Best Landscaping Ideas To Give Your Front Yard A Makeover

Nothing grooms your house better than a front yard filled with lush green plants. It is common for most people to be intimidated by the idea of landscaping, but it need not be the case. With the right landscaping ideas and tips, you can transform your front yard and make it look spectacular in no time. We have put together some front yard landscaping ideas if you are planning to do so.

Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas To Makeover Your House Garden

01. The Lush is all you need!:

When you think of landscaping, the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind is green lawns. In the case of a mainstream lawn or a thematically designed one, the flora plays a pertinent role. Be it a native grass arrangement, or a grass way lined with shrubs, plants add the ‘wow’ factor to your front or back yard. It is essential to have a landscape that promotes healthy fauna that includes local microbes and underground organisms.

Besides, healthy landscaping must not affect the groundwater or any other natural factors. The best way to groom a yard is by understanding the natural elements and tuning into them, which is also the most essential factor in developing a sustainable landscape ecosystem. You must also pay attention to factors like texture, color, and functionality and keep them intact to form the perfect base for a stunning landscape arrangement.

When it comes to choosing the plants to incorporate in your landscape, you need not stick to the same variety. Choosing a diverse mix including shrubs, flowering varieties, and others will add more character to the lush and make it look stunning.

02. Consider Stoneworks Landscaping:

After you have incorporated the greenery, it is time to layer other elements to add that “pizzazz” and the first among them is stonework.  You could add stonework in different forms including stone figurines, edging, pathways, seating arrangements, and so on. If can add one or more stone figurines that reflect your style. There are no hard and fast rules here.  Some Landscapers tend to incorporate edging around shrubs and flower plants creatively to add a bit of character to the lawn.

This is amazing as it takes off the boring element of just having random plants pop up on your lawn and the look is quite simple to achieve as well. Adding to these tips, you can also place a couple of stone seaters on the lawn as they are functional and aesthetic as well.  You can go ahead and place a single huge rock or boulder, which can make the landscaping look a lot more interesting.

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03. Use Landscape Pottery:

You can incorporate pottery in landscaping and gardening in many useful ways.  Some of these ways are for holding ornamental plants and shrubs, placing figurines made of clay, broken pottery for bird feed, etc.  A pottery arrangement can change the look of the landscape effortlessly as the burnt red color makes a perfect show of earthiness. If you have a pool, adding pottery to the corners will anchor the entire look and make it more sophisticated. If you have broken pottery, they are perfect for planting small creepers.

This will add a charming natural, yet artistic touch to wherever you place the setup. If you love the idea of helping a natural ecosystem thrive in your landscape, you can put some dowels in small pots and place them on trees and open lawns. This will attract birds and you can have a view of beautiful birds perching on, as you look at your landscape.

You can combine water work and pottery to have charming little fountains and water spills that originate from pots or urns. If you are willing to spend a considerable amount, you can get artistic pieces made of clay such as an antique birdbath, a Chinese lantern, etc. This is where you can bring out your creativity.

04. Include All Flowers that Blooms:

Flowers can bring out the beauty of any landscape and will add splashes of marvellous colors to a lush green background.  It is better to choose flowering plants and shrubs that are easy to grow. This way, you need not worry about maintaining them.

All plants require a bit of watering, pruning, and fertilizing but particular varieties demand a ton of work and unless you have that kind of time and commitment at hand, it is not a good idea to choose them.

You can go for flowering shrubs like roses, which are compact and breed bright flowers. Red Salvia too can be a  great pick.  Jasmine vines and shrubs such as Angel Jasmine and Italian Jasmine will fill the air with an amazing scent and will look lovely as well.

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05. Adding Terraced Beds and Lawns:

If you have a sloped landscape, adding terraced beds is a great trick to make the area look more eventful and less boring. If planting on slopes is quite hard because of the drainage problems, then making terrace beds is the most fitting solution.  You can use elements like timber decking for structural integrity and strength.

The walls of the terraced beds must compliment the overall look of your front yard and your house. It is also pertinent to choose plants for your terrace beds considering if they are compatible with the same.

We would suggest you use varieties like Lavender, Miscanthus, etc as they are known to thrive well in terraced beds. You can naturally gradient your terrace beds into a lush lawn with a cute lounge area to spend your evenings in.

06. Decorate Garden Lounge Area:

A charming lounge area adds to both the beauty and functionality of a landscaped front yard or back yard. There is no specific rule for how this lounge area should be and you are free to get all of your creativity to work.

You can go for a seating arrangement made of granite or marble that adds to the natural elements and looks fancy at the same time. Some people tend to use wooden pieces of furniture that can help in building your lounge up. Adding lounging elements like hammocks will look extremely good too. You can also choose to keep it simple with a small table and two seating chairs.

07. Create Landscape Pathway:

Landscape pathways do more than serving as mere pathways. Apart from the obvious uses of the pathways in a landscaped area, well-designed paths can add a beautiful structure and can anchor the look of the entire landscape.

You can create different types of pathways by switching the choice of materials. These include pine needles, stones, bricks, shredded bark, crushed gravel, and so on. Depending on the mood set by the outer part of the house and the other parts of the landscape, you can choose the material for the pathway that would look the best.

08. Go Through Landscape Water Feature:

If you are looking for some eye-catching elements for your landscape to make it look exceptional, you can go for water features. A small charming fountain setup can change the look of your entire garden and pull all the different components harmoniously together, effortlessly. Since water is the element of decoration in these features, it gives a touch of serenity.

Besides, one cannot deny the tranquility the sound of running water brings. Every landscape is different and you need to pay attention to the elements of yours before you plan or design your water feature. Choosing the material also requires you to consider the surroundings.


Landscaping has the ability to elevate the overall look of any property, if done rightly. It is essential to pay attention to different elements of landscaping encompassing the basic structure and the add-ons that enhance the character of the landscape. Paying attention to details help a great deal not only in achieving the look you have visualized but also for increasing the value of the house.

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