Types of Lamps You Can Use to Make Your Home Bright & Beautiful

It is rightly said that “lighting is almost everything for a house. It creates perfect mood and imposes a unique emotional effect on you”. Same said by ‘Linda Hallam’ (Editor of Making a Home) that lamps, accessories, and collections mark your personality in your home and add a crucial finishing touch to it. Proper lighting and light control contribute to an atmosphere which naturally enhances the ambience around you.
Lamps are a great way of ensuring sufficient lightning effect in every corner of the room. Insufficient lighting and fulmination (flash like lighting) both can kill the living experience and the aesthetics of a room: it is strenuous for eyes too.  However, there are different types of lamps that can help in enhancing the lamp décor in your room.
Lamps usually add a warm finesse and offer a luxurious feel to space. Lamps are a classy way to manifest your unique room decorating style. There is no specific formula of choosing an ideal lamp: but the suitability of a lamp depends of the specifications of the space, existing lighting elements, and its functional requirements.

Lamp adding light to a space

Popular Types of Lamps

There are various types of lamps, they are sold under wide budget range and most of the varieties are almost easily available in the market. Here some popular lamp styles are suggested that you could choose for decorating and illuminating your premise:

01. Buffet Lamps

Buffet lamp on table enhancing home decor

Buffet lamps are commonly called as candlestick lamps or console lamps. These lamps are usually tall and lend a unique sublime elegance to a room, wherever it is fixed. The lamp’s elevation varies from 32 to 38 inches. They are often used in the dining room to illuminate the food or in the office to provide sufficient light for working at night. According to ‘Linda Hallam’ (Editor of Making a Home), small lamps are good fit on bed-side tables as they easily spare space for an alarm clock and a book.

Distinctive Features: 

  • A buffet lamp occupies very little space since it is built with a tall cylindrical configuration.
  • Buffet lamps are typically used for embellishing purposes and can help in providing balance to the existing furniture.
  • These lamps are available in different materials, which are easy to maintain and durable too.


Candlestick lamps (buffet lamps) are affordable and are typically bought as a pair. The cost ranges from Rs.1200 to Rs.15000.


The lamps are most commonly made of wood or metal. Some costly pieces are available in glass also.

02. Arc Lamps

These lamps have an arc shape which makes them unique and helps them serve as an accent. They are modern and implement a contemporary touch to the room.

Arc Lamp to enhance the interiors of the home

Distinctive Features: 

  • The light source is designed for hanged overhead, and the base sits comfortably out of the way. Due to the arch, they occupy very little space.
  • These can efficiently be fixed around any corner of your home.
  • Arc lamps are the best in offering functional task lighting.


Arch lamps are pricey, and their cost ranges between Rs.25,000 and Rs.50,000.


Marble is generally used as the base of the lamp, which creates a durable and heavy piece of fulmination.  Mostly, the lamp’s body is composed of nickel or brass.

03. Tiffany Lamps

The tiffany lamp style was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany lamps look classy and recognized as antiques. The lamps are incredibly rare and truly iconic. Tiffany lamps are well suited for the homes embellished with a contemporary and Victorian styled interior.

Tiffany lamp made out of colourful stained glass

Distinctive Features: 

  • Tiffany lamps are available in wide varieties of styles like the mission style, dragonfly patterns, and Victorian style.
  • The lamps are produced in diverse forms including accent lamps, pedestal fixtures, wall sconces, table lamps, hanging pendant lamps, and more.


Tiffany lamps are quite expensive, ranging from Rs.1000000 to Rs.1700000. Tiffany style lamps, which are the reproduction of Tiffany lamps, are accessible in the market which befalls at comparatively affordable price. Tiffany style lamps range from Rs.50000 to Rs.100000.


These are made of colourful, patterned stained glass. The base of the lamp is usually made up of bronze or any other dark brown material.

04. Contemporary Lamps

The lamps are also known as gourd lamps. A bulging and curvy base delineates these varieties. Contemporary lamps are fashionable and yet traditional. The lamps make a bold statement. These are available in neutral colours and geometric shapes.

White Contemporary lamp with a bulgy base

Distinctive Features: 

  • Contemporary lamps are height adjustable.
  • These lamps are ideal for a sitting area, like a drawing room or dining area.
  • These provide a very unceremonious atmosphere to the room.


These lamps are versatile and are quite budget-friendly. The lamp can be used at various places, like you can place them as a desk lamp, as well as floor lamp, wall lamp, and many more. Most of these lamps cost in the range between Rs.2000 and Rs.6000.


The lamps are mostly made up of shiny material and premium quality glass. The glass varieties include vivid glass-like clear glass and mercury glass made varieties.

05. Torchiere Lamps

Torchiere lamps are also known as the torch lamps. These lamps are designed in a way that it directs the light upward like a torch. The lamps use halogen or fluorescent light bulbs.

Metal bodied Torchiere lamps with modern design

Distinctive Features:

  • Torchiere lamps are big, and they mostly used for arranging dim light to the room.
  • These lamps go well with modern and traditional styles both.


Modern Torchiere lamps are pocket-friendly and are usually priced between Rs.3000 and Rs.7000. The traditional Torchiere lamps are more expensive, and the price may range between Rs.50000 and Rs.70000.


Modern Torchiere lamps are built with a metal body and angular shade, whereas traditional Torchiere lamps are made of heavy wood and stained-glass lampshades.

06. Swing Arm Lamps

Swing Arm Lamps are directly mounted onto a wall to save the space on the desk or table. The neck of these lamps can be stretched to guide appropriate light. As said by ‘Linda Hallam’ (Editor of Making a Home), when the bed-side table is tiny or non-existent by size, you may opt for a wall-mounted swing-arm lamp.

Wall mounted swing-arm lamp

Distinctive Features: 

The swing arm lamp is versatile and can be used in almost all sections of the home such as kitchen, bathroom, dressing table, bookshelf, and more.
The lamp’s easy compatibility with outlet plugs and hard wiring makes them reliable and secure.


The lamps are affordable and effortlessly accessible in the price range from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000. You can even get better bargains at selected online stores.


The lamp comprises of steel and glass.

07. Clip-On Lamps

The Clip-On Lamps are also known as clamp lamps. These lamps are a great choice when there is limited space either on the desk or on the table for placing a lamp. These lamps are relatively small in size. Clip-on lamps offer optimum illumination to the user with scope of customization for adjustment as per requirements.

Metal bodied clamp lamps

Distinctive Features: 

  • These lamps render task lightening at par, i.e., they can illuminate the specific area with adequate lighting.
  • A Clip-on lamp is flexible because it may lay focus the light on a smaller space. These lamps are ideal for bedrooms where you may also want to study. With a Clip-on lamp fixed at your desk you can keep on the working while the rest of the room may stay in darkness.
  • These lamps are available in wide varieties of colours and modern designs adding colourful peppy look to a study.


These Clip-On Lamps are easily available at any local store and are affordable in terms of price. The lamps can be bought from Rs.300 range.


Mostly clip-on lamps are made up of plastic and metal. Plastic clip-on lamps are quite inexpensive, whereas metal lamps cost a bit higher but they are highly durable and sturdy.

08. Battery Powered Lamps

Battery Powered Lamps are also known as an alternative power source lamp. They render an enhanced aesthetic appeal to the home. Battery-powered lamps are safe and energy-efficient.

Battery Powered Lamps on table

Distinctive Features: 

  • The modern-day lamps are mostly found equipped with Bluetooth, enabling easy control of the lights with a mobile application.
  • The lamps have a charger socket associated with them.
  • The smart versions come with a sensor that can turn the light off or on with a touch.


The price of battery powered lamps depends on the feature of the lamp. Many models provide sensors and are priced significantly higher in comparison to the simple battery lamps. The range of these lamps varies from Rs.5000 to Rs.50000.


Battery Powered Lamps come in a variety of base materials like metal, plastic, raisin, glass, crystal, ceramic, solid wood, etc.

Summing up, beautiful lamps always add a luxurious feel to a target space. It helps in enhancing your home décor in a creative way with lots of visibility effect. Lamps are a great way of ensuring sufficient lightning in every corner of the room.
The position of lamps in a room as well as the choice of bulbs can create an impact on your mood. It also helps to boost the ambience of the room. The above-mentioned variants are the most popular types of lamps for organizing unique lighting in a room that can perfectly describe its features, material and the test of the home owner. However your purchase should be justifiable by cost.

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