How to Choose Tile Colour According to Your Room Colour Scheme?

House consists of many components. Therefore, most of the people choose the design of the house as a theme or a philosophy and it should get reflected in the theme by carrying out selection of its colours or say colour scheme. In this article we are explaining how to choose tile colour in accordance with other components of either a room or house.
Selection of colour of tiles as per so many elements, it cannot be done individually or independently. It will depend on the type of finishes, colour scheme of external walls and roofs, colour of furniture, fixture including sanitary fixtures and minutely even colour of taps or even electrical fixtures. In short, there should be total harmony and the colour scheme should flow in such a way that everything match with everything governed by harmony, theme and of course one’s choices. The few guidelines for choosing tile colour herein will help you to select colour of your floor or floor tiles, based on the psychology and philosophy of how the colours affect and attract our moods and emotions.

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Choose Tile Colour

Many materials are to be taken into account while constructing a house or, simply redecorating it. You cannot simply pick up a random material with a random benefit and use it. For example, the tiles cannot be put up in any proportion or colour to be precise. You need to take detailed consideration to contrast the tile colour with respect to the colour of your room before getting it fixed in the areas of the home.
Choose tiles colour according to the furnishing and the colour of the walls. Marble and other stone are the best tile selection for homes. These may be expensive, so you can use inkjet tiles (Inkjet is technology in which “printer” type process is done to print the design on the ceramic or porcelain tiles.) also. Nowadays vitrified tiles are most popular and most used. Usually, light colour tiles make your room look bright and spacious. The size of these tiles should be large. If you have painted the home in complete white, you can use highly polished black tiles for a defined look. This is suitable for massive homes as black colour reflects the entire home. For most homes, light colored tiles are the best as you can match them with bright furniture. The wood finish tiles are also becoming popular among many homes. This is both affordable and easy to maintain. Wood finish tiles are also good for kitchen flooring.

Based on the above description, a detailed explanation can be extracted which would provide a clear insight on the facts which govern the selection of tile colour.

Choose Tile Colour

5 steps have been jotted down to choose tile colour:

01. Refer to a Colour Wheel

You must always refer a colour wheel rather than choosing the colour of your own without proper evaluation. A colour wheel has every defined set of colour available through which you can easily browse and match which colour is suitable with which one. Your choice must depend on the nature of the place you want to select for. If you wish to select a colour for a room which is meant for entertainment purpose, choose two colours which are opposite to each in the wheel. On the contrary, if you wish to have a calm room to relax, choose a combination which is next to each other in the wheel to provide you with a soothing feel as colours affect the mental persona of a human being.

Colour Wheel

02. Choose Tile Colour According to the Size of Your Room

If you have a simultaneous small room, you must consider using light colour tiles in order to make your room look more spacious. Cream and pastel are the most sought out colours in such situations. Also, if you have narrow hallways and a different bathroom to be catered only for guests, light colour tiles would be a good choice. If for a change, you have a kitchen with an open floor plan, with plenty of lights shining over it, you can choose rich dark colours similar to that of dark chocolate and all such colours. In short, dark colours are compatible with large areas.

Choose Tile Colour According to Room Size

03. Select the Most Suitable Type of Tile

There are many types of tiles and, each one is suitable for a particular place. If you wish to cater one for countertop or bathroom and kitchen walls, you must probably choose either the stain-resistant tiles or, glazed ceramic tiles. This choice is perfect for the kitchen and bathrooms as they are more exposed to humidity. As a result to stay precautions, these tiles are the perfect combination.  Now, if you choose tile colour for the flooring purpose, you must probably choose the dense porcelain tile. The choice stands, as these tiles are highly scratch resistant and provide protection against most of the scratches made through any effects

Select the Most Suitable Types of Tile

04. Textures are Also to be Taken Care of

There are places which are the most used, as compared to the other parts of the house. Highly used areas are more prone to dirt and hence the textures of tiles used in such area must slightly be in dense nature in order for the area to avoid looking dirty. A mottled pattern can be an option for such kind of rooms. Terrazzo tiles with embedded marbles and stones can also be used as a substitute. These areas include hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. A blend of perfect dark colours contrary to each other should be chosen for all these kinds of areas.

Tiles Texture

05. Let the Colour Speak Out in Compact Places

There are some special compact places, which occupy a very small area of your house. When we refer to such areas, you instantly can draw those small and cozy spaces of the house. If you wish to choose tiles colour for such places, we suggest you select some highly defined colour combinations of tiles. You can select a set of bold or unique combination colour which would reflect the area as compared to the wall. You can make the tiles area stand out of the crowd in this aspect. It would be like you have presented art in the space in the form of the selection of tiles. You can experiment in such small places and it is assured you won’t regret it.

The above-mentioned tips if followed properly can provide you a better way of making you select the best colour combination. But it will solely depend upon how wisely you make the end decision. Make sure and choose tile colour which has the best of your interest and, you can also consult either all your near and dear ones or hire an architect or interior designer to help you chose. If you are worried about a large number of options and confusion, you must probably only discuss it with your family. Also, you can ask the help of the trader as based on his experience he can recommend some or even help you conclude if the final selection will turn out good or not. Caution is to be taken as even a slight mistake or misbalance of colours may be able to spoil the tone of your room or an entire house.

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