False Ceiling Cleaning Tips!

False ceilings are a striking feature in most of the homes today. In urban areas, the false ceilings add a unique charm to the design of rooms! False ceilings do not need much maintenance but requires regular false ceiling cleaning only!
Today, there are many types of false ceilings materials available in the market. One can choose as per the décor & budget of the home interior! False ceiling cleaning process will solely depend on the material used!

Well once it is installed, your false or drop ceiling will stay for many years! Let’s say homeowners need not have to worry about changing or redoing false ceiling for about minimum of 15 to 20 years. Always remember, before you start dusting your drop ceiling, cover your furniture & whatever is there on the floor so that the dust would not settle down on them directly! Otherwise, you will have to clean your furniture too!
The easiest way for false ceiling cleaning is to use a cloth duster or a feather duster! Make sure that you wear a mask! A vacuum cleaner is also a great option to clean the dust from false ceilings.

False Ceiling Cleaning process for different types of materials:

Fiber False Ceiling Cleaning:

Fiber False Ceiling Cleaning

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If the false ceiling is made of mineral fibre, then a simple rubber sponge can be used to clean room ceiling tiles. Dust & soot can be easily cleaned off with the sponge. A moist cloth or a sponge dipped in detergent solution can also be used as an option! Always make sure to wipe it dry!
You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust & loose fine dirt. For pencil marks, smudges, or clinging dirt, use an ordinary art gum eraser. Another alternative is to use a good grade wall cleaner!
*Note that the mineral fibre ceiling products are manufactured for the performance & are made of a delicate material. Therefore an excessive handling will cause damage to the tiles!

Coffered False Ceiling Tiles:

Coffered False Ceiling Tiles

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An Elegance coffers false ceiling tiles requires a little maintenance. Just use a damp cloth to wipe them off!

Decorative Metal Ceiling Tiles:

Decorative Metal Ceiling Tiles

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Use a tender touch when cleaning ceiling tiles! For a metal based false ceiling, first clean room ceiling tiles by using a duster to wipe away all the dust. When you need to clean them, use a soft cloth or a sponge with mild soap & water (or detergent). Never use anything rough!

Fibreglass False Ceiling Cleaning:

Fibreglass False Ceiling Cleaning

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If the false ceiling is made from fibreglass, it can be cleaned with moist cloth, since it can withstand moisture, there is no fear of getting damaged with water! Clean it regularly because there are chances of microbial growth on such ceiling tiles or panels which is unattended, & might cause severe damage to your false ceiling or drop ceiling!
False ceilings or drop ceilings only need a regular cleaning & that helps it in maintaining! If the ceiling is not cleaned regularly then dust, soot & dirt will continue accumulating causing damage to the surface & ofcourse creating an unpleasant dirty look!

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