How to Correctly Add Accents to Your Interior Design?


Feb 01, 2021

Accents to Your Interior Design

We often think, wrongly, that the mixture of too many details is not compatible. On the contrary, it gives life to a decoration, making a home interior more interesting and giving it a fresh, cozy air! So if you carefully choose the dosage and remember about subtlety, all accents you’ve decided to add to your space will look harmoniously together!

Ways to Add Accents to Your Interior Design

There are many ways to add accents to your interior design. Gharpedia shares with you some of the ideas to do so:

01. Mix and Match Style!

Mix and Match Style

The new trend is to mix styles! Do not hesitate to base yourself on a traditional decoration of your interior and to introduce modern elements (furniture, lighting, curtains or other textiles).  For example, a strange and odd piece of designer furniture can be particularly highlighted in a boho interior or in a classic home.

Another solution: the mixture of eras. Here, it’s up to you to imagine the shocking associations! Plexiglas chair and retro chest of drawers, farmhouse table lit by a designer pendant light, modern canvas above a 19th century fireplace, fluorescent cushions on a Louis XVI bench. Be careful, however, modern does not necessarily mean stylish!

Yes yes, we know… Most people would never believe that vintage and loft, boho and Victorian, minimalist and country styles can get along without looking like a total mess. Well, maybe it’s just the time to change your mind and picture that kind of look in your house. Why can’t a loft lamp look good above a loveseat? Why can’t an ornate dresser be the central style of a minimalistic living room?

Plus, it can be quite possible to redecorate your interior in a modern way, while keeping a traditional atmosphere. A room with classic accents can get a second life thanks to a new carpet or curtains with more modern tones, a brick wall will definitely look good with a renaissance picture and a Chinese vase will nicely complement a massive wood table from the 60s.

02. Color and Materials to Remake the Accents

Re-upholster old armchairs

There is another idea you could opt for – to transform and illuminate a room’s decoration with a touch of different shades or textures. Re-upholster your old armchairs with modern fabrics, paint your chest of drawers in a bold shade or, why not, make the ceiling blue!

The moldings can be dressed in flashy colors, the kitchen units can take on a different look with new finishes and a brushstroke – play the card of recycling and customization! Do not hesitate to refresh a color, add new accessories and update your charming furniture.

Still, some designers advise not to go for a complete mix of such drastic changes. They believe the best strategy is to start with big details and see if smaller ones need to be added in the process. For example, you can opt for a change of wall color and keep this change present only on one wall. Besides, the new color should fit well in the room and look good both with the other walls and with the furniture you have arranged there.

On the other hand, if painting walls is too much for you, there’s always the option of redecorating an old item of furniture, like a dresser or a table. You can even pick two pieces and make them the same color, so they create a set of accent details to harmonize the looks of the room.

But be careful, because painting walls and doing the same to a furniture item are quite different adventures. Be sure to check all the details and preparation steps, so the final result would not require more money than you planned on saving when deciding on this type of accent.

03. Details Matter for Accents

Accents for Bed Backwall

A simple decorative element can transform an entire room on its own! This means it’s not that important to make a big change, to mix every object with its opposite and to try too hard to make things stand out.

An original headboard can breathe a new life into a bedroom with old-fashioned accents; a retro-style fridge with vibrant colors can make a kitchen shine without losing its minimalistic charm. It’s up to you to focus on a particular decorative element. To give a room the accents it needs.

04. Gray Is Also A Universal Accent

Gray Accent Wall

Even gray could help you create a particularly elegant accent. “Wait what?” – You’d most likely say. “Gray is a boring, simple color – how could it bring an accent to any place?” Well, know that this color has the advantage of adapting to any style of decor, no matter dark or light.

For example, you can use light gray in your living room. By painting the wall behind your sofa, you can indeed manage to create a soothing accent and a cozy atmosphere in your guest-intended space. Pair it with white textiles for an even brighter look.

In your bedroom, you can use a darker gray as an accent – it will provide a nice contrast while not distracting you before sleep. If you wish, you can even add a few more such accents here and there, in different shades of gray: a rug, a nightstand or a loft lamp.

Then, in your kitchen, you can use a gray accent to combine with wooden furniture; this will allow creating a modern and very trendy decor. Indeed, dark shades generally work quite well in such rooms.

To give a little more warmth to your hall, while preserving its brightness, a light use gray will be perfectly suited. You can just paint a wall gray at a height of around 1 meter. Guaranteed effect!

Finally, if you have a home office, gray furniture combined with light wood will offer you the possibility of creating a calm space with a touch of charm.

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Hurry up, before someone else takes the most beautiful items for themselves!


To put it in a nutshell, correctly adding accents to your interior design becomes a very crucial element in interior décor. If the accents do not work well with your interiors can make a big dilemma. Hence it is very important to learn about it. Once you have chosen the accents correctly, you will definitely make your home look spacious.

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