Give a Kick-Start to Your Winter with Outdoor Living Spaces!

While having a garden is a pleasure that most homeowners are proud of, the weather often plays truant when it comes to spending time there. Either it is raining, or the winter sets in spoiling three to four months every year. However, there is no need to lose hope as there are many ways in which you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces even if winter has come over. Read on to know more.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you consider just a patio or a deck as an outdoor living space, then you may be misinformed because there are more than these two outdoor decor ideas. Here are some of the outdoor living space ideas during winter months when you want to spend time curled up in the fireplace. Here, we have compiled a list of 9 ways you can keep your outdoor living space during winter months. Outdoor living is a trending topic in the landscape industry these days.

01. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen

Why stay inside and cook when the same fun can be enjoyed outside too? An outdoor kitchen can comprise of a grilling surface and a small refrigerator. However, if you are willing to put in some more effort, you can opt for an oven, a raised place to accommodate your bar and some built-in benches for sitting purposes. Though this may be a little more effort, you can be assured of enjoying some moments of bliss outside.

02. Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

You must have seen many luxurious homes sporting fireplaces, but, usually, we find them inside the house. However, you may not copy the trend and create a fireplace outside the house. It would ensure that even if you are outside in the cold, you would not feel so. Moreover, having a fireplace would provide your home and outdoor space a cozy feel. Just use it as a place to sit down with your loved ones or pick up a book and laze around in these moments of solitude. Even heat lamps are another excellent choice as they not only provide the necessary lighting, look gorgeous and keep the chill away.

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03. Seating Options

Outdoor Seating

When you want to spend some time outdoors, you would also need some space to sit and relax. However, this choice gets limited because you are looking at cold evenings. You cannot pick up furniture that would not enhance the cozy and comfy feel of the place. So, you would have to look for plush sofa sets, cushiony couches and bean bags that are good to help you brave the cold. If you are looking at cooking your meals outside you can also accommodate a dining table but make sure the chairs are cushioned else you would be all frozen by the time you are done.

04. Patio

Outdoor Patio

The weather can get worse at any time, and a built-in patio gives you a sort of warmth in the garden. You can enjoy your garden at any time with an outdoor patio constructed. Here you can ensure that you construct the patio on the kitchen area so that if there are rains, your appliances remain protected. You can also place comfortable seating that is easy to clean and can be your meeting place with the family on cold winter nights. If you think suitable, then creating flagstone walkways from the patio to nearby is another way in which you can keep the cold away and make the place look beautiful.

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05. Utilizing the Deck

Deck with a fireplace

Your home may have a deck or under the deck which otherwise remains unused. But for winters you can use the space and make a suitable private retreat for you. Here you can place a heater as a fireplace, a strictly a no-no in this case. Plus, some comfortable furniture that is going to provide you with some relaxation at that time. Ensure that the lighting in this area is soft and keeps the romantic feel of lounging in that area. As mentioned by ‘Linda Adler’ (Published in Planning Space For Outdoor Living) “decks are one of the most popular outdoor living areas since they can be built level with the floor of the adjoining indoor space.”

06. Enclosed Sunroom

Enclosed Sunroom

Creating a sunroom would require a lot of patience and time, but the effort would be worth it. Make sure that the space you create gets you the vibes of the sun so that you can enjoy being in its warmth for long periods too. If you are willing to spend an extra amount, decorate the space with a TV, fireplace and basic furniture. Thus, this place becomes your relaxing zone and a place where kids and the rest of the family can finish their tasks in solitude.

07. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting for Patio

Apart from the above efforts, you must also pay attention to the kind of lighting that you follow in the winter months. Make sure that the light you go for would be set up from early evening itself to yield the best kind of look. In lighting textures, you can make your choice from solar and LED fixtures. The most appropriate options, in this case, can be path markers, spotlight, and patio string lights. If you have a deck or patio, you can also add chandeliers to enhance the overall beauty of the place.

08. Warm Tub

Warm Tub for Outdoors

It is something that can be used in the mornings only as late nights might not seem so practical. However, you can have some real fun in such warm baths, and most importantly, many people can join you in making this a group event. You can pick up any of the large size pools that can be inflated and set up in your garden and add sufficiently warm water to it before plunging inside.

09. Greenery Around

Greenery Around Homes

Having greenery all around you tend to give a warm feel to the garden. To do that effectively plant winter resistant shrubs, plants and perennials that would grant a luscious look to your garden. You can also nurture evergreen hedges like juniper, boxwood and dew as they are known to lend an inviting feel. Plus, if you want to sprinkle some colour go for Red Osler and Purple Cornflower as they suit the purpose.

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Summing up, winters need not be an indoor affair for you. Pack your blankets and cushions and place them outside as you get ready to experience nature differently. Experiment with the points mentioned above so that you can explore winters in a new style. Most of the outdoor living ideas above are easy to execute and if done carefully, would not only enhance the look of your garden but give you the reason to spend some hours outside every day. Since winters in most regions last for at least 3-4 months, why waste time staying inside. Go out, and you would find a unique experience waiting for you.

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