Must-Have Features for Building a New Home!!!

Features for Building a New Home

We all have learned that food, clothing, and shelter and the three primary requirements to live. Time has changed, owning a house is not just a necessity, but a dream that we all want to have fulfilled. Owning a home and building it the way we have desired is something that we all want. The biggest benefit of building a new house is to be able to personalize every detail that will reflect our lifestyle and needs.

There is a rapid change in the real estate trends. Homebuyers are looking for special features that can be easily customized and added to the house. Many must-have features include a combination of smaller features that makes the place more enjoyable to live and, the larger designs that make the house more valuable and energy-efficient.

What are the Top Features to Consider When Building a New Home?

If you plan to build your new home, there are countless features to be considered. To help you out we have compiled some of the latest and greatest features to be considered while building your dream home.

01. Enhance Your Lifestyle with Bonus Rooms

Bonus Rooms

Today, homeowners keep a room that can be used for multiple works. This depends on the current and future needs of the family. They need flexible rooms. It is always good to leave some spaces open. The bonus rooms can be converted to a suite with a little extra work. The more flexible spaces you have, it will easy for you to grow with a house as your lifestyle changes. If your family loves to enjoy movies at nights, you can consider modifying the bonus room with a home theater, a large projector with speakers, and comfy seating. You can dedicate the bonus room to a home gym. Adding a bonus room does not have a defined function but can prove to be a great way for your family to have a secondary space.

02. Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

If you are building a new house, ensure that you are building it with an open floor plan. This is not only a major trend going on in real estate but it makes sense for many buyers. Open floor plans make it easy no matter what type of furniture the buyer has. The lack of walls maximizes the spaces. Buyers who opt for an open floor plan ensure that they are getting access to every inch for what they have paid. The open floor plan enhances the interaction among the family members and the open plan makes smaller houses look larger.

03. Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

If you are looking for a new home, ensure that you opt for a designer who has the experience to add outdoor living spaces. Having an extra space outdoor will not only increase your living space but it will prove to be a bonus when you sell the house. With the outdoor living space, you can just feel like indoor with outdoor furniture and a dedicated space for sitting. Many homebuyers look for large covered areas that are placed just off the main living spaces along with the other rooms that are linked and they are connected inside using French doors or patio doors.

04. Smart-Home Technology Features

Smart-Home Technology

If you are building a new house you can make it a smart home. From installing self-programmable thermostats to smart heating or cooling systems can reduce the energy usage of the house. You can install smart doorbells or locks to increase your home security. You can look for smart kitchen appliances to get fancier. There can smart home security systems like surveillance cameras. Built-in speaker systems can also be a great option.

05. Energy-Efficient Features

Energy-Efficient Features

At many places, where Green Building is considered, every home is built with energy-efficient features. This is done by building an insulated home from the ground level. But there are other options also to be considered if energy efficiency is important like Solar panels, having electrical service in the garage and a charging machine, incorporating home batteries in the home designs. Home batteries are the types of batteries that people keep in their houses to charge laptops and mobile phones, but instead of charging just one thing, these batteries power the complete house. These batteries work with solar systems. Energy efficient features like windows help minimize the use of artificial cooling. Know about them in detail: Energy Efficient Windows: For Your Next Windows Replacement Project!

06. Kitchen Spaces

Kitchen Spaces

A kitchen is considered the heart of the house. It completely depends on your desire to utilize the space like having family dinners or hosting, you may want to include some of the essential features in your kitchen.

  • Oversized multi-purpose island with seating areas
  • Outlets for charging
  • Set up for both electric and gas appliances
  • Walk-in pantry with a door on the swivel
  • Custom storage in kitchen drawers
  • Easy access to store frequently used appliances
  • Drawers for lower cabinets
  • Cupboards overhead with hatch doors
  • Numerous soft-closing drawers
  • A drawer for knives and other tools.

07. Storage

Storage Pantry

Many homeowners search for storage that will hold away all their canned or dry goods. The storage can have larger cupboards or even pantry cupboards. Rather than spreading the food goods in different cabinets, you can place all the food in a large and organized cabinet. This contributes to preventing waste and even over shopping as you can easily see all the things that are available in the house. With a well-organized and designed large cupboard, you will be able to reduce the requirement of many overhead wall cabinets.

08. His and Hers Closets

Wooden Closets

Building a new house allows you to have personalized storage that allows you to incorporate your family needs. There are many built-in solutions you can opt to get all the necessary functional storage that you require. You can select shelving units for various storage or displays. The benches or window seating can have hidden storages. You can opt for separate closets so that you have enough room to store all your stuff. This is becoming popular in new home builds. Make sure that the closets have enough space even for double-hung rods that can accommodate long clothes also.

09. Mudroom


Building a new house is an opportunity for you to have everything that you wished and did not have in your old house. If you know the pain of taking off your muddy shoes that you will know the importance of a mudroom. A mudroom doesn’t need to be big, even a closet-sized area with a wall built with cubbies and a small bench, especially for rainy days. Mudrooms help to keep the family organized, as it can be used as a drop zone to enter the living room for dropping school bags, coats, shoes, sporting equipment, and many other things. It is usually positioned between the laundry and the garage.

10. Heated Garage

In places where the temperature goes down into single digits or even lower, a heated garage is a must-have feature to be considered. Heated garages ensure that the car is protected from the outdoor freezing during bitter winters that can cause damage to the vehicles or even cause a dead battery just before leaving for work. The major benefit of having a heated garage is that it keeps your car warm. As garages are not insulated, the water pipes can freeze. Heated Garage helps from the prevention of the frozen pipes. If you have a room above your garage, as the garage is heated, it will also help to keep the room warm. This will cut down the energy cost and avoid using a heater.

11. Laundry Rooms for Easy Access

Laundry Rooms

Many homeowners look to position the laundry room close to the bedroom. With laundry room close to the main suite or the bedroom will prevent lugging the dirty laundry from the basement. If the master bedroom is positioned on the main floor, then place the laundry also there. Some like to keep multiple laundry facilities as it completely depends on the layout of the house. Easy access to the laundry makes it easier for the work to be done faster. If the laundry rooms can be easily accessed it makes the task more convenient. You can also place a window in the laundry room to brighten up the area and you may enjoy loading the washers and folding the clothes.

12. Numerous Electrical Outlets

Numerous Electrical Outlets

Having extra electrical outlets is not glamorous but this does not mean that it is not worth the money. When finalizing the design of the house, think how much you will benefit from those extra outlets. It is cheap to put these outlets now than have the electrician to put it later. Take into consideration the areas that you know you will be using plenty of electronics. You can plan to place outlets in various closets. Make sure you have hose outlets with power on all four sides of the house. Outlets to place holiday lights, over the cabinets, in the stairways, porch ceiling, and even under eaves.

13. Accommodations for the Pet

Accommodations for the Pet

Accommodations for the Pet are popularly growing in building new homes, as these pets are a part of the family. The Built-in bowls and integrated crates feature help to ease in keeping the pets without wasting any space. You can even plant for a specific place for the pet food or a litter box for your cat. There should be an exhaust fan for the litter box. This provides comfort and takes cares of the pets.

14. Final Words

If you want to go a little extra you can consider some cool ideas for the construction of your new house. You can plan to have secret rooms, some shelves beneath the stairs, a virtual reality room, some shelves in the corners, a dog bath in the laundry room, an outdoor theatre, and an indoor garden.

The Bottom Line

Building a new house gives you control over all the features that you can include, Take Advantage! Many of the above features will pay you great dividends, both in the form and in functions while you are living in the house and if you plan to sell the house.

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