All You Need to Know About Pink Colour for Your Interior!

Colours play a substantial role in our lives, & it affects us both psychologically & physically. Exploration of different colours in right way can help us in so many ways. Let us know the pink colour, how it affects the people living in a Pink painted wall!

Pink is a delicate colour that means sweet, playful, nice, cute, innocent, charming, romantic, feminine, & tender, which is associated with the flowers, bubble gum, babies, little girls, cotton candy, & sweetness. Pink colour represents the harmony, affection, inner peace & approachability.
Pink is the official colour for the little girls & represents the sugar & spice as is the sweet side of the Red.  Both red & pink represent the love. The red colour represents heat & passion, while the pink represents romance & charm. Hot pink is used to communicate playfulness, while the light pink is used to describe tenderness.
Pink gemstones are believed to bring about serenity, acceptance, relaxation, & contentment, as well to neutralise disorder or soften the frustration!
When we talk about the pale pink colour, it brings a warmth glow into any room. This colour is associated with sweetness & innocence, the signal of health & well-being. This colour is well suited for the larger areas.

Pleasing the Senses:

It is easiest to imagine a colour when we have several sensory references. We recall the taste, smell, appearance, sound & texture and create a perfect image in our mind’s eye. Each of these pale pinks tickles the senses in a different way. The rose pink mixes well with deeper reds, white, sky blue, & pale mid green. The Salmon pink, black & cream create a smart look. Pale pink looks equally delicious in chalky distemper paint or high gloss.

Colour Schemes with Pink:

The colours of the rooms in your home are a direct reflection of your personality. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room colour, it affects us every day. Room colour can influence our moods & thoughts. Pink colour schemes are versatile & suitable for all interior design styles & decors. Inspired by beautiful flowers, the popular pink colours include pale pink, light pink, hot pink, deep pink, medium purplish pink, reddish pink, purplish and reddish pastel pink coloured tones.
Pink colour shades are popular interior design colours. Stylish pink colour shades accentuate the stylish look & add comforting softness to interior design colour schemes.
Pink colour schemes for interior design & decorating create the tender & romantic rooms & are also meaningful & symbolic. Soft & beautiful pink colour shades inspired by gorgeous pink flowers are excellent for warm & cool interior design & decor that is unique & comforting.

Courtesy - lushome

Pink colour shades are a nice alternative to more intense & powerful red & purple colours.

Courtesy - motalebeh

These gorgeous decorating colour schemes include all white colours & seem to be fabulous with green colours. It creates a harmonious & pleasant, visually appealing & modern interior design & decor, inspired by the beautiful pink flowers – shown in figure.

Courtesy - annekaz

Gray or black & pink room colours will create elegant & sophisticated scheme which are balanced, tender, elegant & stylish! Grey or black & pink room decor blends feminine & masculine colours into more balanced interior design.

Courtesy - lushome

Ways to Create the Certain Mood with Pink in Your Home:

  • To bring spring inside, mix soft pinks with fresh greens for an inviting living room.
  • A light pink with a touch of grey can add innocence and sophistication to a room.
  • Add energy to a home office by painting one wall a vibrant bright pink.
  • A saturated begonia (flower) pink can bring excitement to a long hallway.
  • If you want to add sophistication to a room, choose a light pink with a touch of lilac & taupe.

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