13 Tips to Design Luxury Bathrooms for Your House!

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, & it should be a retreat. For most of the people, it is a place to relax & luxuriate after a day out in the hectic world, so you need to upgrade your regular bathroom to an entirely new & luxurious bathroom. Millions of people dream of creating a wondrous bathroom environment full of elegant, sophisticate & modern touches![

Most of the people are also upgrading these frequently used space, & outfitting them with everything from frameless glass shower cabins to soothing steam baths to experience it more comfortable. If you are creating a luxurious bathroom, here is a list of the top 14 trends the bathroom designers are considering when it comes to luxury bathrooms design!

01. Plan an Efficient Layout:

If you are designing the luxurious bathroom of your dream, then plan properly before you start designing your bathroom. Because even the dreamiest bathroom has to deal with services like plumbing drains, water lines & vent stacks. So, you should be ready service layouts before you start to design and execute it.
Bathroom floor plans fall into one, two & three wet wall layouts.
A one wall line design means the sink, shower and toilet are placed on one wall in this bathroom. It is the most cost efficient design as well as the most limited layout, as all the services remaining on wall brings the cost substantially down.

02. Spacious & Large Showers:

People who want the luxury bathrooms, want to have a  feel of a spa experience! Glass shower enclosures give the simple beauty of clean, clear glass & make space appear larger. These days, shower are big even in the small bathrooms, it’s getting airier with much more glass! Many homeowners are tearing out the tub & installing walk-in showers with glass shower doors.

03. Let Shine the Light:

Make your bathroom brighter & sunnier by adding more windows & even skylights to space. You can also play with artificial lighting, for example; track lighting & dimmers can set the right mood after the sun sets.

04. Walk in Wardrobes:

What do you do when you get out of the shower or bath space? Get dressed, ofcourse! Walk in through the walk-in wardrobe; it makes complete sense to have an en-suite adjoining the walk in robe. Steal some inches from the footprint of your bathroom space & design it as your wardrobe!

05. Bathroom Accessories:

Along with all the fixed bathroom fixtures, it also needs bathroom accessories like tissue holders, soap dispensers, brush holder, space for toiletries, etc. Don’t put the random collection of mugs & plastic dispensers. Invest in an elegant bathroom accessory that coordinate with luxurious design.

06. Windows:

Windows add natural light to the bathroom & make it feel larger. However, privacy is a most significant concern. If you do not want to miss out the surrounding view, you can opt for the one-sided glass or take a look at stained frosted glass windows that maintains privacy & simultaneously adds beauty.

07. Mirrors:

Mirrors are the most economical way to add glamour to your bathroom. Mirrors are also space saver solutions, choose from Venetian framed mirrors or simpler wall to wall mirroring to dress up your bathroom beautifully. It will add more luxury to your bathroom & will give the feeling of more larger space.

08. Make it Steamy:

An important thing in luxurious bathroom design is steam. The kind of indulgence provided by a steam shower used to require a trip to a spa. Nowadays, people are choosing to recreate the spa experience by turning their ordinary shower cabin into a relaxing space. There are also many health benefits that come along with a steam shower like purified skin, natural detoxification & improved blood circulation.

09. Design Storage Smartly:

Large & deep drawers don’t always work in bathrooms. Instead, design small drawers with dividers to organise your products & accessories. Several bathroom designers find that vertical storage is becoming the big trend in the market because of its space saving capabilities. Install tall & slim storage with drawers that start at counter height and go up for easy access.

10. Drapes:

Courtesy - nestopia

Don’t forget to think about the bathroom curtains while picking out curtains to match your living room design. You can drape your bathroom openings like the usual curtain but keep in mind that it will not retain moisture. You can also use curtain with crystals & beads to add extra charm to your bathroom.

11. Add Freshness & Aroma by using Flowers:

You can make your bathroom different by using a large flower vase. Flowers freshen up an environment of space & add beauty & aroma to the room.

12. Green Bathroom:

Adding the plant to your bathroom decor can instantly uplift the space & make it feel & look luxurious. Choose the type of plants that can withstand excessive humidity & do not need a lot of sunlight.

13. Choose Material Wisely:

Choose materials according to the climatic conditions. Investing in natural materials like granite, bamboo, teak & marble will add beauty to the bathroom. You can make the luxury bathrooms stunning by using natural materials. The texture of your bathroom will totally depend on your materials. Texture has everything to do with touch, whether it is walking on foot from stone to the rug area or else!
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