How to Find a Reputable Roofer in Milwaukee

Springtime is the time for most people to start thinking about their roofs, especially when the weather turns nasty. There may be spring storms that can destroy or damage your roof and you need to take care of it quickly to avoid even further damage. You want to take care of any roofing problems as soon as they occur. That’s why it is necessary to find a reputable roofer in milwaukee.



There are many places that you can call to have your roof repaired or replaced, but you want to make sure that you choose a reputable business. You could always call Tony’s Roofing LLC and know that they will do an excellent job for you. You can read reviews about this company and see that they are mostly positive.

This article will help you with information about how to find a reputable roofer in Milwaukee and other places around Wisconsin. These tips will help anyone who needs roof repairs or who needs a completely new roof. You could also do more research and read more reviews from companies that you like that are in your area.


  1. Full Scope of the Project – Make sure that you understand the full scope of the project. You do not want to think that they are replacing your roof when they are only doing a small repair. If they are replacing your roof, are they removing the old roof, or are they building on top of what is already there? You need to understand this before you have the contractor do the work.
  2. Clean-Up and Waste Removal – You need to make sure that the contractor will clean up and remove all the waste after the job is completed. You do not want to have to be responsible for the mess that is left behind. A reputable contractor will be sure to do these things for you without any extra cost.
  3. Gutters and Landscaping – Another thing to consider is your gutters and landscaping – will the roofer make sure that they don’t damage these items? If they do, will they be responsible for fixing them? Again, a reputable roofer will make sure that your yard and home still look nice when they are through.
  4. Bad Weather – You also need to ask the roofer what happens in the case of harsh weather. What happens if it rains or snows, will they cover up the project to prevent damage to your home? Will they take care of any damage that may occur if they fail to do so? These are questions that you need to have answered before the roofer even starts the project.
  5. Insurance – If you have insurance, and you should, you need to see if the damage on your roof is covered by your policy. You also need to make sure that the contractor has insurance that will cover injuries, damage, and personal liability. These are key factors to consider when you are thinking about having your roof redone.
  6. Different Contractors for Different Roofs – There are different types of roofing systems and there may be different types of contractors to take care of them. Make sure that the roofer that you hired can do the job on your type of roof. A person that is certified to work on one type of roof isn’t necessarily qualified to do all types of roofing.

Roof Proposals

Roof Proposals

Before you have any work done, you should have an estimate of repairs and/or a proposal done. You want to make sure that everything is covered in the estimate and proposal, you do not want to be surprised about anything. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs or other issues that come up later.

            Your estimate or proposal should have these items included:

  1. The Type of Roof Covering – You want to make sure that the type of roofing is included in the estimate. This should also include the color and the manufacturer of the materials. You do not want to be charged for a premium roof covering and get a subpar material. You can see here to see the different types of roof coverings: You want the covering that will best fit your home.
  2. Materials –You want to have all the materials that will be used are included in the proposal. This includes the underlayment and the ice dam protection membrane.
  3. Scope of Work – You want the entire scope of work to be done in the proposal. You do not want to be surprised when the contractor decides to pull off your entire old roof. This should be included in the estimate.
  4. Flashing Work –You need to know if the existing flashing will remain or if it will be replaced. If they do replace it, what kind of flashing will they replace it with? It should be the same quality or better as what was removed.
  5. Ventilation Work – Will the vents that are on the roof be replaced, or will they leave the old ones there? This can be a costly addition if they are adding new ones. Check your proposal to see which one the contractor will do.
  6. Landscape –Who will be responsible for damage to gutters and landscaping that is done by the roofers? What happens if there is damage to the interior of the home during the replacement of the roof? This all needs to be included in the proposal so that it is clearly written out.
  7. All Items of Concern –You need to make sure that all your concerns are written out and addressed in the proposal. It should also include all the work that will be done and that included clean-up.
  8. Installation Method – You want to make sure that the installation method is also included in the estimate. You do not want to be surprised if they begin to do one thing and you expected another.
  9. Approximate Starting and Ending Times – You want an estimate of the time that it will take to complete the work. The contractor cannot make solid promises because there could be weather delays that can’t be helped.
  10. Payment Procedures – Are you expected to pay the whole bill upfront (not recommended)? Or will you be able to pay some up front and the rest when the work is completed? Do they want payments in between start and finish? All this needs to be in the proposal.
  11. Length of Warranty and What is Covered – You need to know how long your warranty will last and everything that is covered under the warranty. Is workmanship covered? Water leakage? You need to make sure that you know all this before work begins.


You need to make sure that you have a solid proposal or estimate that is written for you. You also need to make sure that you know everything to expect so that you are not surprised by anything the contractors do and find a reputable roofer in milwaukee. Before you leave, make sure to check detailed guide on roofs:

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