Legal Factors to Consider Before Buying a Home in Franklin TN

Looking for buying a house in Franklin TN? Then you are just where you should be. Among all the purchases, investing in real estate to buy a home is the most expensive.

It’s crucial to understand the rules governing real estate transactions and your rights before you find the home of your dreams and until you officially receive the keys. For potential home buyers, we have outlined the legal factors of purchasing a home in Franklin, TN- one of the best places to live in Tennessee.

01. Pre-approval For a Mortgage

Obtaining pre-approval for your mortgage is necessary before negotiating with a buyer especially when you are buying a house in Franklin TN. A home seller often requests pre-approval, and if you have one handy, it makes your offer seem more lucrative to the seller.

It includes proof of assets, income tax returns, employment, and a qualifying credit score.

Primarily, having a ballpark figure for your down payment is ideal. You will receive a letter from the lender confirming that you are pre-approved for the particular sum and time frame.

Pre approval of mortgage

A pre-approval does not guarantee the loan; however, it simply indicates that you meet the requirements for one in its initial stages. For the lender to formally authorize your loan, extra paperwork will be required. The amount that is added depends on what is gathered up front.

02. Deciding On An Offer And Executing A Purchase Agreement

The seller can accept, reject, or counter your offer once you’ve made it. Your agent or lawyer should assess any modifications made by the seller if they counter or alter any part of the contract’s terms.

The purchase agreement is the first component of every house deal. When an offer is accepted, both parties sign this purchase agreement.

Purchase agreement document

The following are also defined in a purchase agreement in addition to the purchase price:

01. Earnest Money:

Such a term refers to the upfront payment made by buyers to confirm their intent to buy. Usually, 1 and 2 percent of a purchase price is put down as earnest money, which goes towards the down payment deposit.

02. Contingencies:

These safeguard both the seller and the buyer by allowing them to cancel the transaction if something goes wrong. Contingencies typically allow the buyer to break the contractual agreement and keep the deposit as earnest money.

03. Settlement Date:

The closing date of the sale is known as the settlement date. Inspections and appraisals must be finished before this date. Both the new mortgage and the homeowner’s insurance must be set up.

04. Time of Possession:

In contrast to closing, this can be the time when you get to relocate into the new house. The time of possession allows the seller to vacate the property while enabling you to buy it.

The average window for the seller to vacate if a date other than the desired closing date is forty-five days after closing, although it may be shorter or longer, according to the contract. You can learn further about this matter when buying the house in Franklin, TN, as it may be less than forty-five days for some sellers.

03. Purchase Offer

Finding the house, you’ve always wanted and submitting a home purchase offer are the next steps. You can complete this offer to purchase the property with the aid of your real estate agent.

Think long and hard about the amount you would like to give. Although you may be required to give more in some competitive markets, you might wish to make a lower offer than the seller is looking for.

Purchase offer

The house purchase offer is a complicated document because it is genuinely a contract that needs to be signed by the seller. You should have a real estate law expert assess the acquisition offer and provide legal counsel.

Most of the time, the agent you have contacted to buy the house in Franklin, TN, will utilize a standard form accepted in the county you are in, but you’ll want to consult an attorney to ensure that it contains all necessary information.

04. Approval of Mortgage

You must inform your mortgage lender as soon as your offer is finally accepted for the approval procedure to start. The lender will probably request more paperwork and information from you than you gave them for pre-approval.

It can be frightening to receive mortgage approval, mainly if it’s the first time. To ensure your mortgage loan is timely, engage closely with the mortgage lender and complete and return all documents on schedule.

Approval of mortgage

05. Addressing Emergencies

You’ll need to fulfill further contract stipulations after the house inspection is completed and the agreement is finalized.

The selling of your current property is frequently the biggest one. The contract will specify that the purchase is contingent on selling the existing house if you currently own one and need to sell it to buy the second one. Hence, before you go ahead with buying your dream house in Franklin, TN, be sure to consider emergencies as well.

Selling the existing house

06. Insurance for Title

Lastly, you need to consider the insurance for the title when buying your house in Franklin, TN.

Buying an insurance policy for your new home comes next. Title insurance ensures that the ownership rights you get are legitimate and uncontested. It shields the lender from problems that could later arise and result in a property dispute.

Insurance for title

You’ll need to get a separate owner’s title policy to safeguard your property rights and have cash on hand to buy another property if someone later makes another legitimate claim to your property.


Overall, it is crucial to consider the legal side and aspects when it comes to buying a house in Franklin, TN, and we hope that the points mentioned above will help you when you buy a home in Franklin, TN.

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