DIY Guide: How to Make a Bolster Cushion at Home

A bright silk DIY bolster cushion on a sofa or chair can bring a splash of colour to a room with an urban minimalistic look. Read on to know how to make a bolster cushion…

About Bolster Cushion

Bolsters are long, firm tubular cushions whose shape and proportions suit the minimalist look, but they have a real sense of style. These cushions were a popular feature of the design-conscious Regency and Biedermeier styles in the nineteenth century. Le Corbusier’s famous leather and chrome lounger has a bolstered neck rest, which certainly confers top design credentials.

The secret to success in this DIY bolster cushion project lies in taking the sewing slowly so that you keep turning the fabric smoothly.

Things Required to Make a Bolster Cushion

  • A bolster cushion pad
  • A zip to fit the length
  • Iron
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Piping cord (cut a strip of fabric and fold it over the cord, then stitch close to the cord using the zipper foot and clip along the seam allowance so the cord bends easily into a curve)
  • Fabric for the bolster cushion–a rough silk fabric in a bold colour. Bolster pillow measurements should be enough to wrap around the bolster cushion pad plus two circles for the ends; cut them to allow for a 1.5cm seam
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot

After collecting all the materials required for your homemade bolster cushion, place them close to you for easy access and to save time.

Steps for DIY Bolster Cushion Project

Fit a zipper foot to the sewing machine so that you can stitch close to the piping and the zip.

Before we end, and you begin to make a bolster cushion, remember one thing. We used rough silk fabric with piping around the edge for this DIY bolster cushion. In this case, choosing a bold, bright colour ensured that this cushion aced the urban minimalist look!

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