How Keeping An Eye On The Weather Can Extend The Life Of Your Outdoor Furniture?

If you live in an environment with harsh weather conditions from hot and humid all the way to snowy winters, then it’s really important to protect your outdoor furniture as it is a worthy investment. But you may be wondering on how to protect outdoor furniture? We’re going to discuss some ways which you can preserve your furniture and make it last longer by keeping an eye on the weather.

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture in All Weathers

To keep your outdoor furniture you need to take care of outdoor furniture and protect it from all weather conditions. Follow below tips on find out below how to protect outdoor furniture:

Scorching Hot? Worry Not, Protect Outdoor Furniture from Sun

Summer weather can be unpredictable; from scorching hot and dry one day, to humid and wet the other depending on where you live. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the furniture. That’s why it’s important to protect outdoor furniture from sun, especially protecting, any wooden outdoor furniture with an outdoor sealant.

You can use an oil-based sealant that offers UV-protection, water resistance and resistance to mold and mildew so that if your wooden outdoor furniture gets wet from rain or from humidity, it’s less likely to rot.

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture from Sun

You can also use furniture covers to protect your outdoor furniture when it’s not in use, and use some of roof cover whether it’s some sort of pergola or porch. The best part about this solution is that it provides dust cover so you won’t need to sweep or wipe your outdoor furniture when you need to use it again.

Some outdoor daybeds feature removable cushions which can easily be blown into the dirt by a strong gust wind. That’s why you should fasten them into place using Velcro strips.

Downpours And Snow Storms: Protect Outdoor Furniture from Snow and Rain

Heavy rains and storms are becoming increasingly common due to global warming. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the outdoors, however. So long as you can protect your furniture, it is possible to use it year-round if you like.

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture from Snow

To protect outdoor furniture from snow use covers that fit snugly around the piece whether it’s a teak outdoor chair or a chaise lounge. Velcro straps will keep it from blowing with the wind. If you don’t have extreme winters, use decorative storage such as an ottoman with a waterproof liner to keep your cushions safe overnight.

If you don’t like covering your outdoor furniture, opt for weather proof materials or furniture that comes with its own covers that you can use when it’s not in use.

It’s also important to not allow water to puddle after the rain as that’ll create water stains, corrupt the wood and cause rot and mildew. You can even get a cover for your coffee table to make sure nothing gets on it.

Lastly, have a seasonable storage plan in place. You can use storage bins and large storage bags for storing pillows, cushions and any other outdoor decor items.

Caring For Different Furniture Materials

Below are tips to take care for different furniture materials:

  • Also known as polymer, plastic and resin outdoor furniture is very durable, heavy and looks like real wood. It can be kept clean with a simple wipe using a cloth and some cleaning agent. However, it should be kept out of direct sunlight for extended periods if possible. Although it can withstand extreme temperature, you should still cover it just in case and make sure it’s totally dry before you cover it to avoid moisture build-up.
  • Synthetic rattan is very long lasting and it won’t fade even if you leave it in direct sunlight.
Rattan Furniture
  • Wicker furniture will degrade quickly if left outside during snowfall and rainy seasons. It should be stored indoors and must be treated with waterproofing each year.
  • With cast aluminum outdoor furniture, all you need to clean it is soapy water and a soft cloth and avoid anything abrasive as that will scratch the surface. Leaving dirt to accumulate on it can also cause it to become abrasive as well so it’s important to cover it during the winter. Aluminum is rust proof though, so you don’t need to worry about the rain. It’s also easy to clean.
  • Steel and wrought iron furniture will need a fresh lick of paint every now and again.
Wrought Iron Furniture

Extra Tips for Furniture Care!

  • Use professional products for cleaning, maintaining and protecting your outdoor furniture. You can keep solid wood outdoor furniture outside all winter if you cover it.
  • Outdoor wooden furniture can start to patina just from being outside and being exposed to harsh UV rays, but you can condition it with a sunshield product.
  • Power washing your outdoor furniture can lead to a mildew issue so you want to avoid that as much as possible, especially when it comes to outdoor cushions.

Summing up,

Taking care of outdoor furniture is important to extend its durability. But many question how to protect outdoor furniture from all weather conditions. Learn how to take care of your outdoor furniture with these tips and it’ll last for many years to come………

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