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Are you bored with the common interior decor ideas? Believe me, then you are at right place. Yes!

The Mosaic is back!!! Mosaics can surprisingly be used in your interiors in many other ways than just murals.

Before I start let us understand about mosaic. Mosaic is defined as a picture or pattern produced by arranging all together small pieces of stones, glass, beads, shells, etc. It is a design set in mostly concrete or plaster. However, now-a-days varieties of materials available in the market. Mosaic has different meaning in different cultures. In many parts of the world, it is simply understood as a floor tile made in cement. But here we will discuss, a mosaic as an art, an interior statement!

We all know, the mosaics and tiles have been around for a long time, and although it was mainly used for the floor decorations. Yet, these days the mosaic is finding its way into a furniture, property walls, bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplash, decorative unique pieces and pool floorings.

In many significant buildings during the Paleo-Christian era, wall mosaics had become the traditional decorative feature. This art technique had shown not only its resilience and adaptability but also a unique feeling of luxury and comfort. In contrast, the elegance of its pictures had never seemed to be diminished!

Paleo-Christan era Mosaic wall art

Mosaic flooring and walls are trendy since there is a luxurious appeal to them and are unique due to the various styles and designs that can be created from scratch. Nowadays, mosaic craftsmen are extremely in-demand for both commercial as well as residential buildings.

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None the less, when you think to decorate with mosaics you may find your perfect mosaic expert match at mosaicist! Only with an expert can you get the ideal result when it comes to finish, styling and overall interior décor.

‘Decorate with Mosaics’ Your Interiors – Things You Must Know!

01. Mosaic Decor-The Right Place Deserves the Right Solution

Mosaic Decor - The Right Place Deserves the Right Solution

Mosaic tiles and features are brilliant when it comes to decorating walls as well as floors. Keep in mind that you can be experimental with your design choices. It is all about the mosaic art, and all you need to do is make sure that the mosaic tile matches the overall design philosophy or colourtheme, if any, for the entire house. However, consider facts like mosaic tiling for the room you will use for entertaining your guests or for building that perfect roman pool at your property.

02. Know About The Mosaic Tile Designs

Know About The Mosaic Tile Designs

There are various aspects that you need to consider regarding the design elements of the mosaic tile. Once you have made sure of the space that requires mosaic tiling, you need to consider the dimensions of the space. Once you have figured out the dimensions precisely, you can get the perfect cut mosaic tile for your interior décor. Once you have got this buttoned-down, there are several other aspects that you need to consider, which include shape, size, colourand texture of the mosaic tile.

03. Vast Scope of Experimentation – ‘Decorate with Mosaics’

The traditional way of using mosaic was explicitly for the floors and certain decorative walls or center pieces. But these days, mosaic tiles can even get used as paintings by framing them. The vital thing to consider here is that there is a vast scope of experimentation when it comes to using mosaic art for interior décor.

Vast Scope of Experimentation – ‘Decorate with Mosaics’

You can cover a large section of the wall or use it in the minimalistic sense to give your house a trendy look. Various artistic styles are quite popular, so make sure you go for one that will appeal to your taste.

04. Look for Materials That Are Utilized in Mosaic Art

Look for Materials That Are Utilized in Mosaic Art

Some of the commonly used materials in mosaic art could be glasses, stones, household tiles, shells, beads, vitreous glass, and some other kinds of objects. For creating unique mosaic art for your interiors, you would be requiring any of the constituents mentioned above and consider using fiber, plywood, adhesive, glue, sealant and resin.

A Fireplace mantel wall with Mosaics

A Fireplace mantel wall with Mosaics

You could generate countless unique patterns or designs using these amazing mosaic materials. You could use mosaic designs in any part of your home for instilling an element of freshness and elegance and enhancing the contemporary look.

05. Consider its Shape, Size and Colour

Consider its Shape, Size and Colour

You must always consider the size, colour, and even shape of the mosaictiles and play with them to create a specific look. You must think much beyond the usual designs and stay away from the cookie-cutter approach. You could implement subtle techniques for creating the illusion of far wider or more open space or consider framing a particular portion of the room for making it appear oval or more angular.

06. Create the Intriguing Illusion of Texture

Create the Intriguing Illusion of Texture

For certain rooms that are not compatible with playful or bold patterns, there seems to be a third option. Besides creating the illusion of far wider space, you could focus on creating the intriguing illusion of texture. By using a particular colour that complements the floor or wall colours and if you alternate between same-coloured individual tiles you could create the textured appearance that would seem effective but essentially subtle.

07. The Unique Mosaic Art

The Unique Mosaic Art

A Unique Pet Statue in Mosaic as a Centerpiece

A some what unorthodox and unconventional mosaic design idea would be implementing an artistic design that has been visualized basically in the form of tiles. It could be a pet statue as centerpiece or a renowned portrait’s abstract replica or maybe an artistic representation of a splendid landscape or something modern and definitely more surreal.

08. Use of Spectacular Mosaic Tiles in Furniture

Use of Spectacular Mosaic Tiles in Furniture

As per designer furniture specialists, you could always consider incorporating ingenious hints of specialized design. For instance, when you incorporate beautiful mosaic tiles into the legs of your simple armchair or coffee table topor working desk table, it could prove to be mesmerizing–mosaic tile furniture! You could consider this sort of design experimentation on cupboards and shelves. These amazing mosaic solutions in your interiors could prone to be wonderful conversation starters when visitors come to your house.

09. Seamlessly Integrate Mosaic With the Existing Home Décor

Seamlessly Integrate Mosaic With the Existing Home Décor

A choice of pastel or dazzling colour but never too gaudy to use the colour for poetic floral decorations

Expert interior designers firmly believe that you do not always need to use bold, complex or big mosaics for grabbing the attention of your guests. A little bit of a trick could make way for brand new avenues and a host of possibilities in terms of interior design options and preferences. You may use specific colours, designs or tiles as an attractive background for highlighting decorative elements such as strategically positioning a lovely flower patternin mosaic tile on a portion of the background wall complementing the furniture, flooring and lighting fixtures colour and texture.

10. Permanent Mosaic Art work

Permanent Mosaic Art work

A comprehensive mosaic art work category must be where you could consider decorating even the tiniest things around your house. For instance, choosing transparent tiles for sticking to a lamp so that a colourful glow is generated! You may consider highlighting the windowpane corners. Moreover, you could consider applying them on coffee or tea trays, decorative boxes, and vases that are simple, cheap, and lots of fun to make.

Watch this video to DIY a coffee or tea trays with stone pebbles!!!

Last words

After all, an integral part of your interior design, an art piece made with tiles is there to create a special atmosphere into your home interiors.

Here are some final words for you to ponder. Mosaic floor and wall décor plans are all about jazzing up the appearance of the property. This means that you need to employ an expert when it comes to choosing, embedding, and fixing the mosaic tiles. Keep in mind that the mosaic tiles are permanent as well, so once you are done, there is no going back. Therefore, make sure that you choose wisely and go for an expert mosaic artist before investing!

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