Diwali Safety Tips for Your Home!


Oct 11, 2017

Diwali is one of the major festival of India. It is celebrated on a no moon night of the Hindu month “Ashwin” which generally comes in the months of October and November. The name Diwali means “the lines of diya” that were lighten to celebrate the return of Lord Rama, after the victory over Ravana. Diwali also means “lines of lights” symbolizing the victory of light over dark.

Diwali involves lightening up every corner of your home and diwali decoration using diyas, candles, rangolis, LED string lights, and burning firecrackers in the evening. However, in order to celebrate Diwali with happiness and joy, it is important to observe various Diwali safety tips. The Diwali festival should not become an unpleasant memory for you, your family, friends or your neighbours. Here we give some Diwali safety tips that you can follow and make your Diwali safe and joyous.


01. Buying and Storing Firecrackers Properly:

You should always buy firecrackers from licensed seller and firecrackers should be of reliable source.Store firecrackers in a closed box in a cool and dry place, away from sources of fire and from reach of children.

02. Placement of Diyas and Diwali Candles:

Diyas and diwali candles are a major part of diwali decoration. While decorating your home, make sure diyas and diwali candles are not placed near curtains or near clothes, where there are chances of catching fire. Also, you should not place diyas or diwali candles directly on wooden surfaces; keep them on a firm and hard surface. You should also check that diyas and diwali candles are not kept near electrical wirings or near electrical sockets. When you decorate your front porch, make sure diyas are placed such that there is enough space available for movement. Also make sure that they are not an obstruction in movement, and of course out of reach of children and babies.


03. Safety with LED String Lights:

Nowadays, people are using LED string lights in indoor as well as outdoor diwali decoration. While decorating your home with LED string lights, make sure it is of good quality and it is kept far from fire sources and from the reach of children.When you install LED string lights or any form of diwali decoration which uses electricity, hire a professional electrician if you do not have the expertise, to prevent electrical hazards.


04. Keep Fire Extinguisher Ready:

You should keep a small fire extinguisher ready in the house, which should accessible to everyone in case of emergency, if you can afford it. Otherwise, always keep a bucket of water or sand ready, which can be used in case of fire emergency during playing or firing crackers particularly.


05. Light Firecrackers Outside Your Home:

This is one of the most important Diwali safety tips, that you should always light firecrackers outside the house. Do not let children ignite firecrackers inside the house as it may cause some serious damage in the house.

06. Prepare Your Backyard For Diwali:

As diwali is approaching near, you should cut the grass of your backyard, before igniting firecrackers. Also, if there is small grass, you should water it regularly as dry grass catches fire easily. In rural areas, proper care must be taken that children are firing crackers away from agricultural waste. Agricultural waste emits methane gas which is combustible and catches fire easily.

07. Discarding Used Firecrackers:

You should discard used firecrackers by putting them in a bucket of water for 15-20 minutes and then throw them in the dustbin. You can also put sand on used firecrackers to lower the heat.

Make your Diwali joyful and safe, avoiding negligent and reckless use of firecrackers. You can celebrate Diwali safely with firecrackers by following the Diwali safety tips for your home.

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