4 of the Most Commonly Asked Roofing Questions

In the history of human civilization, the idea of a first home started with wall and roof. And of course, roof is more important, because protection from snow and rain is what matters first.
Many home owners are surprised when issues arise with their roofs. You don’t pay much attention to the structure until you experience a house leak and are faced with a hefty repair bill.
It’s the kind of surprise cost that you won’t have budgeted for, and even if you’re claiming from insurance, you may have to cough up a portion of the fee as excess.
This can push you right into panic mode. Instead, educate yourself about the common problems you could encounter as a homeowner. You’ll know how to solve the problem when a roof crisis hits or put measures in place to prevent them from happening.

Roof Repair

Here are some of the frequently asked roofing questions that roofing contractors are faced:

Roofing FAQ – 1

“If I have a Roof Leak, do I have to Replace the Entire Roof?”

It’s hard not to picture your whole roof collapsing when you know it’s sprung a leak. How do you tell just how bad the damage is? The size and location of the damage will predict whether it can be repaired or requires a reroof. When you contact a roofing contractor, they won’t be to give you a definite answer until they’ve examined the location and extent of the leak. But, don’t panic until you’ve got a clear picture of what you need to do. It’s more than likely it will only require repair. At the same time as far as water leak is concerned. Many times, it happens that water may enter from one point at top and may leak from other. Hence you need skilled eyes to locate the repair point, even though the process may be simple.
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Roofing FAQ – 2 

 “Do I Need to Hire a Contractor, or Can I Repair it Myself?”

Bad experience with roofers in the past may make you feel as if doing the job yourself is preferable. You may even have replaced a tile or two in your life. However, roof technology has advanced, and you could inadvertently cause ripples, lifted tiles or leaks if you make a tiny mistake. You don’t want to mess with a roof. Leaks are one thing, but what if you actually caused the whole roof to collapse by taking matters into your own hands?
There are legal considerations too. Your council more than likely forbids you from working on your roof. Contractors are bound by certification and safety regulations and can only operate with a licence. Working on the roof yourself may also void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Roofing FAQ – 3 

 “Can I Roof Over My Current One?”

Avoiding removing tiles or sheeting may be a solution you’re investigating this as a possibility to save you time or money with your renovations. It’s not always an option. The sheets need to be laid as flat as possible to be effective. If the asphalt is lifting or curling, a reroof isn’t inadvisable.
Asphalt also adds weight to roofs which is something you need to factor in before you reroof. If an inspection shows that your current roof has leaks, then a reroof comes with considerable risks, and you might find yourself having to face similar problems with your roof only a few months down the line.
Reroofing may also make your warranty void or cause problems come inspection time. It may seem like a cheap and quick solution if you’re selling your house, but inspectors will pick it up and inform your potential buyers.

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Roofing FAQ – 4 

“How Much will it Cost?”

Obviously, a price that meets your budget expectations is going to win you over, but when working with a roofer ensure they describe costs completely and thoroughly. Ask them about material differences that can affect project costs. Are there any factors on the site that may mean you need to budget for potential issues?
For example, you may discover you need a steeper roof or heavier materials, which can add to the bill. The more transparent a roofer is with you, the better it is – even if their price comes in higher than other quotes you receive.
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Hope you like this commonly asked roofing questions that helps you when you face the roofing problems in your house.

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