11 Children’s Study Room Design Tips for Your Kids!

More often we tend to engross and engage in decorating the other parts of our home – drawing room, bedroom, kitchen. But while doing so, somehow, we slightly ignore the study zone or children zone. Well, a house blessed with kids and has school or college going children, need a unique space at home where they can study, read, compose, deal with homework and engage themselves into creative artworks of their choice. It is their personal space where apart from their studies, learning and doing homework, they can pursue their passion. Such rooms, be it in schools or at home, must be furnished and prettified accordingly. Study rooms are critical to energize learning and study. And hence, utmost care and detailing is required while furnishing any study room.

Study Room

There are various aspects that needs to be taken into consideration while decorating a study room i.e. size of the room, prudent utilization of space, colour combination, comfort, furniture, one’s specific requirements (if any). Needless to say, that the book rack configuration, lighting arrangementsas well as colours of the room and the storage area, everything must be in harmony while designing the room. A wonderful combination of these components together gives a pleasant, placid and perfect ambience for a quite study room.

Productive Study Space

Not only children, in fact, working experts do require their own study room. This includes professionals who deal with books like writers, authors, editors or people engaged in peculiar profession such as legal counsellors, specialists and engineers who need to look back into their books in their professional life throughout, having a study room for them is significant. This room can be utilized as a study room and can be an ideal place for someone working from home.In this article, we are explicitly writing ways about how you can enhance your children’s study room.

Children’s Study Room Design Tips

Just to make the whole concept understandable and convenient to you, here is a rundown of some of the aspects and design tips for children’s study room. Here, you will get unique styles and trends which are an all-time favourite when it comes to décor of your kid’s study room in house:

01. Selection of The Place for Children’s Study Room

Large Study Area

Before you go for designing children’s study room, selection of the room or right corner is very crucial.  Preference must be given to the room or corner which keeps them away from any distractions. Preferably, it should be the quietest place in your house which can immediately shift them to ‘study mode’ the moment they enter into it.

02. Privacy Is A Must for Study Room

As they say, “the better the study space, the better the studying.” The study room is a private space used for studying, reading, writing, working, etc. Hence, there is a need for privacy and comfortable space. Additionally, when the residents live in apartments, the adjoining buildings are near. So, there is a need for adding curtains in your studying room so that the reader’s focus does not get diverted while studying.

03. A Colour Splash in Children’s Study Room

A psychological study says that different colours create different impact on our mind. Hence, picking up the right colours and making right combinations for your study room is equally important. Brilliant hues can enhance the spirit and mood. Hues also help in creating a tranquil environment. Blue and green tones are increasingly favoured these days. A tranquil and soothing ambience can make an ideal place for studying or completing homework as such places influence the kid’s state of mind positively.

Dark Green Walls in Study Room
Red Orange Colour Combination in Study Room

With its cool undercurrents, blue is a calming, alleviating colour that is frequently used in study rooms. The colour also stimulates and exhilarates productivity thereby making a perfect choice for a room for your high school and college going kids. Green colour also escalates the feeling of rejuvenation. Well, the right kind of shade can give your room an enthusiastic, vivacious and serene feel that should help improving concentration. Red, on the other hand, is a warm, bright, and a stimulating colour. Such colour can help in supporting your adolescent’s vitality regardless of whether she’s keeping awake until late to prepare for a test or for the board exams. In any case, if your kid normally studies in her bedroom, picking up the right shade of red is vital to shield the room from being excessively empowering.

04. A Place for The Books in Children’s Study Room

A study room without a beautiful book rack is unimaginable! A rack brimming with books adds an appeal to any room. Well, there is no such specified place for a book rack. Depending on your requirement and the space available, you can accelerate your creative mode with ideas. Space-sparing strategies have demonstrated to function admirably in homes with more edge. This is on the grounds that the style of bookshelves and bookshelf walls are more moderate than everything else.

Circular Bookshelf

If you are planning to go out of the box with a clever way to organize a mountain of textbooks, you can go for a book wheel that not only makes interesting use of the space but works perfectly for small study spaces. Place the bookshelf at a reasonable height from where picking up the books becomes an easy task. Arrange the books as per their requirement and usage i.e. the books you use frequently or need often should be handy. They must be placed in front rows and in lower compartments, whereas the book that are not much in use should be arranged at higher compartments.

Creative Circular Metal Bookshelf

05. An Access for Keeping Computer on Study Table

In the digital age, children tend to spend more time on computers or laptops. It has become a necessary tool as they spend time making presentations, or watching the videos or slides given from school on a particular subject. Even they can pass their online exam and special certification course from website like ExamLabs. Hence, there must be access to keep the computer on the study table so that they can make its use.

06. Lighting – The Major Factor in Children’s Study Room

Proper and appropriate light is very much essential for reading and writing in any study room. Natural light is best for study rooms as it does not cause stress to our eyes and it has good impact on our body, eyes and mind. Hence, try to make your sitting arrangement in the room in such a way that you make maximum utilization of the natural light while you are reading. As far as the artificial sources are concerned, they need to be arranged cautiously to maintain a strategic distance so as to have minimum strain on the eyes.

Comfortable Study Table
Influence of Light on Study Room

Optimum lighting for study would effectuate by making the arrangements so that the light legitimately falls on an open page. To dodge unnecessary strain on eyes, utilize appropriate light that falls from behind the computer screen. You can personalize the concept by going for a table with a sturdy work surface and with an adjustable desk (one that can be pulled when in use and pushed back when not), a work lamp and a comfortable chair, one with an adjustable height.

It would be advisable to have windows in a study room. This will enable the natural light to enter during the maximum part of the day. Not only, that it will reflect light flawlessly but will allow the breeze to still enhance a good positive feeling.

On the other hand, just in case that you have an old shack which is not in use, you can place it in a favourable corner and convert it into a private study zone. This sort of configuration enables to work and concentrate in a space away from the other disturbances at home.

07. The Need of Adequate Space in Children’s Study Room

Well, when we talk of small cities or towns, space availability cannot be a bugging issue. But availability of space is a major issue with big metropolitan cities. However big or small the issue can be a reasonable space is preferred for a study room wherein you can move about uninhibitedly. But this certainly does not imply that it should be the reason to restricting essential stuff in your study room while you design it.

Adequate Space in Children’s Study Room

What seems convenient is, reducing the unnecessary furniture and keeping it to minimum. Keeping unnecessary furniture will not only occupy the space, but will also take your time for the cleaning and its maintenance. Moreover, it will give you a jumbled and cluttered feeling and make the place look crowded. A study room should emit good and positive vibes. A de-jumbled room limits the opportunity of you crashing into any furniture put in the room.

While you are studying or working, you need some space to lounge and move around. This, at times, accelerates your brain to think and focus better. Usually students are in the habit of moving around while they try to learn or remember something. But in the event that your room is crowded and over crowded with unnecessary accessories, it will become difficult to move. So, in case, your room is not spacious, make it a point to put furniture that devours less space. A clutter free space helps you concentrate more and better on your work bringing best results.

08. A Place to Discuss in Study Room

A proper sitting arrangement is must when it comes to an ideal study room. A study room is where you are with yourself. It is a place where you make critical and crucial choices or decisions after pondering, thinking analytically, logically etc. It is a place where you would immediately want to go to seek for an answer, be it related to your study or your literary work.

Bean Bags for Sitting & Discussion

If you are planning one such for your kid, kids at times prefer group study. So, design the sitting arrangement accordingly. If it is for your own self, even at times, you would want to call your friends for some discussions. So, keep that in mind too. For this reason, a proper seating is a very much crucial aspect while designing a room. It can be anything from a casual seating with few bean bags or a formal one with furnished tables and chairs, depending upon the space available and your taste. Additionally, to those parents, who feel that their children require tutoring assistance or private coaching in their homes itself, must arrange proper seating so that child and the tutor can be comfortable while studying. Reach out at alchemy tuition to transform your child’s academic journey.

09. Cleanliness Is Must

Cleanliness can be a personal choice. But well, to keep a study room untidy can never be a choice! So, make ‘cleanliness’ a rule when it comes to your study room. They say “cleanliness is next to Godliness”! A messy place will never give a best feeling. Hence, it is appreciated if everything is well placed and well arranged.

Clean Study Table

Go for desktop organizers and trays that should help you keep your papers or files at one place. This will not only help you find your papers or files whenever required, but keep the place neat and tidy. Stationary must be preferable kept in the drawers. Take them out only when in use. Once you finish your work, keep it back to its specified places. Remember, messy and untidy place often make it hard to concentrate. Just keep in mind that while keeping many things in your study room does not make it a storeroom instead.

10. A Comfortable Temperature is Also Important

Well, “How does it matter”, many may think! But think of a place with inappropriate temperature. Such a place will make you feel restless and nothing else. It will take away all your focus and attention. Thus, maintaining a comfortable temperature is important. If that is affordable for you, better install an air-conditioner so that you can well maintain the temperature and feel comfortable. You can also add curtains in your study room if it is located in south direction to avoid excess sunlight entering the room.

11. Personal Touch in your Study Room

Giving your study room a personal touch is completely your choice! People usually tend to give slightly a personal touch to their study rooms as it reflects their personality and say a lot about the person who owns it.

Personalize your Study room

A lot can be done in this zone, but taking into consideration its purpose, the touch needs to be given accordingly. You can go for a soft board on one of the walls if your space allows you for that. On the top of soft board, you can write beautiful motivational quotes. You can change that on daily basis. Such motivational quotes really help in lifting up your spirit. You can also hang pictures of great personalities i.e. leaders, reformers, scientists, artists, etc. with their wonderful inspirational quotes. You can have stylish accessories like pen stand, flower vase, table lamp etc. If your study room is spacious enough, you can also go for some indoor plants. Plants always give a better impact on our mind. Add musical instruments to the study room depending on the personal interests.

Take away point: It is essential to keep your study room clutter free, perfect and spotless as it needs to be free from any disruption. Keeping your study room vibrant and clean implies that you have kept all your significant records, books, archives and confidential documents at their verified spots. A study room must be strictly preserved as a study room restricting any other activities in it. This will help you get into the right kind of mood and mode the moment you enter into it.

I hope this article was informative in giving you the children’s study room design tips. But before you leave, take a flick through on wonderful articles written by us on the home environment for kids and bunk beds for kids.

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