Get Rid of Common Air Conditioner Problems this summer!

We go to our first aid box as soon as we get ill or suffer from poor health. This is because we understand the problems in our body. Similarly, we first need to know what symptoms an Air Conditioner can show during its illness. After knowing it, try to get rid of all Air Conditioner problems for your better life of your AC!

Well, we cannot be a doctor for our Air Conditioner problems, but at least we should know what first thing we should do when our AC unit is not working properly. If we ignore the common AC issues and not treat them properly, it will result in a reduced life of the AC.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

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Moreover, designers of AC, design the ACs in all countries considering the atmospheric condition there! In India, we have extreme summer seasons hampering our ACs. There are many common AC issues due to which your AC not working properly! These reasons may include improper installation, no proper maintenance, incorrect thermostat temperature, external physical hindrances, other internal technical reasons, etc.

Here are some common Air conditioner problems we experience in our day-to-day life and might misinterpret them on basis of common sense. We often end up with the following questions in front of the AC technicians.

Common Air Conditioner Problems:

AC Not Cooling Well!

If your AC not cooling well, there is an improper supply of coolant in the unit. This is one of the most common AC issues, the improper supply of coolant can be because of no refrigerant or low-pressure level of refrigerant. No or low refrigerant in the AC means need to refill it!
However, low cooling in the AC could be due to leakage in the gas passing from outdoor AC to the indoor AC unit, or due to choking up of copper pipes or due to a failed compressor.

AC Not Cooling Well

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We suggest stopping the use of AC unit and call  an AC technician for such AC problems! Using the AC in such condition can cause load on the compressor.

AC Cuts OFF & ON more Frequently!

Make sure the AC unit is not oversized for the room, if not then let’s understand the faults.
One major reason can be the dirty AC filters, which block the airflow. The interrupted airflow manipulates the thermostat reading, resulting in a frequent cutting OFF and ON of AC! Try cleaning the AC filters with water or soapy water.

AC cuts OFF & ON more Frequently!

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The cutting OFF and ON of an AC depends on the temperature of the thermostat. If the temperature is achieved the compressor switches OFF and ON to adjust the temperature. Therefore, when the thermostat in AC not working properly the cutting OFF and ON timings will vary accordingly. We suggest to stop the experimenting with thermostat and set a temperature to 25 degrees to test the compressor. If the AC problems persists, the thermostat needs a replacement.

Indoor AC Unit Makes Unwanted Noises!

The indoor AC unit consists of a fan that blows down cool air. If the installation of the AC unit is inappropriate, it may make such noises. To avoid this ensure that the installation is in plumb level.

Indoor AC Unit Makes Unwanted Noises!

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Sometimes, dirt or debris accumulates on the fan causing vibrations in the fan. Call an AC technician to clean the fan and replace it at a proper level.

Outdoor AC Unit Makes Unwanted Noises!

The outdoor AC unit comprises of a compressor and a fan. Wear and tear in any of these can result in unpleasing noise. We recommend stopping the use of AC in such cases so that it avoids the damage to the units. Call a technician to solve this AC problem!

Formation of Ice in Indoor AC Unit!

This could be due to two reasons. If the level of refrigerant is less than required, the temperature drops down due to which the moisture condenses on coil resulting in the formation of ice on the coil.

The other reason could be a faulty evaporator fan of the indoor AC unit. If the fan does not blow air sufficiently to keep the temperature above the freezing unit, frost formation occurs. Call an AC technician to rectify the exact issue behind the ice formation in the coil or AC will emit unwanted odours!.

Formation of Ice in Indoor AC Unit

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Water Dripping from Indoor AC Unit!

When the ice from the coil melts down it finds the way out from the unit. The water starts dripping from the AC unit. Sometimes, when the water in drainpipe is blocked, the water starts dripping from the unit. Call a technician to rectify this AC issue.

Water Dripping from Indoor AC Unit

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AC Stinks Badly!

There can be various reasons behind the stinking of Air Conditioner depending upon the type of smell it releases. There are following probabilities that can be the reason behind stinking Air Conditioners:

(a) AC Smells like an old Socks or Mildew:

If the water drainage is improper causing water clogging in the drainpipe. The stagnant water will start stinking causing uneasiness. When such condition worsens, it results in the formation of fungus in the drainpipe. Cleaning of the drainpipe will solve the AC issue.

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However, sometimes water accumulates in the filters too and formation of algae starts. We suggest removing the filters from the indoor unit and washing properly with detergent and setting it dry before placing them back.

(b) AC Smells like Gunpowder:

Shorting out of the fan or motor circuit results in emitting of such burning like smells of gunpowder. Immediately disconnect the power and call the AC technician to keep your AC safe!

(c) AC Smells like Rotten Eggs:

Often small rodents or birds enter into outdoor AC and die within the units. A bad odour of stale body emits through the decomposed body of rodents. We recommend fixing a wire mesh to fan units in areas prone to such rodents.

(d) AC Smell like Emitting a Gas:

AC unit handles and transports Freon gas, which can be hazardous in case of leakage. Immediately rectify such smell by calling an AC technician and before that keep away from the AC space as a safety measure.

Not Working AC Swing!

This could be due to a faulty swing motor or the circuit that is unable to send the swinging order to the motors. A faulty circuit can be an expensive repair that depends on the AC model!

AC Not Working?

Check the thermostat power batteries. If they are fine, check the temperature settings in the thermostat. If still, the AC is not working, try checking the circuit breaker by turning it on and off. Call an AC technician, if any of these do not work.

Now you know all the reasons of why AC not working properly. Do not let AC technicians fool you with their stories. Taking the right measure to take care of air conditioner problems will not only save visiting charges of technicians but also helps your AC to last long!

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