspect of modern homes. Thus, for your modern home, you should always ensure that everything you are including, is customized properly.

You can read a lot of articles on Gharpedia, which will help you in doing this. Remember the closet has enough space for you, to arrange your things. The closet arrangement becomes more essential if the closet does not have enough space, in terms of doors and drawers. A small gap and disruption in the design can be seen and should be taken care of properly. So, if you want to create an impression, you should ensure to check with the closet thoroughly.

15. Get an Indoor Garden or Fountain

Small Indoor Garden
Indoor Fountain

This is mostly for people who do not have enough exterior space. Indoor gardens are undoubtedly one of the trendiest things in the market. A lot of modern homeowners, these days are getting indoor gardens for themselves.

If you have been planning to get an indoor garden for your house, you do not need to stress much over it. A small space in your house can be helpful enough to make for maximum use. You can lay indoor plants or pots and small stones below your stairs or out of your door to create a statement in your modern house. A fountain with running water, with light sound will always be soothing to your eyes and the ears both.

16. Add Garden Lights to Your Backyard

Garden Lights on Backyard

Does your house have a backyard? If yes, then maybe it is time, you should add a little flavour to the backyard too. Backyards have often been the most ignored part of the house. It is for this reason that the background often appears to be a boring area.

If you feel that your background is too boring, you can add a few lights around the garden to include a more welcoming feel. This can be pretty helpful during the warmer months when you are out during the evening and enjoying the outer space. Apart from the cafe lights, you can add a few lanterns around the seating area too. This will help you to feel comfortable and can be a great addition to the backyard. And of course, if you do not have yet made a garden, in spite of having the land, start it now only. It will change the entire look.

17. Choose Options of Selecting Rooms One by One

Styles for Different Room

Go for different styles depending upon, which room you keep select may be the living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. Choose the colour carefully while finalizing it. While selecting colours, make sure that there is a maintained flow and the transition between the two rooms does not go offbeat. Play around with colours, textures and materials, to provide a unique look for each room such, that it does not deviate from the overall style.

To put it in a nutshell, with the changing interior design trends every year, choose the right home décor hacks to give your home a modern feel. The above mentioned, are a few tips to create a modern house. Try to incorporate the right look by incorporating the perfect colours, materials and designs. Luxury can be achieved by providing minute changes and giving a modern and luxurious touch. Embrace your homes with modern designs, to accomplish a better and updated look to it.

A beautiful and modern house encourages positive feelings and mentalities. It also inspires creativity, joy, romanticism, peace and free-flowing positive energy. Your surrounding affects you in many ways. When we go into nature, we feel refreshed and happy. A beautifully decorated house make you feel happier and give you a pleasant and awesome feeling.

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