How to Choose the Best Color for Bedroom Walls


It is rightly said that a happy bedroom leads a happy home and ultimately a happy life. Color plays an important role in enjoying peace and relaxation while in bedroom. It is called the effect of unique color psychology. However, as we lead our personal and intimate life in our bedroom, a soft but illuminating color is expected to perk up our romantic mood. But the definition of romance differs one person to other, so the suitability of colors varies. Let’s explore the best color for bedroom walls and paint ideas for bedrooms.

What Says Color Psychology?

According to color psychology, colors create a response and that impact on our psychology and influences mood and emotions. 

It is already proven by research that every color creates a reaction and produces certain response. Some colors are known for offering warmth: examples are red, orange, and yellow. Some colors like blue, green, and lilac create a soothing and reassuring effect.

What’s The Best Color for Your Bedroom?

Color for Your Bedroom

Of course, there is no formula for selecting the best romantic color for your bedroom. The answer of the dilemma: how to choose bedroom colors, how to pick a bedroom color may find imbedded in these two questions:

  • What is the key tone of your romantic mood in your bedroom?
  • What is the best color that matches the mood?

Extensive surveys are done on popular choices to assess various types of color impacts on the bedroom walls.

Best Color for Bedroom Walls

Out of multiple options, few of these colors are identified, appreciated, and adored by interior makeover artists and home makers as romantic colors that help in radiating a romantic mood.  Let’s check the color options for wall colour ideas for bedroom to analyze what color to paint in bedroom.

1. Comforting Green Color for Bedroom

Green color for Bedroom

Out of all the most popular romantic colors for a bedroom, a popular choice is light green.  The color of green, whichever shade you select, offers a calm, soothing, and refreshing effect on your mind.  It is also a color that denotes prosperity and fertility, which is the ultimate accomplishment of a love bond and working relationship. Green is the color of togetherness.

No matter you are newlywed, or you are sharing your room with your kids or siblings, green is a great color option to nourish your living self. Do you have trouble in falling asleep fast or waking early in the morning? Green is the best romantic color for your bedroom which will create a restorative mood naturally. It is one of the good colors to paint your room with.

2. Serene Blue Evokes Romance

Serene Blue for Bedroom

Blue is a significantly popular color people love to use on their bedroom walls. The color impacts uniquely on our mind. It brings a sense of stability, comfort, tranquility, and reliability and order, and that is the perfect base of romanticism. It is one of the best bedroom wall color ideas.

Almost all the shades of blue offer a unique vibe and that makes you more confident in your relationship bond. Nothing is more responding in romance than trust and mutual admiration: Cool blue colors on the walls of your bedroom reciprocate your passion for each other.

Now romance is not always squashy mushy or lovey-dovey.  Few people indulge in high energy, sporty mood, and passionate exchanging of thoughts for enjoying their romance.  If you are one of them, the best options of romantic colors for your bedroom may be little different. Take a look at some of the vibrant color options for your bedroom.

3. Energetic Yellow as your Bedroom Colour

Energetic Yellow in Bedroom

If you want to enjoy brimming energy, high spiritedness, lots of mental activities and high alertness in your life, your energetic vibes will be rightly reciprocated with yellow color on your bedroom walls. The color yellow is appreciated as the color of brightness. It is a nice color to paint your room with.

Plenty of yellow colors’ shades are available in the market: however, lemon yellow, marigold yellow, and butter yellow are the most beautiful shades perfectly suitable for your romantic bedroom walls.

4. Pink Color for Bedroom Walls

Pink Color for Bedroom Walls

Multiple shades of pink are available in market and surprisingly, all these pink colors for your interiors are identified as a mood lifting, positive color, which can naturally add an awesome sense of softness and comfort level in a space.  Isn’t it the ideal ambiance of a happy bedroom, no matter if you are sleeping here alone or with your partner or family?

One of the best impacts of pink color for bedroom walls is its versatility. You can make a great bedroom color combination with many other colors like white, dusty pink, dark shade of pink, or bright fuchsia.

5. Neutral Beige for Bedroom Walls

Neutral Beige for Bedroom Walls

Every color has its innate quality of creating impact. If we decipher the qualities of the color Neutral beige, we will find that the color is dependable, subtle, versatile and full of warmth, which is exactly the ideal nature of a lovely relationship.  It is therefore of no surprise if neutral beige is used on bedroom walls, it will suit the walls and will exert romantic vibes around!

Besides, neutral beige, being a warm color goes well with all types of upholstery and furnishing.  It is one of the bedroom colors for adults which is a sober option for creating a total effect in the bedroom and that goes well with a romantic and uplifted mood.

6. Dreamy and relaxing purple For Your Bedroom Wall

Purple For Your Bedroom Wall

If your romantic mood gets stimulated and rests on comfort, calmness, and well resting feeling, there is no exception that you will love to create the same ambiance in your bedroom.  For you, the best color to paint a bedroom wall is purple.

You may think of both dark and light shades of purple. Light shades of purple are rejuvenating and comforting colors, which harbor the safe and comforting bondage of love.   If you are fond of darker shades of purple for your bedroom wall, you will enjoy a luxurious feel around, and who doesn’t know that romance blooms in a comforting luxurious ambiance at its best?

We also have a colour guide for your house  keeping in mind room aspect and mood.

7. Attractive Orange Color for Bedroom Walls

Orange Color for Bedroom walls

The colors of orange are stimulating colors. Plenty of shades are available in orange colors and all the shades are soft but bright in exerting their impact. You can also combine the color orange with white to make the bedroom walls more impactful, comforting, and stress-reducer.

Besides being energetic, orange is a color of playfulness and boldness.  Both the traits are related to your romantic mood for adding a layer of liveliness and vivacity in your mood, which can make a bedroom a happy nest of a lovely couple.  

8. Majestic Grey for Walls in Your Bedroom

Grey for Your Bedroom

Adaptability is one of the friendliest traits of a romantic soul.  If you are one such a person, who loves flexibility and adaptability in our life, grey color will be the best option for your bedroom walls. The color grey has a sense of depth, enigma, and mystery in it, which makes your romantic moments more subtle and malleable.  You may use both light grey and g deep grey for the walls in your bedroom.

If you want to enliven your romantic life and you love classy room décor, greige color will be the rightest choice for your bedroom. It is grey and beige color mix. Both the colors grey and beige have a comforting impact, which is ideal for your bedroom.

9. Brown Bedroom Walls

Brown Bedroom Walls

The color brown is the reminiscent of earth’s color. People who are sober and does not want to act extrovert in their romantic life, brown is the best color for them for decorating their bedroom walls.

Some of the most popular brown color shades are brown terracotta, light brown, rusty brown, which you can use for your bedroom walls.  These shades are easy to maintain and will create a beautiful bold impact around. Boldness is the other side of a romantic self; the color will nourish the same.

10. Gorgeous Red for Bedroom Wall

Red for Bedroom Wall

Be it is a red rose or a red attire, red denotes ardent passion and high energy.  People of dominant character, high energy, boldness in character, and strong feeling for love expression will find the color red as the most romantic color for their bedroom.

However, like fifty shades of grey, there are plenty of shades of red colors. You can use this gorgeous color as an accent color or as the main color while combining it with other color variants on your bedroom walls.  If it matches with your high energy level, the color will maintain the balance of warmth-that’s the essence of enjoying romance. 

Final Takeaway

Here we have suggested 10 different wall colors and their psychology for your bedroom. However, there can be more options, which you can decide by checking the color varieties available in the market. The suitability of the wall color of your bedroom also depends on your bedroom size, furnishing, or the colors of the other part of your house so that the room looks a part of the home.

Before taking a final decision, you may consult the color shades and a wall color specialist. Changing wall color is costly. You should finalize after assessing its suitability, budget, durability, and discretion. Don’t forget consulting your wife and kids if they share the bedroom with you.

Now that you have finalized the best color for your bedroom walls, and you want to decide the colour scheme for your home, we have blogs which will definitely help you:

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