Top 11 Forgetful Places to Clean in Home in Your Next Cleaning Spree!

A spick and span home gives that fresh and satisfying feeling that no other thing in the world can. A cleanout session at the end of the week may be satisfactory, but there is always a lingering feeling at the back of the head that not everything is alright. The feeling is correct as the cleaning areas of a home don’t only consist of the floor, cabinets, and bathrooms; there is a lot more that needs your attention.

Places in Your Home That Needs Deep Cleaning

If you think that your house doesn’t feel clean after a deep cleaning session, then read on to find out if you included the following spots of your home or not. The below-mentioned house cleaning tips at various forgetful places to clean in home:

01. Cleaning the Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holder

While cleaning the bathroom, we take special precautions that the place is left spotless, there is a radiant floor, and squeaky-clean mirrors and washbasin. But there are little compartments in a bathroom that we often forget to wipe. A place such as this is the toothbrush holder.

A handy toothbrush holder is present in every bathroom to hold tight the brushes and prevent them from falling and touching the floor. But how do you if that particular compartment is cleaner than the entire bathroom to confide in it with your toothbrush? The holder should be cleaned more frequently than the floors and the basins as it is closed and can trap moisture and dirt.

02. Cleaning the Electronics

Cleaning Electronics

How often do you wipe your electronic items consisting of tv, remote control, laptop, mouse, and keyboard? There might be more on this list, but the point is that these items consisting of firmly placed buttons and congested wires, accumulate dirt more than any other item in the house. These electronics are often forgotten in a cleaning spree as they are used daily, and the dirt can’t be seen on them well.

03. Cleaning the Equipment Themselves

Cleaning the Equipment

It might sound odd at first, but the things that you use to clean with need cleaning too. Yes, if these items are not washed timely, they can rot and need replacing sooner than they should. The cleaning tools that reside in your home can be the source of germs and contaminations if not kept well. Every time you finish a cleaning session, make sure that you thoroughly wipe the tools with water and soap.

04. Deep Cleaning the Air

HVAC air duct cleaning

The previous sounded odd, but this is point may seem offbeat to you. But it’s true, to make your house clean, the air inside should also be made uncontaminated to breathe in. You can make a habit of cleaning out the duct of your home in the housework routine so that the house air stays fresh. The task may be hard for you as you need to reach ceilings and access vents so, calling a reliable HVAC air duct cleaning may be your best bet.

05. Cleaning up the Landscape Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture makes for a unique landscape for your home and helps to increase its value. They provide a space for you to relax in the outdoors and enjoy the view. But in a cleaning spree, this extravagantly used upholstery can be forgotten and have it decay in the outdoors. Furniture is expensive, either indoors or outdoors. You need to take care of outdoor furniture as well when you clean the whole house. They might need more attention than the furniture inside.

06. Cleaning the Baseboards


Baseboards can bring out the tile or woodwork on your floors. They make the house look more civilized. However, they may be seen as less attention-needing when it comes to cleaning. But the top of the baseboards can collect dust like nothing else. You can get a handy broom and wipe off the dirt whenever cleaning the floors.

07. Cleaning of Curtain

Cleaning Curtains

They make windows look elegant and help to hide the in consistencies and unruly paint jobs of partitions. Curtains give a home that decor factor and make for best sound proofers and cold trappers. But most people forget to dust them in a cleaning spree. Curtains accumulate a lot of dust and mud coming from the outside a window and other parts of the home. They need to be dusted at least twice a week to keep clean and protect your housemates from catching dirt from them, especially kids.

08. Clean Over and Under Appliances

Clean Over and Under Appliances

The underneath of fridges, washing machines, water dispensers, and all other ground touching appliances are the best places for dirt to hide. Dust can get trapped under such devices and can evade the eyes when cleaning is underway. Also, the top of the fridge can accumulate filth due to not having supervision. Remember to check both places to find dirt on appliances.

09. Cleaning the Window Sill

Cleaning the Window Sill

Going beyond the curtain brings us to the next most forgettable place to be cleaned in a home, window sill. Be it your kitchen window or the one in the living room; they need to be cleaned weekly as a minimum to prevent filth coming from outside in the house. And the window sill needs more attention from all the parts of a window as the dust can sit there and cluster.

10. Clean the Microwave

Clean the Microwave

The microwave oven is an essential item in every house. It has some pretty good uses like heating and defrosting food that prevents the novices from burning and saves time from done otherwise. But like every other item used for heating and preparing food, this one needs detailed cleaning as well. The inside of a microwave can get dirty and grimy due to food splashes and the suction of food particles from the machine. If cleaned after a lengthy period, you will need some elbow grease to remove the accumulated grime. Make sure to clean it every other day if not every day. Also, don’t forget the outside!

11. Deep Cleaning under Table and Chair Legs

Deep Cleaning under Table & Chair Legs

When you expect a guest at your place on a specific date, you may take extensive measures to have the house in spick and span condition. Although at the time of the guest’s arrival, everything may look in place, suddenly, when a glance goes towards the legs of the table or chairs, the dense layer of dirt on comes in view.

To avoid an embarrassing situation like this one, when you vacuum under tables and chairs, remember to take a look at their legs and clean. These places will, most of the time, be out of sight, which makes them out of mind.

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In a nutshell, make a list of the places you can forget to clean and add these spots to have them cleaned and not forget next time. If you are a neat freak, note the above-mentioned forgetful places to clean in home where dust, dirt, and grime can build up, and it’s easy to forget about cleaning these spots. A house cleanup it will give you a clean house with a satisfying feeling.

I hope that the article was informative, providing information regarding the deep cleaning of the home. Besides this, we have also provided articles regarding the house cleaning schedule and its infographic.

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