DIY Fire Pits … Easy and Cost-effective Solutions to Chilly Winters!

Give free rein to your creativity and try these DIY fire pit ideas shared by Gharpedia. Once you’ve accomplished the task of making the fire pit, then enjoy cooking food over it or just snuggling up to the warmth of the embers.

Fireside places need not necessarily be high-investment structures; an economic fire pit can also lend warmth and cosiness to the inmates and help cook a piping hot barbecue too!

The basic steps for building a fire pit are similar, irrespective of whichever fire pit design you wish to construct. The tools, equipment, and materials for making a fire pit are also easily available. Here are the standard steps to make a DIY fire pit:

  • Select an appropriate location for the fire pit.
  • Mark the layout of the fire pit.
  • Make ready the location and the base.
  • Lay the blocks.

Matching pace with the ongoing DIY trend, Gharpedia shares with you a variety of DIY fire pit ideas. Go ahead and choose the one most suitable for your home!

This blog outlines a variety of fire pits prepared from various materials and in a multitude of shapes. Most of the options are easy on your pocket, and many of them are classic examples of the best from waste, like a wheel, even a washing machine drum, or a repurposed birdbath!

Read on…

DIY Fire Pit Ideas

1. Barbecue Grill Set in Stones

This one’s for those with an acute aesthetic sense. Using different collared concrete blocks alternately may increase the glamour quotient.

2. Cinder Block Fire Pit

This one’s for those who are obsessed with cleanliness! What to do: Simply stack the cinder bricks neatly, one on top of the other, and build a square structure.

3. Concrete Fire Pit

These are quite chic, and the best part is that they are easy to make too! You can make a small concrete fire pit bowl, or you can dig up the ground and fill the space with concrete.

Word of counsel: Before setting the base of the pit a bit deeper into the ground, ascertain that the surface is sturdy enough to handle the depth.

4. Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

Concrete tree rings provide edging for your backyard trees. You can either purchase them from the market or make them easily. These make absolutely brilliant fire pits.

Process: You need to stack two or more tree rings atop one another, and then prepare a slightly smaller circle on the inside with the help of smaller concrete rings. Placing a few pebbles in between the two rings can be a nice finishing touch.

5. In-ground Stone and Brick Fire Pit

What you need are bricks and stones.

What to do: Dig a hole the size of the fire pit that you are aiming for; lay blocks around the edge to provide the inner portion of the hole with a proper base; then place concrete slabs and stones around the pit.

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6. Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Do you have an old washing machine or a washing machine drum that is not in use? Go ahead and adroitly turn your stainless steel washing machine drum into a fire pit. The stainless steel drum resists heat, while the holes in the drum allow for the oxygen flow required by a fire.  But do remember to hammer or file any sharp edges and use steel legs to hold it.

7. Round Brick Fire Pit

Go on and convert your grass base into space for a fire pit. How? Elementary, dear Watson! Simply dig a hole in the ground as per the height that you want for your fire pit; place bricks at the base and around it in a circular form.

Word of counsel: Do remember to add some stones and pebbles to ensure that it stays put!

8. Round Stone Fire Pit

Round Stone Fire Pit

Stones are the long-time, tried-and-tested way of making a fire pit. Just lay the stones in whatever shape you like, and fill up the inside portion with small pebbles. You can make this simple fire pit at a surprisingly low cost, so long as you know what to do!

9. Square Concrete and Stone Fire Pit

Square Concrete and Stone Fire Pit

Let’s experiment with shapes! The basic underlying technique remains the same as for circular fire pits. As the name suggests, you require concrete blocks and concrete mix.

What to do: First outline the area that you want to work with, then build your pit from there–just two or three tiers of blocks would suffice for a full pit.

10. Repurposed Birdbath Fire Pit

Repurposed Birdbath Fire Pit

If your birdbath is made of a fire-safe material, such as marble or terracotta, you can convert it into a DIY fire pit. Simply unplug the water lines, remove any plastic or flammable things, and fill them with firewood.

11. Steel and Stone Fire Pit

Steel and Stone Fire Pit

You can use steel sheets to build a sturdy fire pit. Just set up two structures, one a bit bigger than the other (for the outer rim), and fill in the portion between the two steel structures with large slabs of stone.

12. Stone and Block Fire Pit

Requirements: stones and blocks.

What to do: Place the block on the ground, keeping a square portion in its midst for the fire pit, to form the base. Then fill that area with smaller stones.

13. Stone Fancy Brick Fire Pit with Base

This one requires more hard work, but trust us, it’s worth all the effort!

What to do: Primarily, you need to mark the area that you want to cover, then tile it up, then build the circular structure for your fire pit. Remember to shape the stones so that they comfortably fit into one another.

14. Simple Metal Fire Pit

It is not mandatory to use bricks and concrete to make a fire pit. One can also use a metal sheet to make their own DIY fire pit. Simply arrange the metal sheets in a square or rectangle shape and cover them with dirt. You may also use square tiles to create a base around the pit if you want.

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15. Up-cycled Truck Wheel and Stone Fire Pit

Up-cycled Truck Wheel and Stone Fire Pit

Pull out the spare truck tyre and use the inner portion as a base for your fire pit. But hey, do remember to extract the external rubber portion of the tyre to save you from those horrible fumes.

Word of counsel: You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of this fire pit by stacking stones around the pit and tying them with thin metal wires.

16. Zen Table Top Mini Fire Pit

Zen Table Top Mini Fire Pit

Who said fire pits have to be ethnic and space-consuming? You can make them look glamorous and set them up in minuscule spaces too. How about a mini table top fire pit that transports you into a realm of sheer serenity?

What do you need? A base, a few pebbles, and a glass cover.

It is quite a tempting list, isn’t it? Lots of readers must be geared up to make this DIY fire pit their weekend project, right?

If you have any other DIY fire pit ideas in mind, do share them the comment box below.

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