Basic Information of Roof & Its Functional Requirements

Fundamentals need for the house has arisen out of roof itself i.e. shelter. In common parlance it is often said that a man basically want a shelter, i.e. roof when he actually want a house. It is the protection from heat, snow or rain for which a person seeks roof. The houses of the poorest of poor perhaps have only roof or shelter, though they may not be having wall or floor or other amenities and we still call it as a house. Hence it is the important element of the house.


The roof is used to protect the house from all type of weather. A Roof must be strong to withstand snow and wind load.
The basic object of the house or home is to provide shelter. The roof is the uppermost portion of the building. In roof construction, a roof is covered by covering materials which are supported on a structural member. The roofs can be either flat or sloping. There are various choices available in roof however it depends on the geographical region of a country and the personal choice of the owner.

A good roof increases the life of a building. To build a good roof structure, a safe foundation is required, too.
The Roof should Satisfy the Following Functional Requirements:

01. Weather Resistance:

The roof covering should have adequate resistance to resist the effect of weather elements such as the wind, rain, sun, snow, etc.

02. Strength and Stability:

The roof structure should be strong and stable enough to take up the anticipated loads safely including wind load.

03. Heat Protection:

The roof structure should provide adequate protection against heat. Both to occupant and material used for construction.

04. Sound Insulation:

The roof construction for all buildings should provide adequate degree of insulation against sound from external sources.

05. Fire Resistance:

The roof should offer the adequate degree of fire resistance in order to give protection against the spread of fire from any adjacent building and to prevent early collapse of the roof. The form of construction should also be such that the spread of fire from its source to other parts of the building by way of a roof cannot occur.

06. Day Lighting:

The roof designed according to may if provide daylight in buildings with large floor area.

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