DIY Kids Room Storage Ideas to Keep Your Room Clutter Free!

The process of raising your kids certainly includes one of the important issues, which is the organization of their room. Children practice their organizational skills and integrate their creativity in their rooms. However, they forget the sanity of a clean space. Kid’s room storage ideas is not only a proper organization of the objects in the space but it has a lot to do with the aesthetics of the room. The child’s room is the only place where the children spend most of their time and enjoy the opportunity to fully develop their capacities. So, its utmost important to know how to organize kids room and there are various DIY storage ideas for kids rooms that can help one to accomplish the goal. By trying your hands on cheap toy storage ideas for small spaces you will definitely save your finances.

DIY Kid’s Room Storage Ideas

Try to give your existing walls and furniture some refurbishment to help them work harder and keep clutter at bay. Using the things already available in the house will help you de clutter the trash and rebuild it in a manner that can be put to some use as your kid’s room storage ideas and help in kids room organization.

01. Floating Kid’s Room Storage

Floating Kid’s Room Storage

For small kids room storage ideas use different boxes to place things separately on the walls. Use them to store your kid’s toys and books. You may give different shapes and sizes to the boxes to give them a playful look. Smaller units on the walls and larger units on the floor below will give the space an organized look. Floating storages can be shelves, hut-shaped boxes, animal-shaped boxes, or anything that your child likes to see with a play of bright colours. These are the most strategic storage ideas for kids room. Such kid’s room toy storage ideas are the best practices one can practice.

02. Keep Storage Cubbies within Reach while Brainstorming Small Children’s Room Storage Ideas

Storage Cubbies

One of the best kid’s room storage ideas is keeping cubbies, baskets and bins low to the ground. It makes it easy for kids to take toys they want to play and can also help them to develop the habit of putting them back once done. Making colour code or label for each storage will help your children to put things back in the right place and prove to be good storage ideas for toy room. Here are a few tips on

03. Repurpose a Furniture

Repurpose a Furniture

You may use old furniture and refurbish it to meet the design requirements for your kid’s room storage ideas. Use of an old vintage trunk, or crates and painting them in whichever colour you want will upgrade the furniture as well as the storage space in the room without much hassle. While planning children’s room toy storage ideas old bookcases, tables, benches, or cabinets can be easily converted into big storage with an abundance of space to keep all the clutter you find hard to tackle in your kid’s room. You may also repurpose a coffee table or a center table and use it as a crafts table and also store the crafts supplies inside it. And believe us it will be the most innovative storage ideas for kids’ craft room.

04. Organize Reading Material

Organize Reading Material

Organize books and papers using framed canvases, and mount them on the walls as floating storages binding them using an elastic band. This will give a creative edge to the room and help you not only to store the stationery clutter in a better way but also prove to be the best book storage ideas for kids’ room. You may also use an old study table and store the unwanted items inside it by converting it into a wall-mounted or floor-mounted cabinet. Using different plastic jars with visibility eases your work to store different coloured pencils, pens, and other stationery items that your kid uses on daily basis. By practicing such kids storage ideas you will not have to label everything and ruin the aesthetics of the space.

‘Stacey L. Nash and Jennifer Noonan’ advice to (author of an article – 25 DIY Storage Ideas to Help Corral Your Kid’s Clutter published on use magazine holders to organize that jumble of skinny books on the shelves of the playroom. Label the holders by topic for quick and easy access. Such book storage ideas for kids’ room is a helpful way to store both odd-sized books and titles you may want to switch out seasonally.

05. Save Space by Hanging Your Kid’s Clothes

Save Space by Hanging Your Kid’s ‘Clothes

Hang your kid’s clothes instead of storing them in a dresser. By hanging shirts, jackets, pants and other clothing items, you can create more free space in the room. By doing this you can get more space for bed and other facilities like a play area.

06. Store Footwear & Accessories in Storage Bins

Kids room-Shoe organization storage

There are a lot of kid’s accessories like shoes, headbands, socks, hats and bows that can consume a lot of space in the closet when not organized properly. DIY small kids room organization ideas come into picture at this point. Keep your closet neat and well organized by keeping these items in plastic containers with labels.

07. Utilize Under the Bed

Utilize Under the Bed

Having drawers under the bed is the best option when it comes to children’s bedroom storage ideas. The drawers under the bed can be used to store things without many tensions. You may also repurpose old drawers and put them under the bed to store clothes, blankets, and bedsheets. You may also use different sizes and shapes of fabric bins to store your items in them and slide them under the bed with ease. These kids bedroom storage ideas are specifically helpful in keeping the area under the bed clean and to get rid of the items you do not want to see all the time cluttered inside your kid’s bedroom.

‘Sarah Yang, Hadley Mendelsohn and Sienna Livermore’ says, (author of an article – 32 Easy Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kid’s Room Clutter Free. Published on “If you have leftover bunk beds after your kids graduate from sharing a room, put the unused bottom bunk to work.”

08. Cork Stands

Cork Stand

Cork stands are the easiest and most fun way of keeping the kid’s room peppy and decluttered. You may make a gallery wall using cork boards for display and fun storage. This helps you to showcase your kid’s creative art works and finished projects off-surfaces. You may also make cork boxes and use them as storage ideas for kids’ craft room. Cork stands are good options when it comes to children’s room storage ideas for the stuff your kid works on daily like school projects, personal art works, drawings, and study material. Cork is the easiest material to cut and mould into whichever shape and size you want according to your need and space in the room.

09. Double Duty Idea

Stylish storage units

Incorporating stylish storage units serving a dual purpose for your kid’s bedroom is the cleverest way to declutter the space. Convert an old Chester drawer for maximum storage, or a dresser for more space to organize the items. You may use an in-built storage coffee table, bench, or a side table to keep everyday use items easily approachable and manageable. For tween room storage ideas look for furniture which serves the dual purpose of storing more items and enhancing the look of the space, both at one time. When it comes to kids toy storage ideas stack crates, use colourful bins, and cans to store small things that create a huge mess in the room.

10. Use the corner

Corner storage nook

Give kids a room to spread out by installing units at corners and creating different activity corners for a clean and tidy space. Place eating tables, crafts tables, storage nooks also serving as the reading area, and L-shaped or U-shaped sitting areas so that they create the mess while playing at one corner at a time. Use your creative heads for artistic corners by installing rolled-up sheets so that they do not draw on the walls, or even place chalkboards for their artistic vibe to flourish in the room. A study corner is also a good option when it comes to Kid’s room storage ideas to increase your kid’s focus and attention abilities while they place their study material at a corner and have the entire room to play around.

11. Behind the Doors

Hooks behind doors

The dead space behind the doors is the most cluttered and noticeable corner you have in your kid’s room. Place hooks for hanging their clothes or bags so that it does not litter in the entire room here and there. Have magnet boards behind the doors to place trackers and easily get hold of their routine on daily basis. You may also place small baskets to keep the small items in store behind the doors to make the room look tidy. For kids room organization this could be really beneficial.

By following these kid’s room storage ideas, you can create more space for other activities and can get neat and well organized storage space. You can increase storage space by following

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