No dishwasher? No problem: How to wash Dishes by Hand?

No dishwasher No problem How to wash Dishes by Hand?

Do you know that washing dishes by hand has therapeutic benefits, especially in reducing emotional tension and improving your immune system? According to psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman, doing the dishes can have a similar effect on one’s mental health as visiting a spa. So don’t stress yourself in case your dishwasher develops some technical issues. Just try the old way method and enjoy its benefits.

How Old Generations Used to Live Without Dishwashers?

Washing dishes was not a big deal in the old days. It was done in a sink or wash area in the kitchen. A bucket, sink, or a washbasin is filled with water, and cake soap was dipped in hot dishwater. It was then shaken to make suds. The dishes were scrubbed with a cloth and stacked in a dishpan after rinsing. Hot water is then poured over them and left outside for air drying.

How Most of the 3rd World Nations Still Live Without Dishwashers?

You will be surprised to know that almost 90 to 95% of third world households don’t have a dishwasher and they just do fine without it. So, what do they do? It’s obvious; they use their hands to wash dishes.

Yes, it is possible to safely and effectively wash your dishes manually. However, as easy as it may seem to be to clean them, it is important to know how to do it in the right way. In this article, we have elaborated how to wash dishes by hand. Follow the step-by-step guide below and your dishes will be sparklingly clean in no time.

How to Wash Dishes by Hand

01. Get the Right Tools at Hand for Washing Dishes by Hand:

Right Tools for Washing Dishes by Hand

As Winston Churchill stated, “Give us the right tools and we will punish the job.” For every job to be perfectly done, you need the right tools. And so is dishwashing. Below is the list of the cleaning tools you should assemble before you start dishwashing;

  • Bottlebrush and extensions
  • Sponges
  • Mighty mesh pot scrubber
  • Kitchen towel
  • A dish mat
  • Dishwashing liquid

Apart from dishwashing tools, we have another essential list of cleaning tools listed for you.

Cleaning Tools that are Used for House Cleaning

02. Prepare the Sink/ Wash Pan to Wash Your Dishes by Hand:

Clean the sink by scrubbing it using an old sponge and a little liquid soap. Once it is clean, use the original stopper to plug it. Take all the dirty dishes and place them beside the wash pan/ sink. Now fill the sink with clean hot water and add a little liquid soap.

Prepare the Sink/ Wash Pan to Wash Your Dishes by Hand

03. Soak the Dishes:

Do you know soaking does half the job for you? Yes, you need minimal effort while scrubbing them out after soaking; it loosens the oil and food bits, making your work simplified. Soaking the dishes for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing would do the trick. For heavy greases, it is advisable to soak them overnight.

Soak the Dishes in Water

04. Wash Dishes:

Start with the less dirty dishes like glasses, flatware, and cups and then go to the oily or dirty ones. This way, you’ll prevent the kitchen sink from getting too greasy too soon. Scrub them clean under the soapy water. Washing them while submerged in water, makes it faster and easier to get cleaned. Check for any missed spot by pulling the dish out of the water. If the water gets too dirty, replace it immediately with clean hot water. Also ensure that you keep the washed dishes aside to avoid cleaning them twice.

Wash Dishes

05. Rinse Dishes with Running Water:

Unlike dishwashers where you’ve to rewash the dishes, you don’t have to worry about it in hand washing. You need to rinse them with running water or pass the dishes under a spray or stream of hot water, and you’re done. Always use both hands when rinsing. One hand should hold the dish while the other washes off the remaining soap spots. Leave them on the dish rack to air dry or you can wipe them dry with the kitchen cloth. However, air drying is the most recommended since kitchen towel might harbour some bacteria.

Rinse Dishes with Running Water

06. Sanitize the Sink after Washing Dishes by Hand:

Now that your dishes are sparklingly clean, wash and sanitize the sink to ease the following day’s job. Besides, sinks, if not well cleaned, can be a breeding ground of bacteria. To prevent the spread of bacteria, sanitize it by washing with water and bleach solution. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize the drain plug too.

Sanitize the Sink after Washing Dishes By Hand

Do you know how baking soda can help you in sanitizing your sink? Read here to learn more.

12 Uses of Baking Soda in Daily Life & Household Cleaning!

Now that you know how to wash dishes without a dishwasher, let us know the cost of the dishwasher and the benefits of washing dishes by hand.

The Cost of a Dishwasher vs. the Time Needed for Hand Dish Washing

Are you trying to compare the price of a dishwasher and the time you would need in handwashing to make the right choice? It can be tricky for you because it entirely depends on your dishwashing skills and habit. However, if you only run your dishwasher once it’s fully loaded with dishes, it will cost you less time and energy than hand washing.

A new dishwasher costs from $200 to $1700 (14710 to 125010 INR, 170 to 1450 Euros, 156 to 1330 Pound) which might be too high for your budget. But if you compare the time and energy-saving potential, you will opt for a dishwasher. With an immense operating capacity, you can wash large quantities of utensils and dishes within an hour, which would not be possible with hand washing.

Is Washing Dishes with a Dishwasher 100% Safe?

As we’ve said earlier, dishwashing has a lot of benefits, including saving energy and time, and also convenience. But like any other appliances, it has some limitations. For instance, if you don’t load your dishwasher correctly, the dishwasher will not only get the dishes clean but can also damage them.

How Washing Dishes by Hands Improve Your Health?

Benefits of Washing Dish By Hands

According to a Florida State University study washing dishes by hand has therapeutic benefits, especially in reducing emotional stress. Yes, washing dishes by hand promotes mindfulness which improves your well-being and reduces stress level. So, next time you need to do your dishes, wash them with hands!

You must now have enough knowledge of how to clean dishes by hand. This is the best way to clean dishes by hand. Don’t forget to let us know if you found these tips useful.

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