Get Beachy Vibes with Peachy Miami Decorating Style Home Decor


This summer, bring home the beachy pastel vibes of Miami-style home decor. Through this blog, Gharpedia shares an insight into the elements of the Miami decorating style.

The Context for Miami-Style Home Decor

Miami Beach, located at the zenith of Florida, has a niche style that is also popular as the old Florida decorating style. The resort was set up between the 1920s and 1960s in the Art Deco style, then a fad in New York and Chicago. As defined by Kevin McCloud and James Cook Embree (1990) in their book ‘Decorative Style: The Most Original and Comprehensive Sourcebook of Styles, Treatments, Techniques, and Materials,’ Art Deco style is typified by geometric and streamlined shapes, smooth materials, like chrome and marble, and stylised motifs.

Art Deco style building

However, it was given a unique twist in Miami by opting for a highly varied range of building colours So, in Miami, the buildings were painted with dreamy blues and eco-friendly greens, bright tropical pinks, royal purples, and sunny yellows. A point worth noting here is that these colours were not primaries but rather bright pastel colours that suited the holiday town to a Tee.

Miami Art Deco building

Then again, these buildings reflected the structure of streamlined ocean liners, with the main body of the building painted white and colour used to highlight the horizontal banding. Miami was the most glorious holiday destination for a while, but it fell on hard times in the late 1950s.  In the 1980s, a massive renovation plan was set in motion, and now Miami outshines its former glory. The buildings that were mostly white then are now freshly painted in Miami house colours (bright pastel colours) and the chrome is polished. The neon signs light up at night.

Miami house colours

The interiors are decorated in a similar style, using colours to highlight the geometric devices in the design, such as columns, stepped parapets and windows with narrow horizontal glazing bars. Also, palm trees, tropical flowers, nautical themes, flamingos, and unrestrained elegance are synonymous with Miami.

Miami inspired decor

Miami Art Deco Interiors at Your Home

Miami is a top holiday destination; its chic hotels and thoroughfares are preferred locales for movies and fashion photography. All you require is a pastel colour scheme to create that Miami-inspired decor in your home.  Additionally, take the time and effort to hunt for a couple of genuine Art Deco pieces of furniture. You can find them easily at flea markets, and of course, at specialist dealers.

Miami Art Deco interiors

Despite the use of Art Deco shapes in Miami-style interiors, the colour scheme is unique. So, you, too, could do the same with bright pastel upholstery. In case finding original furniture is a challenge, you could also pick a plain sofa with a streamlined shape and then decorate it with contrasting cushions piped in Miami pastel colours.

Art Deco style sofa

Miami Decorating Style Fun Part

Miami art deco interior design is incomplete without neon lighting. So, for a wholesome Miami decor look, add a pair of coloured neon tubes for an authentic night glow. These can be bought as coloured sheaths (a protective covering for electric cable) instead of standard tubes. Chrome wall lights or table lamps will also work well, and many good reproduction Art Deco lights are available to encourage Miami decorating style.

Neon lights for Miami decorating style

Miami has a fun side, and if this appeals to you, then a fake flamingo or two and a few stylised sunset pictures are a must! In Miami, the sun shines all year, and most residents are on permanent vacation. Adopt Miami decor style at home so that even if work occupies the day, every evening will feel like a holiday.

To wrap up, the Miami decorating style is fun and bright with tropical colours, and if you can find some genuine Art Deco furniture to go with the décor, then all the better! Trust us, the Miami look will give your home a holiday feel all year long!

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