10 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces Effectively!

Designing anything small and within a budget for a premise is always a challenge. It needs skill and experience, as well as it has to be a realistic approach to the plan in order to make it a real-life success.

Decorating interiors is always a dynamic concept because our preference and trends often changes with time. But you cannot change interior every now and then. An interior planning should be done in way where you can keep it pretty dynamic and versatile in maintaining the scope of interchanging the interior décor for the ultimate effect.

Small Space Decorating Ideas

Therefore, planning for an interior decor is not that easy and simple task. It really takes time to plan out what goes where and how to fill the spaces managing aesthetics and utility at one go. Size of a room, plays an essential role in decor planning.  Usually a bigger room gives you better freedom to experiment as there is better scope to incorporate wide range of products to create a charming multilayer effect. You can use anything from huge tables to multiple paintings, lots of plants or maybe even a chandelier in a bigger room.

But how many of us have the luxury of enjoying large spaces? Small space designs for rooms or kitchens pose a challenge to beautify as you do not want to cross the line between aesthetics and overcrowding a room with plenty of products. What is mostly needed is to make your room look elegant, neat and spacious. Utility elements like ensuring for sufficient storage obviously increases this capacity efficiently. According to ‘Pippa Greenwood’ (Author of 10001 Hints & Tips for the Home), by using the space effectively, you can maximize storage and increase the functionality of a room.

Organized Living Room With Folding Tables, Chairs

Despite the room space is small, with the correct placement of the furniture and furnishing, your room may get a graceful touch and it may feel more comfortable to be. It is all about making the best use of what you have got and the optimum use of the plus factors of a space. If proper interior décor is done, there are many instances where smaller rooms, regardless it is a living room, bedroom, or even an open kitchen can be more aesthetically appealing than its spacious counterpart.

Decorating and Space-Saving Ideas

There are some fundamental basics for decorating small spaces, which only pro-designers may know. You may not be an expert in this niche, but here we have extracted 10 simple and handy interior décor ideas for you, which might be useful for you in planning your interior decoration with ROI (Return of Investment).

01. Folding Pieces to Occupy Less Space

Folding Piece as A Table

Folding pieces are easier to store and they occupy lesser space and can display excellent space-saving ideas. Different folding furniture are available now in market, which will work as multipurpose décor items in your rooms. You could always go for a bed which can be converted into a sofa.

This 2- way use of furniture is quite interesting. You can use the same object to create proper seating arrangement and turn it into a comfortable sleeping place during the night. You may also go for buying folding tables and desks or even tray tables, which can be pulled out when required as well as it may get folded and as a whole it served the ultimate purpose of a décor piece.

02. Organizational Basket

Organizational Baskets Under Bed for Storage

Organizational baskets are particularly helpful in creating a home décor for small spaces. It is a beautiful space-saving idea. It can get quite tricky to accommodate cupboards and lots of shelves to stack your products. In such cases, baskets are useful as they can be placed more easily. They fit under the tables and beds and can be pulled out whenever required. Moreover, you can buy different sizes of baskets based on the capacity required. You may even get some which have built-in sections so that things do not get mixed up.

03. Create Vertical Space with Hooks

Wall Hooks with Shelves and Décor Items

Hooks are a handy, inexpensive, and amicably great way to make more room for storage either in the bedroom or in study room or in any other corner of your house. You can add a peg on the wall and hang your items. It is particularly useful for managing keys, clothes, handbags, belts, and other similar smaller accessories. By doing so, your things will get easily accessible and the whole arrangement will look much neater too. While they create a place for your things to be in, they do not occupy much space and can be placed anywhere.

04. Shelves for Storage

Shelves Above the Kitchen

Let’s talk about small kitchens or bathroom. Instead of building cabinets, shelves are a better option in these areas. They occupy lesser space but offer great solution for storage. They can be used to create multiple layers on the wall and is used for different purposes. They can be used for lifting heavy as well as light items. Also, you can place extra stuff under them. You can stack as much as you want to.

Moreover, they create the illusion of having free space. According to ‘Pippa Greenwood’ (Author of 10001 Hints & Tips for the Home), shelves enhance the look of a room as well as they provide extended storage space. But be careful not to overload a shelf as it may sag.

05. Décor Items for Free Spaces

Décor Items for Free Spaces

Sometimes, to make the living room look more beautiful, we often fill up the available spaces with different kinds of stuff. It makes the room overtly crowded if done without planning. The key is to adopt a style wherein you selectively add a few pieces but place them in such a manner that it makes sense. You don’t always have to add lots of extravagant pieces. The minimalistic approach often pays back better. You could try mounting paintings or other such things on the walls but must try to keep the floor uncluttered.

06. Rugs for Flooring

Rugs for Flooring

Rugs add style to the flooring. Based on the size of the furniture in the living room, the size of the rug varies. For a room with lesser furniture, maybe a few chairs or a sofa, a bigger rug will generally serve better purpose. In rooms with more furniture, small rugs mostly look graceful. Since rugs cover up the floor, their size can mark the difference between looking stuffy or roomy.

07. Mirrors for Making Room Look Bigger

Mirrors in Bathroom

Placing multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes is one way to make your bedroom or a bathroom look bigger and pretty. Besides adding décor, these mirrors can add layers to your room by reflecting natural light and hence make the room look more spacious than in real. They go well with different styles- vintage, chic, and rustic. Moreover, they can also be used to introduce colour contrasts or to break the impact of the monochrome.

08. Colour Choices to Beautify the Rooms

Colour for Dining Room

Colours play a vital role in uplifting the beauty of the rooms. Before choosing your furniture, shelves, rugs, and bedding, you must determine the colours you want on the wall. Wallpaper and bold colours, look generally good in every room. They add extra energy to your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. You can always play with contrasting colours or different shades of the same colour to soften your moods.

09. Home Décor Products

Home Décor Products

Yes! Home decor products also play a vital role in deciding the space of the rooms. You should not fill up the spaces with as many decor items you have. Instead, you should arrange the decor items in such a way that they enhance the total effect of the room. Artifacts can be placed over the shelves or tables. Paintings can be hung behind the bed in the bedroom or on the walls behind the sofa in the living room. These are small space décor with minute details but with optimum effect.

10. Lightings

Lighting in The Living Room

Lighting plays a significant role in creating spaces within the 4 walls. A small room can look bigger if it has an ample amount of light. Hence, if you are making a small room, make sure that it has large windows for the natural light to pass in. Artificial lights, such as chandeliers can be hung over the dining or in the living room to make the same room look spacious.


Interior design is an essential aspect of the beautification of a premise. Remember to make small spaces efficient & user-friendly. According to ‘Pippa Greenwood’ (Author of 10001 Hints & Tips for the Home), there are no set of rules for organizing your home. Remember to arrange enough space for people to allow them in moving freely between different rooms or areas, and be sure that you organize all storage spaces efficiently to minimize a cluttered.

The way you place things speaks a lot about your personality. If you’re going to live in a particular place, you should always aim to keep it neat, clean, and well organized. Despite the size of your room, there is always a way to maximize its usage. Proper layout and placement of furniture mark the difference between the organized and de-organized layout.

Finally, it is all about making the best use of the free spaces and placing items that are not just beautiful, but are functional to increase utility. Introducing lesser but strategic elements can provide a modern and sleek look while making your room super comfortable to live. The above mentioned ten ways are the tips for decorating small spaces effectively, which you can manage to implement efficiently any time anywhere.

All in all, here we have added a small video to summarize the ten tips for decorating your small spaces effectively:

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