How to Make a Pendant Lamp from a Globe?

When it comes to the question of decorating our rooms, we all try to be the best interior designer in our capacity! From deciding the shades of walls and often painting it with our own hands we try to get them done with perfection. But, at the end, we all love to have and cherish that tired-satisfied smile on our lips. We all have done some ‘best out of waste project’ in past. Maybe you had won a competition in school or just saw on the internet and became a pro!

Nowadays, people prefer doing DIY i.e. Do It Yourself projects. So, expect even the laziest person in the family to join you and make your outcome ‘the best’! Remember, our ‘inner designers’ are always budget-friendly, and it surely makes a perfect space in our house whatsoever.

And, if you are like me who love to work at odd hours and live for enjoying its vibrant creative ecstasy at spare time, you need to keep reading this article because here we are talking of enjoying some creative moments: we are making a wow looking lamp here, and that is also from a recycled item lying in our house! We usually keep a globe at home. We either keep it on the shelf to fill the space or for playing Atlas games with family.

So, why not just make a lamp out of it and bring some light out of it for midnight sneak out? Well as quoted by Thomas E. Farin, “Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form or texture.” Also, recycling something and making your friends and family impressed would be another surprise! Isn’t it?

So, what all do you need?

Don’t worry; it will be from the things which are used by you one or other day.

Things You Need to Make Globe Pendant Light

  • A globe! Because without it, it’s just impossible, right?
  • You need to have copper tape or any tape which matches to join the globe and some wires.
  • Spray paint or any type of paint if you want to decorate it over.
  • One pendant light kit or a light cord. It consists of a wire and ceiling medallion, which will act as a backbone to your globe.
  • You need a compact fluorescent light bulb or any bulb of your favourite colour.
  • You also need a knife for bifurcating the globe and for other related cutting jobs.
  • You need a glue gun, which works at high temperature.
  • You require a newspaper for protection and clearing the mess.
  • Some wiring tools or call someone who can work with technical things.

These things are must to make a globe pendant lamp. As we are recycling it, you will not need any additional stationery. But in case, you want to add more lights or change the style, go ahead!

Let’s make the Globe Pendant Light!

DIY Globe Pendant Light

DIY Globe Pendant Light

01. Remove the Globe

First things, first! You need to remove the globe from its stand. It is quite technical, so you may need someone to help you. While removing, have ten times patience or you may hurt yourself.

02. Cut the Globe

Cut a Globe from Equator

You need to cut the globe into half. Now, this depends on how much depth do you want.

You can reduce the globe into full half (which is from the equator), or you can cut it from a distance (above the equator). Cut it by marking a latitude line so that it will be easier for you to measure the shape.

To cut the globe, you need a sharp knife. You do not have to cut it neatly or precisely. Just make sure you have cut it evenly and make it a half for the installation of the bulb.

It should somewhat look like this – a complete circle (which is visible).

03. Cut a Smaller Circle

Cut a Smaller Circle in Globe

After cutting the bigger circle through which light will pass, you need to cut a smaller circle. The smaller circle will be on the other end of the globe through which the light cord will pass. So, the ring should have enough space to let the cord in and let the bulb pass through that passage. You can do this procedure with a knife or a cutter with whatever you are comfortable at.

04. Protect Your Globe

Protect Globe using Newspaper

Before you move further, you need to protect your globe. Cover your outer part of the globe with newspapers. Newspapers need some support to get stuck with the globe. So, get your tapes. Do not use copper tapes. You need to use standard tapes in which you will attach your newspapers together with the globe.

It should look like this. You are wholly protected because you don’t want to lose the map.

05. Paint Time

Spray Paint in Globe

Now the fun part begins! (Only if you are a passionate painter). First, apply primer to the inner portion of the globe. Applying primer is entirely optional. It increases the durability of the paint. You can use other colours. Spray paint works best, they are less time consuming and you won’t be as messy as you think.

After applying spray paint, you need to let it dry. If you are impatient, you can clean up the mess immediately.

06. Remove Newspapers

After letting the paint completely dry out, you need to remove newspapers and tapes which you had attached for protecting it from the paint. Now 50% of the work is done!

07. Attach the Copper Tape

Attach Copper Tape in Globe

Attach the copper or any fancy tape at the sides of the globe. Copper tape has a golden colour that looks good on the globe. You have to apply copper tape on the edges of the globe so that it hides the uneven edges and makes the globe look better from outside.

08. Attach the Light Cord

Attach Light cord in Globe

Now, attach the light cord. Pass wire through the smaller circle and make sure that the bulb holder is inside the inner portion of the globe. That’s where you need to attach the bulb. This step is crucial and technical.

09. Attach the Bulb   

Attach Bulb to Globe

Now it’s time to attach the bulb inside the globe. Make sure it is fixed properly in the bulb holder. Check that everything is appropriately attached and all wires are entirely sealed and tight.

Last and the least, lit the bulb!

Lit the Globe Pendant Light

This is how you make a globe pendant light like a pro. It is easy to make and what could be better than making a lamp out of an existing household item. You can make different innovations of the globe. It will look better if it stays in hanging position to give proper light for your pending work or just for a midnight fiesta!

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