Different Types of Veneer Matching

The veneers are wooden products that are made of a thin slice of wood. It is mostly used in the interior decoration of the house. The colour and pattern of the veneers are also varying with same wood species. The veneer matching is produced the unique look.

The veneer matching is an arrangement of veneers strip of similar or varying grain patterns within a given panel or from panel to panel. This has a dramatic effect on the appearance. The different types of veneer matching are:

01. Book Matched Veneer:

In book matched veneer, alternating pieces of veneer are placed in such a way that they face each other like the pages in a book. This creates a pleasing, symmetrical pattern. It is the most common type of veneer matching and may be used with plain sliced, quarter sliced or rift sliced veneer.

02. Slip Matched Veneer:

Veneer slices are joined in sequence without flipping the pattern. If the grain is straight, the joints will not be visible. Slip matched veneer mostly used with a quarter or rift sliced veneer.

03. Reverse Slip Matched Veneer:

Reverse slip matched has all the advantages of a slip matched veneer. In addition, the boards do not have to be the same way up. This makes it very easy for the customer to work with a veneered panel.

04. Running Matched Veneer:

Running matched veneer is non-symmetrical in appearance. Each face is assembled from many veneer pieces. Veneer pieces of unequal width are used. It produces a match which appears less even or random and asymmetrical.

05. Balance Matched Veneer:

This type of matching has a symmetrical appearance. Each face is assembled from an even or odd number of pieces of uniform width before trimming. This match reduces veneer yield.

06. Continuous End Matched Veneer:

This style is used to extend the apparent length of available veneer. Leaves are an individual book or slip matched, the first end to end and then side to side.

07. Random Matched Veneer:

Veneer leaves are placed next to each other randomly.
It is the art of creative veneer matching that will enhance the look and elegance of furniture and house, contributing to your happiness.

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