DIY Mosaic Mirror Frame For Moorish Hue

Tiling is very much a part of the Moorish style, and a mosaic frame mirror will look perfect in this setting. If you have never made a DIY mirror mosaic before, then this is the project to start with.

A DIY mosaic mirror frame is not difficult, and there is always a wonderful surprise at the end when the grouting is wiped off and the bright jewel colours are revealed. Choose colours that would appear in Moroccan tiling such as blue, white, orange and black and either adapt an existing frame or make a new one from plywood with a raising beading edge. A cut-down mosaic border mirror of tiles around the inside edge creates the illusion of depth.

Decoration with mosaic is an evergreen technique to work on. Not only mirrors, but you can decorate any corner of the room, garden or objects with mosaic tiles. Look into the below articles and get to know more options for the same.

Things Required for DIY Mosaic Mirrors

Materials Used for Mosaic Mirror
  • Mirror, cut to size
  • Mirror fixings and screws
  • Mosaic nippers
  • Mosaic tesserae
  • PVA adhesive
  • Soft cloth
  • Terracotta-tinted grout
  • Tile adhesive
  • Wood glue and clamps
  • Brush
  • 1.2 cm plywood base 40 cm x 25 cm
  • 1.2 cm plywood frame pieces, 2 x 5 cm x 33 cm and 2 x 5 cm x 20 cm

How to make a Mosaic Mirror?

While trying to figure out how to make a tile-framed mirror, begin by making a simple plywood backing with a wide frame stuck on it as a recess for the mirror. Mosaic tiles are then arranged, stuck and grouted to reveal stunning effects, which result in the best DIY Mosaic Mirror frame.

  1. Glue the frame pieces onto the base, then clamp and leave until the glue has bonded. Outline the pattern on the frame using a pencil.
  2. Lay out the pattern, gluing each piece as you go. This is a very simple pattern and you do not need to trim any of the pieces.
  3. When the frame pattern is laid, glue the mirror into the middle with a large squiggle of glue.
  4. You may need to cut tiles to fit into the area between the mirror and the surface of the mosaic. Glue uncut tesserae to the outside edge of the frame so that they align with the surface of the mosaic. Grout the mosaic, making sure that the grout fills all the gaps and then polish the tiles and mirror with a soft cloth.

There it is, your jaw-dropping DIY tile mirror frame is ready to dazzle.


This DIY Mosaic Mirror Frame project is simple enough even for those who have never done a mosaic before. Mosaic tile mirror ideas are an essential part of the Moroccan style and look fantastic. Mirrors always bring in pleasing bling to your home decor. With this article, we hope you are clear on how to decorate a mirror with mosaic tiles.

Whether it is a plain mirror, vintage mirror, or mosaic mirror, you can change it any way you want.  So, look at the ways to recreate an ornamental look from all-time favourite mirrors.

15 Inspiring Mirror Decor Ideas For Your Home Interior!

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