Difference Between RCC Frame & Load Bearing Structure

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In RCC framed structure, the whole load is supported on beam and slab, where in load bearing structure, it is supported by masonry wall. The whole load of beam and slab is transferred through columns to footing in RCC structure, and masonry wall to masonry foundation in load bearing structure.

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RCC Framed Structure
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  • Load transfer path is from slab to beam, beam to column and column to footing.
  • Load transfer path is from slabs to walls and walls to footing.


  • Multi storey buildings can be constructed.
  • Limited storied buildings only be constructed.


  • Though resistant to Earthquake, if not properly designed can be more hazardous also.
  • Less resistant to Earthquake.


  • In RCC framed structure, the carpet area available is more.
  • In load bearing structure, carpet area available is less.


  • Mostly used form of construction
  • Rarely used form of construction now days.


  • Excavation for the construction of RCC framed structure is less.
  • Excavation for construction of load bearing structure is more.


  • It is less labour intensive.
  • It is more labour intensive.


  • Speed of construction is more.
  • Speed of construction is less.


  • It is less material intensive.
  • It is more material intensive.


  • It consumes less brick.
  • It consumes more brick.


  • It consumes more cement & steel.
  • It consumes less cement & steel.


  • It is a greener way of construction.
  • It is not a greener way of construction as more bricks are used and making of bricks emits more gases and also consumes fertile top crust of soil.


  • RCC framed structure is prone to corrosion.
  • Load bearing structure is not affected by corrosion.


  • Cost of repairs is more.
  • Cost of repair is less.


  • Life is reduced if not done properly.
  • Life is less effected with the technique of work.


  • In RCC framed structure, skilled worker are needed for its construction.
  • In load bearing structure, skilled as well as non skilled worker can construct it.


  • Thickness of wall can be maintained uniform throughout.
  • Thickness of wall cannot be maintained uniform throughout.


  • There is great flexibility in architectural design as there is no need to construct walls over walls. And hence room layout on different floors can be different.
  • There is no flexibility in architectural design as walls need to be constructed over walls. And hence room on different floors cannot be changed.


  • There is flexibility in changing room dimensions.
  • It is not possible to change room dimensions.


  • Cantilever element can be easily provided in the system.
  • Inclusion of Cantilever element is difficult and permitted upto short span only.


  • Thickness of wall remains same with increase in height.
  • Thickness of wall increases with increase in height.


  • RCC Frame does not provide additional enclosure to water, fire, sound & heat and infill walls are needed to provide the same.
  • Load bearing provides additional enclosure to water, fire, sound & heat.


  • No Limitation of spanbut column/wall may obstruct free area.
  • Limitations of span.


  • Large span areas possible.
  • Large span are not possible.


  • There is not much increase in cost with increase in depth of foundation.
  • Foundation cost of Load Bearing is more than RCC framed if depth of foundation increases beyond a limit, say more than 1.2m to 1.5m.


  • Construction is simple.
  • Construction is cumber some.


  • The detailing of beam column joints is very important and needs skill both in design and execution.
  • Provision of plinth and lintel bands, corner reinforcement, reinforcement at openings etc needed to resist earthquake, Needs skilled labour and makes it cumbersome and time consuming.

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