How to Inspect Cracked Concrete which Needs Repair?

An occurrence of the cracks is often a subject that raises numerous questions. Cracked concrete may appear in structures, either at the initial stage or with time and sometimes they are unavoidable in RCC houses.
An occurrence of various patterns of cracked concrete in the building mostly takes place during construction and/or after completion. A building component develops cracks whenever the stress in the components exceeds its strength. Stress in the building component is caused by externally applied forces/loads.

Investigation of Cracks

Cracked concrete can scar a building’s architectural appearance. To repair cracked concrete properly, first determine what has caused them. Often cracks in concrete can be the cause of leaks from rain or groundwater. Or they can be the first informed signs of a potential wall collapse. Thus, no crack should go unexamined.
A skilled investigator should record all the cracks with photographs, and sketches.

Which Information helps to Investigate Cracked Concrete?

Following are the Information or Data, which Helps to Evaluate Cracked Concrete:

  • Location of cracks on the building whether it is in structural component i.e. column, beam, slab, or masonry or in plaster.
  • Pattern of cracks (Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal)
  • Length (it can be shallow at one end and deep on another end)
  • Width (Uniform or tapered)
  • Depth (through paint, plaster, or through entire wall – through cracks are serious cracks)
  • Age (Clean crack indicates new, coated with paint or dirt indicates old)
  • Active (moving) or dormant
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Based on above information, the skilled investigator can assess the cause of the cracked concrete. Furthermore, investigator then determines how harmful the crack is, and how best to repair it, if repair is considered as necessary. The location and pattern of cracks are the most important factors in determining their cause.

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