How to Choose Right Curtain Finials for your Home?

Home decor shopping is fun for the family, but you need to know precisely what you need and where to get it, so you don’t have regrets. Window treatments are one such interior decor element that requires careful consideration, especially if you plan on attaching valances or curtain pelmets, as they will cover up all your curtain hardware, like the rod, rings, and finials. This article will give all the information about how choose the right curtain finials for your window coverings. But first, let’s learn a little about finials.

What are the Finials?


Finials are the decorative end pieces used as a finishing touch on top of buildings, stairwells, fences, lamps, chairs, curtain rods, etc. They are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, colours, and finishes. While they may look purely ornamental, they also serve a functional purpose depending on where they are placed.

Curtain Rod Finial

In the case of curtain rod finials, they prevent the end curtain and drapery rings from falling off the rod. In addition to holding the curtain fabric in place, finials enhance and improve the drapery’s overall appearance.

Finals and end caps are two different things. A curtain rod’s end is covered with an end cap. It is usually made of metal or plastic.

Finials are larger and more complex than end caps. End caps are employed in areas where a sleeker, more contemporary appearance is required or when a finial is too large for the space available. End caps don’t draw much attention to themselves; they merely round off the ends of the rods.

Types of Curtain Finials

There are many types of curtain finials available in the market. You can choose one according to your taste. Some of the most popular types of curtain finials are listed below:

01. Metal Curtain Finials

Metal Curtain Finial

These curtain finials are made of metals like nickel, brass, wrought iron, copper, steel, etc. They are perfect if you are aiming for a stylish and durable look. Metal finials for curtain rods come in various finishes, from which you can choose to match the rest of your room. They don’t need to be painted, as their overall look depends on the design and finishing.

02. Glass and Crystal Curtain Finials

Glass and Crystal Curtain Finials

These finials, made of glass or crystal, are paired with wooden or metal curtain rods. They are some of the more stylish types of curtain rod finials, as they add an air of elegance to a room. You can pair them with different curtain rods to achieve the look you envision.

03. Wood Curtain Finials

Wood Curtain Finial

These types of curtain finials add warmth to a room and blend well with rustic decor. Wooden finials can be stained or painted based on your preference.

04. Fused and Detachable Finials

While these are not official terms, you can broadly categorize the finials as such, depending on whether they can be detached from the curtain rod. You can detach most curtain rod ends from the rods, but some are fused and curl up like a scroll.

05. Solid Shape

Different Designs of Curtain Finial

These curtain finials are solid materials (wood or metal) carved into different shapes, the most common of which are the arrowhead, ball, fleur-de-lis, square, disk, etc.

06. Open-Work Carvings

Open Work Carving Curtain Finial

Here, solid materials (metal or wood) are carved to create curtain rod ends with open spaces at the center to give them a beautiful, sculpted look. They are often used with minimalistic window coverings or velvet curtains to make them more attractive.

Things to Consider When Buying Curtain Finials

As curtain finials are part of the final touches of window treatment, you must focus on the material, colour, purpose, and hardware finishing. When it comes to finials, there is no hard-and-fast rule. You can use a wrought iron finial at the end of a wooden curtain rod or a diamond-cut crystal finial on a steel rod. You can use your taste and creativity while picking a finial for your home. However, here are a few points that you may want to consider before buying curtain finials.

01. Consider the Availability of Space

Before you search for an option, figure out if there is enough room on either side of your curtain rod to accommodate curtain rod ends. If the space is limited or the walls, architectural details, lighting, or furniture are perpendicular to your window, consider buying an end cap instead of a curtain finial.

02. Consider the Curtain Rod Material

Curtain Rod Material

Curtain finial materials are available in several varieties, among which the most common are wood, metal, glass or crystal, and brass. Similarly, curtain rods are also made of various materials, so you must ensure that your finials match or complement them. Here are some popular combinations:

  • Wooden Finials with Wood Curtain Rods
Wooden Finials with Wood Curtain Rods
  • Gold Curtain Rods with Crystal Ends or Gold Curtain Finials
Gold Curtain rods with Crystal Ends
  • Silver Curtain Rods with Crystal Ends or Silver Finials
Silver Curtain Rods with Crystal Ends
  • Cast-Iron Finials and Cast-Iron Rods
Cast-Iron Finials and Cast-Iron Rods
  • Bronze Finials with Bronze Rods
Bronze Finials with Bronze Rods
  • Brass Rods with Glass or Brass Finials
Brass Finials

03. Consider the Finish and Colour of the Curtain Finials

Curtain Finial Colour

You will need to consider and match the colour of your curtain finials with the room, just like you would when picking curtain rods. For example, you can choose white finials to go with a grey curtain rod or white curtain rods and curtain finials with grey walls. Black finials will go best with black rods, you can mix and match bronze or crystal finials with brass curtain rods. Ensure that the finials match or complement the curtain pole, curtains, and walls of the room.

04. Consider the Overall Style of the Room

Curtain Finial Style

They should complement the style of the room. Curtain rod finials come in many styles, finishes, and colours, so you have to pick those that fit with the rest of the interiors. The shape of the curtain finials is another significant way to tie in the overall look of the space. Some common shapes are ball, arrowhead, disk, square, knob, fleur-de-lis finials, and gothic finials.

05. Curtain Finial Price

Curtain Finial Price

Curtain finials are available at various rates depending on the material used, labour, design, etc. If you want an extremely eye-catching finial, you might have to shell out more money. However, if the curtain hardware is hidden from view entirely, buy cheaper, simple, but durable curtain rod knobs.

06. Spare Pairs

Since finials can be interchanged, you can always have a set of spare pairs or change the finials from one room to another. Finials are versatile pieces of furnishing. So, if the finials are visible, then why let them become monotonous? Play with your creativity and keep inter-changing them. If you have some additional pairs of finials, take the time to change the finials and up your home decor game!

To Summarise, choosing the right curtain finials is just as nuanced as picking the right curtains or any other curtain or drapery hardware, as it is one of the most visible parts. You must consider the overall look of your space, the space available, and the durability before investing in the product. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful. Happy shopping!

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