10 Bold Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas for this Monsoon Season

As the monsoon approaches, everyone gears up to add some exciting monsoon home décor to the house. While some of us adore the aroma of rain soaking the soil, many others can’t wait for summer to return. A common complaint we all have during the monsoon is about the gloomy and dull aura. However, just because our surroundings seem dull and dreary, it doesn’t mean our homes have to be so too. Whatever the external conditions are, there’s always a quick way to make your house look cheerful and lively.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 monsoon home decoration ideas to spruce up your interior design in joyous ways and make your home monsoon-ready. So, please have a look at our monsoon home decor ideas.

10 Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas

Following is a list of rainy season décor ideas:

  1. Umbrella Stand for Rainy Season Decoration
  2. Don’t Forget The Corner During Home Décor
  3. Upgrade Outdoor Furniture
  4. Warm Lights for Bright Monsoon Home Décor
  5. Monsoon Themed Wall Art Are Best Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas
  6. Declutter Your Space While Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas
  7. Add Pop of Color to Beat the Monsoon Blues
  8. Monsoon Table Setting
  9. Go for Earthy Tones For Monsoon Home Decor
  10. Seasonal Plants

Here’s a video to give you quick insights of all the points mentioned below:

01. Umbrella Stand for Rainy Season Decoration

When it comes to making your entryway monsoon-ready, you can’t forget the practical elements like an umbrella stand. However, an umbrella stand is an often-overlooked item because many feel it doesn’t add any aesthetic value. But now, many unique alternatives to those boring umbrella stands can help you turn your entrance into a sleek, fashionable space. A modular design can be a space-saving hack that can store many umbrellas and is ideal for small entryways. You can also opt for something stylish like a shiny gold or turmeric yellow umbrella stand, making it a perfect statement piece

02. Don’t Forget the Corner During Home Décor

The monsoon season has such magic that it instantly makes every corner of your home a cosy spot where you would love to laze around or enjoy a cup of hot coffee. One of the best rainy-season décor ideas is to keep corners comfortable and well-lit. The ideal location for this corner is near a window, where you can enjoy the weather while soaking in plenty of light. To this corner, add blankets, pillows, art, a coffee table, bookshelves, and other personal touches. If you want to know some amazing ways to decorate empty corners of your home, have a look at our blog.

15+ Amazing Ways to Decorate Empty Corners of Your Home!

03. Upgrade Outdoor Furniture

This doesn’t mean you must go for any formal or sophisticated furniture pieces. Instead, go for a more informal outdoor seating arrangement. You can also rent a few pieces of equipment, such as swings or wicker chairs, for monsoon home décor.

Also, note that your furniture should be based on the available space. If you have a small space, there is no point in overcrowding it with too many furniture pieces. A pair of outdoor chairs or a bistro table and chairs will suffice. Make the most of your outdoor experience by investing in affordable canopies and umbrellas. 

04. Warm Lights for Bright Monsoon Home Décor

Monsoons alter the overall appearance of the house as there is less natural light due to clouds. Placing warm lamps will add some spice to your living rooms and bedrooms. They have the potential to uplift your mood. You may add lamps in a variety of colours to accent your home. Changing the white lights to yellow lights can also bring a warmer look to your room and give you the perfect rainy season decoration that you have been longing for.

A common lighting design trend is to use a variable amount of ceiling lighting centered in the space. While this is the best option for most seasons, during the monsoons, dark corners promote the movement of shadows and create a dreary ambiance in the region. Placing floor standing lamps in these areas eliminates shadows and provides peripheral illumination that illuminates the entire room.

05. Monsoon Themed Wall Art Are Best Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas

When it comes to interior design, we frequently ignore our homes’ walls. They can dramatically change the appearance of any area and the indoor atmosphere. With the monsoon season approaching, it’s time to step up your interior décor game and hang some monsoon-themed artwork on your walls. Monsoon-inspired wall art will bring the charm of the rain to your walls. Hang framed artwork or photographs that depict monsoons, rains, rainy landscapes, etc.

06. Declutter Your Space While Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas

There’s no denying that the monsoon season brings fungus, flies, and mosquitoes. Furniture, decor pieces, other household items, and corners can also absorb moisture due to a lack of sunlight. Make sure you begin cleaning your space by getting rid of anything that is superfluous to stop this from happening.

Decluttering is a method of keeping your environment tidy and clean. It is one of the home remedies for pest control in the monsoon. It’s important to shift things around and rework your setting in such a way that the walls and furniture are far apart to avoid mildew.

07. Add Pop of Color to Beat the Monsoon Blues

Given that the monsoon season is characterised by its gloomy weather, a splash of colour can rapidly lift your spirits. Begin by incorporating colourful curtains, multi-coloured wallpaper, abstract rugs, pastel cushions, and other elements to accentuate your home during the monsoon season.

Colours like lively orange and bright pink are ideal for creating a vibrant interior. You can also opt for solid-coloured bedsheets with brightly printed pillow covers.

08. Monsoon Table Setting

Creating a monsoon-themed table setting can be a delightful way to celebrate the season. Keep the dining table basic, or use a pastel-coloured cotton tablecloth to highlight your dishes. Colourful table mats can enhance the look and the eating experience. You can add a bold centerpiece to the table by using seasonal flowers like lilies or marigolds in a rustic vase. To complement the monsoon decor, choose earthy or handcrafted ceramic tableware with floral prints. Choose linen napkins in shades of green or blue.

09. Go for Earthy Tones For Monsoon Home Decor

In monsoons, you cannot go out frequently, but you can create the outdoor ambience inside by incorporating earthy tones into your home décor. Use earthy accents like warm-toned metals, green vases, and a vintage-style tiny globe. Select a colour scheme for your home decor that complements the monsoon season. Earthy tones such as olive greens, warm browns, and deep blues can help create a relaxing ambiance. These colours evoke the natural tones of the rainy season and add a sense of peace to your home. Consider using these colours on your walls, furniture, and even accessories such as rugs, curtains, and throw cushions.

10. Seasonal Plants

Each season has a special meaning. However, the monsoon season is the ideal time of the year to plant and repot. Also note that while the rainy season is beneficial to plants, too much rain combined with a lack of sun can spell disaster for these seasonal plants.

You can go for plants cucumber, radish, beans, green chillies, brinjal, and okra plants. These are among the easiest to cultivate during the rainy season.

Pro Tip: Because of the rains, many plants in our gardens are at risk of extinction. Bringing those plants inside is one of the best monsoon home decoration ideas since it enhances the natural charm of the property.

5 Tips to Beat the Monsoon Dullness And Contribute To Monsoon home decoration Ideas

  • Maintain a Budget: There are several cost-effective monsoon home decor ideas to remodel your monsoon-inspired home without breaking the bank. Consider purchasing wall accessories such as clocks and frames to renovate while being under budget.
  • Go for an Easy Approach: Start with pillow coverings and drapes, as they instantly transform the space. Brighten up your bedrooms and reading  corner with colourful bean bags and bedsheets.
  • Look out for Wooden Furniture: Damp wooden furniture is a common complaint during the rainy season. Re-polishing or distressing these wooden furniture pieces will give them a new lease on life.
  • Remove heavy Drapes: While heavy drapes are no longer in style, they are also quite tedious to maintain. To give your space an airy feel, choose lighter fabrics, like cotton.
  • Avoid Fungus: During the monsoon season, fungus and mould thrive in abundance.  Therefore, it’s critical to identify and fill any gaps that act as their habitat.


We are aware that, despite how gorgeous it is, the monsoon season has its drawbacks, including water seeping through our ceilings, walls, and cracks, clogged drains, fungus and mould, mosquitoes, flies, and much more. However, if you want to appreciate the beauty of rain, while being indoors, give your home a perfect monsoon makeover. These best home decor ideas for the monsoon can serve as an excellent reference for you. These may necessitate some upkeep, but they protect your home against long-term damage.

FAQs Pertaining To Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas

01. How to disinfect your space for the monsoon?

Cockroaches, leeches, flies, and other bugs and insects breed in the cracks of your home due to the dampness and excess moisture. This causes various kinds of sickness. As a result, disinfecting your home is a must. Keep your floors as dry as possible, and clean any cobwebs that may be hanging in the corners carefully.

02. What plants grow during the monsoon season?

In India, several flowers bloom during the monsoon, like the rose, bougainvillea, hibiscus (Rosa sinensis), ixora, lantana, adenium, and kalanchoe.

03. How to waterproof your roof?

Roofs are the ones that withstand the force of the rain. As a result, before the monsoons arrive, you should inspect your roof properly and repair any defects that could lead to seepage if left unattended. Scrub and clean your roof, then apply an effective waterproofing solution.

04. How to keep your drains unclogged?

There are times when heavy rains can push debris and silt into the drains, blocking them up. Excess wetness also serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, as well as rats. Maintain your drains by keeping them clean and unclogged. For further protection, use bug and rodent repellent.

05. How do I avoid any leaks in the house?

There will be numerous cracks and fissures throughout your home, as well as little slits running along the walls and ceiling. The most common indicator of broken internal and external pipes is bubble formation on the walls. If you want to avoid water dripping, you can either hire an expert or do it yourself.

Also read our blog on monsoon décor ideas for a monsoon makeover.

Drench Your Home in Style With These Monsoon Home Decor Ideas

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