How to make a Comfortable Space for Your Pet in Your Home?

Tips to Create Space for Your Pets in Your Home

In a house, surely, the human members and their comfortability is essential, but we definitely cannot forget about our furbabies. Their wellbeing and feeling of comfort should be of the equal importance. Similar to our living spaces and bedrooms, our pets also need their own safe space.

It is essential to make your pet feel at home too besides taking care and precaution of the comfort features for you and your family members. There are quite a few interesting as well as easy ways to create a space for your pet within your living room. Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Idea 1: Designate a Space for the Pet to Sleep

Designate a Space for the Pet to Sleep

Living rooms are where everyone gathers to spend time with each other. These rooms are usually the heart of the house, and this is where the family fun happens. While cats might run away from such an atmosphere, usually dogs love to be a part of the same. However, your pet may turn into a safety hazard sometimes by becoming someone to trip over. It is particularly dangerous in the kitchens, which are mostly positioned adjoining to the living and dining rooms. It is always the best to designate a safe and comfortable space for your pets. You can allot a bed for your pet, some pillows, and other lavish materials which can later be washed easily and frequently. The pet nook should also have food and water bowls close to it.

Idea 2: Make a Cave-like Bed for Your Pets

Make a Cave-like Bed for Your Pets

Dogs are generally more comfortable in cave-like beds with warm and cozy blankets. These beds create a feeling of a safe environment. When dogs are not busily sprawled out amongst the family, they love to be comfortable in their spaces. You can either get plush beds for your pets or a readymade kennel for your dog’s stay. Worry not; you can make the enclosure turn into a piece of furniture too. Blankets and even a small rug will help you build a warm resting place for your pet to relax according to their wish.

Idea 3: Match the Room’s Décor to the Pets’ Area

It is also a good idea to match the kennel or pet bed to the room’s existing décor. The pet’s pillows, mattresses, or furniture, should match the characteristics of the living room, such as color, texture, shape, and finish, among other features.

Match the Room’s Décor to the Pets’ Area

For those living in urban spaces, building a simple and contemporary space for your pet is a good idea. The pet corner should be easy to clean as well as handy to maintain, therefore a minimalist design will work the best for a modern setting. One can even opt for small crate like structure to match their space. It should be selected carefully to maximize the use of limited space while complementing the room décor.

Idea 4: Buy Things for the Pets that are Easy to Wash and Clean

Buy Things for the Pets that are Easy to Wash and Clean

Similar to our linens and sheets, it is essential to keep the sheets and blankets of our pets clean. A clean bed and bedding will effectively reduce potential risks from teaks and fleas. Regular cleaning of your pet’s beds will also help to keep it smelling fresh and free of odors. Moreover, your pet will always have a clean, cozy, and comfortable bed to sleep. Wash friendliness is an essential factor to consider while selecting the bed materials for your pets.

Idea 5: Build a Designer Climbing Space for Your Cats

Build a Designer Climbing Space for Your Cats

It is no secret that cats like to climb up to higher areas and observe everyone else from there. They enjoy sitting on the large furniture, such as bookcases or TV units. They also treasure their privacy and hate to be bossed around. You can build designer climbing stairs or spaces for your cats. For these people, a living room is an ideal choice. If you have a bookcase, you can leave a small space empty for them too. Cats also love to hide in small places, say in your closets or cabinets. You can turn an ottoman as a comfortable space for your cat and even use it as a seat for yourself.

Idea 6: Colour of Your Pet’s Pillows, Blankets & Bed

Colour of Pet’s Pillows, Blankets & Bed

It is a commonly known fact that animals cannot see colours as we do. But that does not mean that their bedding cannot match your décor. Take the liberty to play around with colours that go with your living room’s style while keeping in mind the comfort of the bedding. You can experiment with different coloured pet pillows, blankets, and bed. Take the privilege of making the design work according to your living room.

Apart from colourful bedding for pets, we have also written article on how to select colour of your home,  

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Idea 7: Toys for the Pets

Toys For the Pets

Give your pets plenty of toys to play with, and spend time with them. Pets love gadgets, and they make them feel happy and welcome. You can always store their favourite toys in a basket close to their bedding, and thus, maintain a clean space while keeping your pets happy. It will certainly keep your pet happy but it may increase your work of tidying your home. Anyway, thanks us later we have covered this up for how to clean your home clean, just click on the below link you will be sorted for easy & handy home cleaning tips.

15 House Cleaning Tips that can be Beneficial to Every Homeowner!

Idea 8: Do not Buy Expensive Rugs for Pets

Do not Buy Expensive Rugs for Pets

Buy rugs made of recycled materials and make a statement with them. However, keep in mind not to splurge on mats and rugs as you may need to discard the items once they are worn out. Seagrass mats or sisal mats are an attractive choice for the fur babies, and they are quite reasonably priced. They also give a neutral and elegant backdrop which easily matches with all types of room decors. Do not go for rubber mats, go for recycled carpets and rugs which are just as easy to clean with a garden hose.

Area rugs are known for enhancing the look and feel of a room. These rugs also protect the room from claws as well as stains. These items also give your pet a comfortable spot to snooze in. They also protect fur babies from slipping on polished floors. You can always anchor the area rug by placing heavy furniture on its end. We have covered the detailed explanation on rugs various types of Rugs style around the globe that are easily available in market.

Idea 9: Add Scratchproof Flooring to Keep Your Living Room Paw-Protected

Add Scratchproof Flooring to Keep Your Living Room Paw-Protected

Be it is a cat or a dog, fur babies often love to put their nails in action. If you want to control scratching on your floor, you have to trim their nails periodically. But again, if it is a cat, they don’t love trimming their nails as they enjoy scratching too. So, if you have a plan to accommodate your pets in your living room, you have to make your floor scratch-proof to make it completely pet-friendly.

Pet friendly flooring options are bamboo, vinyl, cork, and stone tiles for your floor. However, you must run routine maintenance according to the prescribed norms to keep the flooring in living room stainless and scratch-less.


For many, pets are like family and even more than family: they are friends forever. Our furry friends are our sweetest companions without whom we cannot enjoy staying at home. By providing them with a space to be comfortable in, we can help them to come in harmony with the surrounding ambiance. By using the design as mentioned above and décor ideas, you can improve your pet’s feel at home and allow then to enjoy the house as you do. All pet-related purchases are always made with an emotional connection to it, and all decisions need to come organically. Remember, if a house is more pet-friendly, it is emotionally comfortable for their “hoomans” too. Hope, these tips on how to create a comfortable space for your pet will help you to have a pet-friendly living.

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