Create an Astonishing & Modern Facades Using Ceramic Printed Glass!

Glass is an integral material for almost all construction projects. It is a versatile material which is used in building industry since ancient times. Architects are using glass extensively in construction to make the structure sustainable. Due to advancement in technology, various processes are now done on the glass to make it more flexible.

The ceramic printed glass is a processed glass, which is nowadays very popular in commercial structures as it offers decorative look with high strength, as compared to float glass. Here we have given brief information on ceramic printed glass, its benefits, and applications, which homeowners should know before buying glass for their house.

Ceramic printed glass also known as ceramic frit glass or silk-screened glass has smooth appearance like a silk screen. Ceramic frit is fused to the float glass to create a decorative look. Various designs can be printed on the glass in different colours to increase the aesthetics. Nowadays due to digital image processing and digital printing technology, custom designs and images can be digitally printed on the glass. Ceramic printed glass is used when it is important to mask a part or whole of glass for privacy or hiding the background. For colourful look, pigments are mixed with frit.
The float glass panels are washed thoroughly before processing them, to remove dust and dirt on the surface. Then, the ceramic frit is applied to glass through a wire mesh of the required design. After application of ceramic frit, the glass is heated in a furnace and then cooled down again. During the heating process, the frit fuses to the glass permanently and the strength of glass also increases. Thus ceramic printed glass is a decorative glass which is strengthened.

Available Size and Thickness:

The ceramic printed glass is available in thickness ranging from 3 mm to 19 mm. The standard size of glass sheets available is 250 mm X 250 mm, and the maximum size is 2400 mm X 4200 mm.

Benefits of Ceramic Printed Glass:

  • Ceramic printed glass is available in a variety of designs and in infinite colours, to get the correct look for your interior. Custom made designs and images can also be printed with the help of digital printing technology.
  • Due to ceramic printing on glass, not only the glare of light entering through it is reduced, but the solar heat coming in the room is also reduced. Thus ceramic frit glass provides, comfortable environment for reading and working with computers, and also reduces the cost of electricity by allowing natural light transmission.

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  • It is stronger than float glass and does not break easily.
  • The ceramic frit is fused with the glass and so, it remains intact while cleaning with water. It can be maintained and cleaned easily.
  • It can be used as a cheap alternative to safety glazing which uses expensive tempered patterned glass.
  • Clear glass or reflective glass panels, threaten birds as they are not able to see them, and hence collide with them leading to the death of birds. Using some specific ceramic printed patterns has decreased such deaths, as birds can perceive this type of glass and fly away from them. Thus it is used as bird-friendly glazing.


  • In residential applications, ceramic frit glass is used in splashbacks, shower cubicles, glass partitions, glass windows, balustrades, doors, etc.
  • It is extensively used in the exterior glazing of institutional structures, as it helps reducing glare and transmits natural light. Generally, it is used in the form of double glazed units.
Store Front With Ceramic Printed Glass

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  • The ceramic printed glass is used in glass facades, curtain walls, conference room partitions, canopies, skylights, signage, storefronts, exterior glazing, spandrels, handrails, etc.
  • Many companies use ceramic frit glass panels which have their logos digitally printed in their offices, to promote their brand.
  • Digital printing has now enabled to create more astonishing designs. Even a large image can be printed on facades to create a decorative look. The image is printed partly in different glass panels, which when connected forms the large image.

The ceramic printed glass is now available in various designs to decorate your home interior. It should be noted that ceramic printed glass cannot be cut as it is heat strengthened. So while ordering the glass panels, the exact size of the glass panels must be mentioned.

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