How to Dress a Bed Like a Pro?

Have you ever looked at a beautifully dressed bed and wondered how it came to be? The bed looked too good to have been made by a human being, right? If so, you’re not alone.

Most people don’t know how to dress a bed for a classic look. They think that the bed-dressing procedure is done once they’ve spread the sheet and the duvet. In fact, most individuals don’t know about mattress toppers or quilts nor do they know how these beddings can transform their beds’ look.

Tips on How to Dress a Bed

Fortunately, this article is here to help. It explains how you can dress your bed like a pro. It elaborates on every bed-making step that results in a unique look. For instance, you’ll learn how to spread a top sheet and its importance and where to place the quilt and pillows, among other things. If you’re looking forward to learning more, continue reading!

01. Foundation is the Key

White Bedsheet

It’s always a good idea to purchase the best that you can afford. Given that an average human spends one-third of their lifetime in bed, it’s vital to invest in a high-quality bed, mattress, mattress topper, and bed sheets.

As far as the bed is concerned, you should invest in one made with high-quality and durable material to avoid frequent purchases. On the other hand, your mattress should also be comfortable to avoid back pains resulting from poor sleeping position. As far as bed sheets are concerned, go for luxury linen and cotton sheets. Mostly, individuals prefer white bed sheets since they provide a resting place for their eyes after a busy day. White bed sheets are also classic and promote hygiene.

02. Consider a Bedhead


Unique bed heads are ideal for complimenting any bed linen. When choosing a bedhead, you must consider height, shape, texture, and color. Regarding the height, a taller or wider-than-the-bed headboard provides a more stylish look than a standard-sized one. Regarding the shape, curves are more classy than straight ones. When considering the material, settle for one that can add texture, while the color should complement the bedding and the bedroom’s theme.

03. Watch Out for Color Conflict

Bed Color Theme with Respect to Room

When styling your bed, it’s vital to consider your bedroom’s color theme. All your bedding should complement the primary color of your bedroom instead of conflicting. As earlier said, white bed sheets are classic and go well with almost all colors. Therefore, if you’re afraid you might create a color conflict in your bedroom, you might consider investing in white bed sheets while being creative with pillows, quilts, and the duvet. You can also seek advice from a reputable interior designer when choosing bedding to complement your bedroom color theme.

04. Spread Mattress Topper

Mattress Topper

A high-quality mattress topper offers a softness that enhances comfort. Mattress toppers are filled with feathers, wool, or polyester. However, mattress toppers can never compensate for a ruined mattress. Therefore, your mattress must be in good condition for the topper to offer maximum comfort.

05. Always Spread a Top Sheet

Spread Top Sheet

If you want your bed to be stunning without compromising comfort, never overlook the importance of a top sheet. When putting on a top sheet, you should do so with a reverse mechanism, meaning the finished side should face down. This allows the soft side to be against your skin as you sleep, increasing comfort. Additionally, when you use this mechanism, the finished side will face up once you fold the banding.

06. Incorporate Layers to Dress Your Bed

Regardless of the season, incorporating layers when making your bed results in a stylish, comfortable, and inviting look. Consider using a neutral and comfortable finish or add exciting colors to enhance the details.

Additionally, put a light quilt over the sheets before adding a duvet. Fold the duvet in half, then pull the top backward until you reveal the layers and pillows. During winter, sleep under the duvet while using the quilt as an accessory. During summer, sleep under the quilt while using a duvet as an accessory.

07. Enhance Height with Softness

Bed Pillows

Whether or not you have a bedhead, it’s always lovely and classic to enhance height using pillows. Pillows are bed accessories that play a huge role in a bed’s look. As a rule of thumb, place two large pillows that match your bed sheets or bedding by the bedhead. Remember, these pillows should fill the entire bedhead.

08. Add Smaller Pillows on Bed

Add Small Pillows

After the larger pillows, add the standard ones. The number of smaller pillows you need for your bed depends on how comfortable you feel when using them. Nevertheless, two smaller and larger pillows will result in a classy look. Ensure the larger pillows and the smaller ones are not of a similar color to avoid one color from dominating the bed.

09. Incorporate Throws

Woolen Blanket and Pillow

The texture is the key to having a cozy and classic bed anyone would want to lay on. Add texture to your bed by adding throws such as woolen blankets, knitted pillows, or anything in between. You can also consider adding wrinkled linen for additional texture. As a rule of thumb, avoid ironing your bedding if you need the bed to appear stylish.

10. Add Final Details

Final Look of Bed

Once you’re done with dressing your bed, the last step is adding some finishes. As earlier said, you can add a throw or stack some favorite books beside the bed. Additionally, you can choose a beautiful painting or family photo and put it by the bed.

Finally, update the lighting for a clear view of every detail on your bed. At this point, any accessory, regardless of size, can add style to your bed.

Parting Shot

A perfect bed doesn’t come without effort. First, you must invest in high-quality bedding and be creative in how you spread it. Fortunately, bed spreading tips don’t require higher learning. Even a simple hack can result in a stylish bed.

Nevertheless, before adding the details, you must learn how to go about the bed-making process and understand what goes where. If you’re looking forward to making your bed like a pro, consider incorporating the above-discussed tips in your bed-making routine, and you’ll have nothing less than a stylish bed.

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