Revealed! Jaw-dropping Interior Design Trends of The Year

We all like to keep up with the trends because who does not like to upgrade for the better? Being in trend improves your lifestyle and connects you with the latest developments. In this article, Gharpedia shares the latest interior design trends of the year. Incorporate them and upgrade your lifestyle.

Earthy-Pastel Mood: Interior Design Colours for the Year

Natural tones like earthy browns, terra-cotta, coastal blues and teals, peachy pastels, black charcoal hues, etc are the inspiration for this year’s interior design colour schemes. Choose these trending colours for your interior design elements this year. Mix and match interior design elements from the above colours.

For example, use earthy tones for furniture, terracotta for décor objects, and pastels for accents.

Green Galore: Interior Design Theme of the Year

Biophilia is one of the themes of interior design this year. Biophilia connects you to nature.  This year, incorporate natural elements into your interior spaces. Use greens as décor elements and include natural fabrics for soft furnishings. For any given element of interior design, prioritise natural over manmade.

Techno-Smart Living Space: Interior Design Theme of the Year

Another theme is techno-smart living spaces. This stands in contradiction to the biophilic theme, but even here, the interior elements remain made of natural materials; however, the emphasis is on gadgets. Choose smart gadgets and ease your life by controlling them with your smartphones. Save the time and energy of running errands to switch things on and off.

Slice of Sustainability: Interior Design Materials of the Year

This year is all about bridging the gap between nature and technology. Bring in some sustainable and smart materials like reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, stone, terrazzo and smart textiles. According to Amna Khalid (2019) in ‘Utilizing Smart Textiles In Interior Design To Replace Conventional Architectural Finishes’, in recent years, the use of smart textiles has been particularly popular in construction practices. These are hailed as environmentally friendly, deliberated as architecturally aesthetic and are usually cost-effective.

Do you know about leather tiles? Check out the link below, and you will be amazed.

Leather Tiles: A Contemporary Choice for Flooring

Trendy Curves: Current Interior Design Trends in Furniture

Curved furniture are trending this year. Go for curved arches, soft curves, and rounded edges. Curved elements break the monotony gently. They are appealing and have a touch of sophistication.

Lights, Lights and More Lights: Interior Design Lighting Schemes of the Year

This year, eco-friendly lighting (LED, solar), smart lighting, statement lighting, spot lighting, and contemporary lighting are popular trends in lighting schemes. Adopt these lightings to fit in with current interior design trends. Additionally, maximise the use of sunlight during daytime.

Feel The Wall: Trending Wall Finishes this Year

Nature continues to inspire most interior design trends this year, including wall finishes. New interior design trends allow natural and raw wall finishes, that are devoid of sleekness and smoothness. Opt for textured paint, Venetian plaster, stucco, and textured wallpaper, preferably from eco-friendly colours and materials.

Trending Indoor Plants of the Year

The main function of indoor plants is to create a fresh and lively environment. There are a variety of indoor plants however, techniques like bonsai and grafting have levelled up the indoor plant game. Some trending indoor plants to adorn your interior design this year are majestic palms, monstera deliciosa, fiddle leaf figs, petite ferns, cute cacti, calathea family, bird of paradise, etc.

Additionally, new home décor trends include vertical gardening and miniature ecosystems.

Floor Ideas to Keep Up with Interior Trends

Heated floors, multifunctional floors, and low-maintenance flooring are the top choices, but where you live, and the climate there should also be considered. In terms of wooden flooring, dark-toned wooden flooring is in trend this year. Moving on to tiles, the most popular tiles today are: large format tiles, wood-look porcelain tiles, marble-look tiles, terrazzo tiles, patterned tiles, textured tiles, hexagonal tiles, handcrafted tiles, fluted tiles, and natural stone tiles. Choose the one that matches your other interior design elements.

 Latest Interior Design Trends in Window Treatment

Window treatment is important for aesthetic and functional purposes. Interior design trending window treatments are luxury fabrics, recycled fabrics, wooden shutters, smart motorized window treatments, sheer shades, metallic blinds, and natural fabrics.

Endnote interior design trends of the year, feed you with all the trending options to keep up with this year. Being in trend has the advantage of easy availability and maintenance. Additionally, this year promotes eco-friendly and sustainable living, so hurry up and adopt these trendy design elements for this year.


01. How can I select the right interior design for my home?

To select the right interior design, you need to, first, scrutinize the portfolio of trending interior designs and start imagining your living space in those hues. If you do not deviate in any way and your mind remains fixed on it, then it is your choice.

02. Which types of designs are suitable for large living room interiors?

Living rooms must appear more spacious and comfortable. Use white oak furnishing with curved edges in the living space to give it a fresh and soft feel. You can have a curved corner on the wall to the cabinet. Meanwhile, curved backs of the sofa and chairs provide a soft and smooth texture to your home. Experiment with multiple patterns to create the illusion of larger space. Or simply opt for single tone to lend a simple look to your living room.

03. How do I know it’s time to upgrade my home’s interiors?

Your house may need an interior upgrade when there is a lack of inspiration and energy, or to bring back the artistic feel of the house with the incorporation of a style statement. You can even try upgrading the interior environment to enhance the functionality and elegance of your home.

04. How do you optimise interiors within a budget?

If you want to optimise your interior on a budget, then choose the style and colour palette wisely. Pay attention to meticulous planning and execution. Use sustainable or upcycled products to complete the renovation on a budget, and always take a result-oriented approach.

05. Tell me some easy ways to upgrade my space.

You can upgrade your place by adding a new colour shade to your home that makes it appear cosier and more welcoming. Refresh your gallery and introduce a new accent to your home. Decluttering unused things often brings something useful to restyle your shelves, layer up the rug, or arrange beautiful decorative pieces in your house.

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