7 DIY Wood Home Decor Ideas

DIY Wood Home Decor Ideas

Using wood in home decor is very popular nowadays. If you follow home decor blogs and channels on social media, you probably have seen such decorations many times. Some people address it as farmhouse decor. The wood decoration is incredibly versatile and gives a very rustic and attractive look to your home. It also makes your house seem very cozy and homely.

Another reason for people to go crazy over wood decor trend is that it is entirely natural and very eco-friendly. Home decor items tend to have a lot of non-recyclable materials in them which is very harmful to our planet earth. This is not the case with wooden decor because they are completely natural; they are biodegradable too.

A good thing about wood is if you have a saw, a drill, and some basic equipment, you can make decor pieces on your own. With you skills & given tips by us, you can make it to be beautiful, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient at the same time. What more can you ask for? If you wish to get some DIY wood decor for your home, this article will give you some inspiration. And most important, you will enjoy it forever as it a joy of making itself. It is a satisfaction and sense of pride beyond a limit.

DIY Wood Home Decor Ideas

01. Wood Slab Clocks

DIY Wood Slab Wall Clock

Wood slab clocks are considered very trendy these days. As people are learning more and more about boho styles, these clocks are gaining attention. A wooden slab clock can give your house a very breezy and seamless look. You don’t have to break your bank to get one; you can just DIY.

There are endless possibilities if you are trying to make a wooden watch. You can make one by fitting the clock mechanism and clock hand into one big wood slab if you want. You can upgrade the wooden clock by making a sliced wood slab wall clock.

All you need to do is cut some small disks of wood. It looks better if you get the disks in different sizes. Then stick all the disks to the big slab. Make sure to alter the sizes. You can really play around with the shapes and sizes and arrange them as you like. Then add the mechanism and hands to it, and you are ready to go.

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02. Log Cabin Coat Rack

DIY Log Cabin-Inspired Coat Rack

If you have just moved in and are looking for pieces to fill up your walls or have a void space for some reason, this is the project you should try. This log cabin coat rack is sure to make a statement. You can make a regular coat rack if you want, but this one is worth the extra effort.

If you wish to make this log cabin-inspired coat rack, first you need to get a big board which you will use as the base. Then you need to chop up a few smaller logs and make some wood disks.

Then attach some old-fashioned hooks in the middle of the base using a drill. You’ll need to use the drill quite a few times in this project. If you are not a pro using the drill, make sure to use smaller drills that are battery-operated. They tend to be lighter, and you can use them anywhere because they don’t have cords. This is why sometimes cordless is best option.

03. Hanging Garden

DIY Hanging Garden

It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t like a bit of greenery around their house. But nowadays, many apartments have enough space for making a garden. This project allows you to grow your herbs at home or to plant your favorite succulents even if you don’t have much space.

As the name suggests, your garden will be set up vertically. What you need to do is make a wooden shelf with as many layers as you want. Then drill holes to the boards so that they can hold the mason jars and planters in place. It may sound complex when described, but really, it isn’t. You can watch a few tutorials to get a clear vision.

We have also written detailed article on vertical garden, refer Vertical Gardens – Creative Green Solution for Small Spaces!

04. Wooden Coasters

DIY Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters are one of the safest DIY wood décor projects if you are just starting out. They don’t need much time to get done. They are quite forgiving as well, even if you make a mistake while sawing the shape, you can easily change the plan and turn it into a different shape, and no one will ever know.

Another good thing is you can use wood scraps to make the coasters. You can choose any shape you want. Just cut the shapes using a table saw. Sand it very well and finish with food-safe varnish.

05. Wood-Framed Mirror

DIY Wooden Framed Mirror

Though this project can be very big in size, don’t let that intimidate you. It’s very easy to make. You don’t need too much equipment to make this, but it surely will give a boho vibe to your room.

To make a wood-framed mirror, you’ll need a piece of mirror and wood boards, of course. You’ll also need wood glue and screws. Cut the wood boards according to the size of your mirror. Sand the wood and add your favorite finish. Then attach the wood pieces and the mirror to the base.

06. Wooden Lanterns

DIY Wooden Lanterns

Wooden lanterns can bring a fresh new twist to your aesthetic. Wooden lanterns have been popular for quite a while. They look simple, effortless, and classy. These lanterns make any room warmer and cozier.

Making a DIY wooden lantern is quite straightforward. You just have to make the structure of the lantern. Then you can add a candle inside it. You can find many reference pictures online. Choose one according to your taste. The process varies according to the design you select.

07. Magazine Organizers

DIY Wooden Magazine Organizers

This is a great wood decor project if you don’t want to start with something big. This DIY wood decor project is smaller in size and easier to handle. But the finished result is sure to come handy. These organizers can help you keep all your important documents and magazines in place. You can also place these on your desk.

To make the organizers, first, select your desired colour or type of wood. Then you’ll cut the wood using a table saw. Then the pieces need to be sanded and rounded in some edges.

To Sum Up

These DIY wood decor ideas are sure to jazz up your house. If you are still not comfortable doing it on your own, you can call a friend to help you out as woodworking is a great activity to do with others.

Hope you like these DIY home decor ideas. If you know other ideas apart from these, drop your ideas in comment box below.

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