How to Properly Clean Windows?

Everybody wants spotless windows. Besides, clean windows let more light into your home, making you feel more connected to the outdoors. However, it can be a bit tricky to determine the best way to clean your windows properly while avoiding the pitfalls of scratching and streaking. This is especially true if you don’t have any clue about proper window cleaning.

Ways to Clean Windows

Fortunately, there are some ways on how to clean windows without the need to hire the service of a window cleaning expert:

01. Get the Right Tools and Equipment for Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Tools

No matter what types of windows you have, the first thing that you should consider when cleaning your windows is to have the right tools and equipment. An essential step to achieving streak-free, clean windows is having the most appropriate equipment, which is also crucial if you want to know the best way to clean wood blinds.

Depending on the type of your windows, you may need a handheld scrubber, squeegee, microfiber towels, and a container for your preferred cleaning solution. You may even consider using a hand vacuum to get rid of any looser bits of dirt and dust. If your windows are a bit high, you might require the use of a ladder or an extendable pole.

02. Eliminate Dust and Dirt First

Remove Dust and Dirt from Window Track

Before getting started with window cleaning, sweep the dirt from your window frames first using a vacuum or a brush with the dusting attachment of your equipment. It’ll prevent dirt from turning into a muddy mess once mixed with your homemade window cleaner.

Window Screens Cleaning

If the window screens look grimy, try popping them out and wash them using hot, sudsy water with a soft brush, then rinse and let it dry before you put it back.

Cleaning Window Blinds using Microfiber Duster

For dusting blinds and shades, it’s best to go over both sides using a microfiber duster. You may also open the slats and go over each one with a damp clean cloth and followed by a dry clean cloth.

03. Choose the Right Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning with Vinegar and Household Ammonia

Never hold back on your spray, particularly if your windows look very dirty. You’ll need lots of cleaners to suspend and dissolve the dirt so it may be wiped away completely.

If you want to make your own window cleaner, you may just add 2 tbsp of vinegar to a bucket of warm water. You can also add your solution with 2 tbsp of household ammonia if your windows have difficulty removing dirt particles. Just make sure to wear rubber gloves.

04. Use Microfiber Cloths Instead of Newspapers When Drying Your Windows

Window Cleaning Using Microfibre Cloth

Some people love drying panes using newspapers. However, it’s always better to use microfiber cloths because they’re washable, absorbent, and leave your glass streak-free and shiny.

If you prefer using paper towels, pick a brand that’s appropriate for window cleaning. There are weak paper towels that may leave lint behind and shred easily.

05. Remove Stubborn Dirt Using a Vinegar Natural Window Cleaning Solution

Window Cleaning using Vinegar

Vinegar is what most people used for washing windows and it’s seen as an effective way to get rid of the stubborn dirt. Aside from that, it’s anti-bacterial and non-toxic. Just don’t use a vinegar solution on windows with undercoated-only frames or matte-painted ones to avoid stains.

06. Never Use Tough Clothes and Hard Bristle Brushes to Clean Windows

Don't Use Tough Cloth and Hard Brush for Window Cleaning

Using tough clothes and hard bristle brushes for window cleaning may just cause damage. Once you use a brush with hard bristles, it may result in some scratches. So, avoid it as much as possible and settle with soft or reusable microfiber cloth instead.

07. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid Window Cleaning in Direct Sunlight

Some might think that the most sensible option when cleaning windows is during sunny days. Not only you’ll be able to see the dust or dirt particles easily, but it’ll also be much more appealing to wash your windows on a sunny and warm day as you won’t get so cold once you get wet while cleaning your windows. Unfortunately, it may not be a good option because it can make the water dry too quickly, leaving watermarks, and might leave your windows looking worse than what they were before.

08. Use the Right Window Cleaning Technique

Use Detergent Solution to Clean Window

If you don’t know how to clean your windows properly, watch how professionals do it. There isn’t much to it and the techniques may be mastered in a few minutes. Below are some of the routines you should know:

  • Use the detergent or water solution and wipe your window with your washer.
  • Wipe it using your squeegee by following an S shape. The cleaning professionals often call this the S or fanning method since the squeegee makers the S shape. Just don’t take your blade off the window once you do this or it’ll leave water lines.

09. Window Cleaner Safety First

Window Cleaner Safety

If you have a home that’s higher than one story, cleaning windows can be dangerous. More often than not, residential ladders aren’t tall or sturdy enough to reach skylights or second story windows. Due to this, some homeowners end up in the hospital because of cleaning the exterior windows without using the right equipment.

When cleaning your exterior windows, keep safety in mind. If you’re afraid of heights or you don’t have time scrubbing your exterior windows, it might be great to work with window washers. Experienced and well-trained professionals can clean your windows properly in a safer manner. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any damage as they do their work effectively.

10. Know When You Should Call a Cleaning Professionals

Window Cleaning Professional

You might not to recruit professionals for window cleaning, depending on where you reside or how big or small your windows. Oftentimes, multi-story houses require special ladders to access higher windows. Big windows with small panes, on the other hand, may be time consuming to clean without the use of proper equipment. In such instances, it’s better to call the experts.


Cleaning windows can be a challenge for some, but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is to follow those above tips and apply them properly. However, if you’ve done everything right yet you’re still not satisfied with your work, it may be a good time to call for professional window cleaning experts for better and more satisfying results, like, if you are interested in window cleaning head over to Bax Clean.

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