Decorate Your Kitchen Countertops with These Pro Tips

A kitchen counter is one of a home’s most sought-after pieces of real estate. Kitchen counters serve many functions, from meal preparation to a workspace. It needs to be beautiful and functional, yet adding your style to the kitchen. Gharpedia shares a phenomenal article on ideas to decorate kitchen countertops.

Creative Ideas to Decorate Kitchen Countertops

Here are seven great ideas to decorate kitchen countertops that would help you make the most of this space:

1. Wall Art as Kitchen Counter Décor

Artistic carvings and murals raise the style quotient of any space. A frame or two will look fantastic above your counters and add a touch of elegance.

You can hang them on the walls or place them on shelves. But ensure that you avoid splashes on them while cooking by placing them near the entryway or using easy-to-clean frames.

2. Gather a Collection

Use your countertops to display your culinary collections, whether cookbooks, cutting boards, or platters leaned against the backsplash. When guests gather in the kitchen, etched drinking glasses and a stack of collected dishes on a small tray can provide a moment of interest or turn into a conversation starter.

Follow the less-is-more philosophy to keep your kitchen countertops from becoming cluttered.

3. Kitchen Countertop Decorating Ideas by Extending Shelving

Extending a shelving design by adding akitchen countertop allows for more shelf styling options and creates a chic, tiered effect.

These countertop and shelf decorations create a visually appealing focal point in the kitchen. It also provides a central, zoned area to store decorative items and functional accessories.

4. Group Items in Small Zones on your Kitchen countertops

Make categories in the kitchen and break them into different zones to keep your kitchen counter organised. Keep everyday-use items in one place to avoid decluttering. Doing so creates a neat-styled kitchen counter.

The kitchen countertop’s corners allow you to neatly tuck the items away from the main surface area of the countertop. You can also utilise the alcoves underneath the kitchen cabinets to create two separate zones: one for more practical items like grinders and chopping boards, and the other for books.

5. Keep the Kitchen Counters Clean and Decluttered

When styling kitchen countertops, the two keywords are clean and decluttered. Countertops, unlike other areas of your home, don’t benefit from a heavier touch. The kitchen is the one room that requires a highly functional and practical layout. So, you should always leave enough space on your countertops and kitchen islands for people to sit and eat. Never overcrowd the surfaces. Take a deep dive to know more about how to declutter a kitchen.

6. Add a Statement Piece to Decorate your Kitchen Countertops

How about adding a statement piece to your kitchen? Believe me, it works as a focal point, seeking attention to add a glam to your kitchen. All you need to do is take a bouquet of real or artificial flowers and put them in a stylish vase.

In addition, you can also add sculptures, indoor plants, an open shelf display, and oversized lighting fixtures as a statement piece to be part of kitchen counter decor.

7. Decorative Trays on Kitchen Countertops

Use decorative trays to display and curate your favourite accessories and objects on your countertops. It is a stylish and functional way to decorate kitchen counters.

A tray collects items like coasters, vases of flowers, and other small kitchen accessories, leaving more room for cooking and food prep. You can also quickly pick them up and move them around the kitchen, depending on how you use it.

8. Bring Nature Inside

Consider incorporating some amazing outdoor elements into your kitchen countertops. If you want all the glory without the work of a bouquet, go with cut branches; they will outlast their flowery counterparts.

Tall branches look great on an island, but shorter stems can look just as lovely on a countertop below open shelving or cabinetry.

What Should You Never Store on Your Countertops?

Kitchen countertops are one of the most cluttered places in the home. They’re practically magnets for mess and cluttering. However, to de-clutter them, avoid the following things:

Miscellaneous Junk

Scissors, matches, your pet’s medicine, and phone chargers are all necessary, but they look shabby on your counter! Consider having a junk drawer or finding a different way to store these items to keep your countertop neat and clean.

You can also use a stylish magnetic fridge organizer on the side of your refrigerator to keep things tidy and easily accessible. It stores paper towels, utensils, foil, and various other items in an area that is rarely used.

Knife Blocks

While knives are one of the most frequently used kitchen tools, avoid keeping them on the kitchen countertops, especially if you have little children. Ensure that you keep them in a drawer or on a high-hanging magnetic strip out of the child’s reach.

Rarely Used Small Appliances

It is obvious that you should not keep rarely used kitchen appliances, including a waffle or juice maker, on your countertops. However, this becomes the norm if you have limited counter space or a small kitchen.

Find a place for small appliances you don’t use daily, whether in a nearby closet, cabinet, garage, or basement. This is the best idea to fix this problem.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning your kitchen after a day of cooking can be among the most challenging tasks. Hence, it’s natural to look for ways to make it easier or faster, and this is where chemical cleaning products come in.

However, you must avoid mixing the cleaning chemicals with food. Can you imagine accidentally spilling any of these hazardous substances on your food because you mistook them for an ingredient? Don’t take that risk; place all the cleaning supplies in a cabinet, not on the countertops.

Serve Ware

Unless you’re hosting a dinner party every night, there’s no need to display your largest platters, gravy boats, or serving utensils. Keep it for special occasions and have the counter space you’ve always wanted.

Summing up

Making your kitchen countertops aesthetic and functional is one of those tricky businesses. Everyday appliances usually take up more valuable space than decorative objects. However, if you diligently apply the above seven pro tips to decorate kitchen countertops, you’ll be able to strike a balance between attractiveness and functionality on your kitchen countertop.

How do you keep your kitchen countertop both attractive and functional? Kindly leave a reply in the comment box below.

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