9 Things to Do When Moving House!

Moving House Tips

Moving house can really be tiring if you don’t pre-plan the entire thing properly. Most people generally consider packing and unpacking to be the only primary factor and tend to overlook other necessary concerns. Before moving into a new house, it is best to get associated with it as it will help you organize your home and place things appropriately.

You might have a lot to catch up on while running to and fro from the old house to the new one. Hence, we have come up with some of the most important things to consider while moving to make it a stress-free experience. We would also suggest hiring a packing and moving agency to help you with all that heavy lifting and shifting. Check out Removal Services Billericay Essex for your domestic removals if you are planning to shift to a new house.

Moving House Tips

Let’s now consider nine important moving house tips –

01. Proper Inspection of Your House

Proper Inspection of Your House

There is no better time to inspect your house than when it’s completely empty. It makes setting up the house a lot easier as you can plan beforehand where to put what. You can create a mood board on your computer or tablet and lay down the interior plans. Moreover, it’s best to check if everything is working in order, including water taps, switches, lights, etc., so that you can fix everything in advance.

02. Use a Pressure Washer for Cleaning Home

Pressure Washer to Clean Home

Cleaning and sanitizing your house is of utmost importance, especially when the world is going through a pandemic. A pressure washer is multipurpose cleaning equipment you can use to clean the house before moving. It comes with different pressure levels to help you clean every nook and corner of the house.

03. Change the Locks

Change the Locks

To ensure the safety of the house and the ones living in it, it is always best to change the lock before moving. As you never know who might have a key, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ask a locksmith to come by and change the locks of all the doors and windows. This little expense will ensure a lifetime of safety and peaceful living.

04. Get the Internet Connection

Get the Internet Connection

Get the internet connection at least two to three weeks prior to shifting. You cannot do anything without the internet in current times, so to avoid frustration in the initial days; we would recommend you to get the wi-fi connection beforehand.

05. Make the New Address Official

This is a step that most people forget to do. It will help you receive your bills and other correspondence on time and help regular service providers such as the mailman, grocers, etc., locate you easily. Now that you have changed your address, we have come up with the new house tips and traditions especially for you:

New House Tips and Traditions for Homeowners and their Loved Ones

06. Make Your Home Pet and Childproof (If Applicable)

Childproof Homes

If you are moving with your pet or have kids, it is best to inspect the surroundings before shifting. You can’t always keep your child and your furry companion confined within the four walls, so make sure to check the boundary and remove anything that might be harmful to them. It would really help your child to adjust to the new environment if you can set up a play area inside the compound.

07. Check the Emergency Shut Off Valve

Locating all essential corners like the emergency shut-off valve is of paramount importance. Get familiar with its usage during an emergency so that you can prevent any power-related mishaps. Also, try to keep your children away from its reach.

08. Pack a First Night Box Separate 

First Night Box

It is not possible to set up the entire house in a single day. To make your first day at the new house a seamless experience, a first night box with all the essentials is the best choice. Pack a few days’ clothes, toiletries, towels, bed sheets, first aid box, some groceries to keep you running for the first couple of days.

09. Check All the Packages

Check All the Packages

Once you have shifted to the new house, check if all the moving boxes are there or not. You should name all the boxes such as kitchen utensils, curtains, books, and so on to help you figure out which package contains what. Additionally, prepare a list of all the packed boxes before moving so that you don’t have to break your head counting them.


Moving and shifting can be overwhelming at times, but with proper planning, you can make this a seamless experience. Go through the tips we have listed to make moving a stress-free experience, and let us know if you have any queries. The comment section is always open for our readers.

We hope that you found our article informative enough helping you to make a list of important moving house tips. Hence, before you take a leave from us, we have also brought some tips if you are moving to a new city:

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