Why A Driveway Could Be The Ideal Addition To Your City Home

If you’re fortunate enough to own a city home, you must make the most of the property’s potential. Including a house driveway can help with that.  

Of course, some city homeowners might hesitate to own a driveway. They may be considering selling off their cars entirely to save money, walk, cycle, or rely on public transport instead. Still, even under those circumstances, a driveway in the city can be useful. In this article Gharpedia brings you a guide on benefits of having a driveway:

Driveways are more than just a spot to park your car, especially in a cityscape. Their presence can bring many opportunities to your doorstep and shouldn’t be underestimated. Keep reading for a short list explaining why a driveway could be ideal for your city home.

Benefits Of Having a Driveway for Your House

Here are top benefits of driveway for your house:

Benefit 1 – Adding Value:

Adding Value

Adding value to the house is a major benefit of having a driveway. City homes can sell for higher prices on their own. Nevertheless, with the addition of a driveway, you could bump up the value of your property even further.

Many factors around your driveway increase property value. If the location is favourable and there’s no nearby free parking, your situation should be improved. If multiple cars can fit on the driveway, that should also help things.

Still, caution is required here. If things are approached in the wrong fashion, your driveway can detract value instead of adding it. The conditions for this occurring are:

  • The driveway is in a state of disrepair or is otherwise unsightly.
  • Not having a dropped kerb for the driveway, which is illegal and can damage utilities under the pavement, risk damaging vehicles, and jeopardise pedestrian safety.
  • Failing to have the appropriate drainage measures in place can increase flooding risks.

In the end, a balanced approach is necessary here. A driveway doesn’t necessarily equate to an immediate increase in property value, so be prepared to consider additional factors and implement further measures.

Benefit 2 – Asphalt Driveway Makes Life Easier:

Asphalt Driveway

Some city homeowners hold off getting a driveway because they think it’s a logistical challenge. However, asphalt driveways are painless to implement and look after.

Asphalt is 100% recyclable and surfaces are easy to maintain and long lasting, making it a sustainable solution. Suppliers, such as Hanson, have effective resource and waste management systems in place and work hard to reduce emissions. This asphalt supplier’s products are quality assured and accredited to the environmental standard ISO 14001 and responsible sourcing standard BES 6001.

Speaking of asphalt driveway, check out the benefits of resurfacing them:

Benefit 3 – Dodging Larger Expenses:

Dodging Larger Expenses

Living in a city is typically more expensive than anywhere else. Any solutions that help you to curtail your spending are worth taking. One of the benefits of driveway is that they help you avoid large parking costs.

Some cities can be more expensive to park in than others too. It was recently revealed that Cambridge had more expensive parking than almost anywhere else in the UK. Other safe assumptions about ludicrous charges can include London and Manchester. Ultimately, these situations can’t go unchallenged, especially with a cost of living crisis underway.

Having your own driveway can help you dodge these unreasonable fees, at least when your car is parked at home. Otherwise, you may need to find overnight parking somewhere. While you may be able to afford these expenses for a time, they can soon add up to a horrifying figure. Driveways don’t always come cheap, but they’re a long-term investment that can save you money and add to the value of your home.

Benefit 4 – Renting Your Driveway:

Renting Your Driveway

Many people are selling their cars due to the pressures of the cost of living crisis. If you’re going down the same road, then you don’t need to worry about your driveway being redundant.

After all, many people in Birmingham rented their driveways to visitors who had come for the Commonwealth Games. Some people have been reported to make up to £200 a day for other sporting events too.

Of course, charging excessive fees might make you feel uncomfortable due to the previously raised points on car parking expenses. Still, you can set the price points yourself, so if you want to spearhead change for others around cost-effective parking, that’s a noble choice.

Cities are enormously busy places that draw in visitors whether there are many publicised events or not. Therefore, having a driveway in the city could provide you with a reliable secondary income, which could be much needed during these more strenuous economic times. 

Summing up,

There are many benefits of having a driveway for your house, whether you plan to use it for yourself or giveaway as rentals for other cars. They add to the resale value of the house, if they are properly maintained. Having a house driveway is a long term investment, which definitely saves your parking costs.

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