What is Difference Between Provisional and Final Completion Certificate?

A provisional or temporary/Partial completion certificate is generally demanded by and awarded to a builder if the builder wants to give possession of a flat to the flat holder but still some works are required to completed e.g. construction or finishing of ancillary amenities like the sports room, painting work etc. Generally, the validity of the provisional certificate is written in the certificate. The validity of a provisional certificate expires in six months or as regulated by authority. The builder then has to apply for the final completion certificate. By obtaining partial completion certificate, one does not get rid of obtaining a final completion certificate.

A final completion certificate is awarded by the competent authority after the construction of a house is completed in all respects. The final completion certificate can also be issued  for one of the many buildings in case of group housing scheme or an apartment society.
It is a mandatory legal evidence to the fact that the builder has not violated the basic construction permission including any building bye-laws / rules and standards such as the floor pace index, structural design, distance or margin from the road, quality of the construction, distance from the surrounding buildings, height of the building, number of floors and any other criteria along with an attested and approved building plan.
This certificate is needed for a building or an apartment to receive basic facilities such as permanent electricity and water connection. In fact, many time the water and power rates are converted from non-domestic to domestic only after receiving a completion certificate.
Sometime the builder who has not been awarded the completion certificate, tries to convince the buyer with one or other excuse.  In such case the buyer should demand a completion certificate from the developer or builder before taking possession of a house or a flat. The buyer should be well aware about it and should acquire it before making final payment to the developer or builder though the flat is 100% complete and ready for use.
The buyer may feel that everything is in order as well as works are completed, but there might be some deviation or violation from an approved plan, which perhaps you don’t know.
This certificate is also necessary for the payment of property tax and availing housing loans. The bank may not release final installment in absence of the same.
In case of a builder or a developer, it is compulsory that he gives a copy of the completion certificate to a person purchasing the house.

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